The Best Medicine

I love to laugh. It doesn’t matter what kind of laugh– a small chuckle, a loud obnoxious snort, or a stomach-shaking-ribs-hurting-can’t-breath-tears-rolling all out hoot. It is such a release.

I’ve mentioned it  before, but there are a lot of things in this world that I have to ponder/laugh about. Sure, I could choose to be upset and frustrated at things I don’t understand, but instead I decide to just chalk it up to the “Only God Knows” category. I really do have a list of things to ask God when I get to heaven. Yes, some are very deep and theological, but I have been reflecting the last couple of days on  things of a lighter nature. I really believe that God has an incredible sense of humor– like what is the deal with Mondays? Or the platypus? And what is the purpose of the University of Kansas Jayhawks? (Just kidding. But seriously…)

Hope this short list of light-hearted questions directed to God brings a slight smile to your face, and maybe even a little bit of joy to your heart.

  • Why is popping bubble wrap so much fun? I mean really, I am an almost 26-year-old grown woman with 2/3’s of a masters degree and could still spend an afternoon popping bubble wrap. I might even fight my 13 yr old brother for it.
  • Who invented panty hose and why did you let them? And why do they run at the most inconvenient time if you simply look at them wrong?
  • Why can’t sweating during an outside work out be an indication of how hard you are working instead of the humidity level?

  • What’s the deal with wet paint signs? I believe things like how many stars there are in the sky and how many calories are in a box of chocolates, but when I see a sign that says “Wet Paint” I have an irrepressible urge to touch it to make sure.
  • Why are dogs so incredibly fascinated with chasing flies? Honestly, our puppy Justus is a relatively behaved creature until a fly comes into the room– then all bets are off and he is trying to climb the curtains to attain his “target.”
  • Who are the 4 out of 5 dentists who recommend stuff, and how did they get that nominated to that role?
  • Where did you get the idea for marriage? Don’t get me wrong, I adore and love my husband with all my heart, but sometimes it fascinates me that you decided to create man and woman so incredibly differently then charge them to live in the company with one another for the duration of their time on earth. (I love you Brandon! 🙂
  •  Who thought it was a productive idea to create the color navy blue? I think it is a pretty color, but also believe it causes a lot of issues when you end up pairing it with something black because your lightbulb was out in your bedroom closet.
  • What’s the purpose of nasal allergies? Other than creating awkward experiences in public?
  • Who is Pete and why do people love him so much?
  • Why do puppies shed so much, typically in the opposite color of the dress/suit that you are wearing?
  • Why did you allow the department store managers to create sales signs on the clothing racks that say “$1.99 (and up).” Seems like it is pretty self explanatory and it’s dancing on the border of misleading advertisement.
  • Seriously, what IS the deal with KU Jayhawks? 🙂

Laughter is like a medicine… So don’t take life too seriously– none of us are going to make it out alive, and if we choose to follow the way of Christ, our future glory is nothing compared to the experiences on this earth!

Living Joyfully,


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