Lifted by being Gifted

So you might have noticed yesterday that we talked a bit about looking for Goodness of God everywhere… Today, I wanted to keep this simple (it is Friday after all, let’s be honest) and share with you a few of the A-MAZ-ING gifts God has given me. They lifted my heart as I typed them– I prayerfully hope that as you read them, you too are lifted by being gifted.

*Drinking wine on the front porch on a cool evening
*Early morning walk-jogs
*Nutella sandwiches with a glass of milk
*Waking up early feeling rested
*Sleeping late and not feeling guilty
*Hitting the final “Submit” button after completing a large project
*Laughing til it hurts
*Dessert (chocolate involved) with zero guilt
*Comfy pants
*Deep conversations with a close friend
*Puppy cuddles & high fives
*Sweat from an awesome workout
*Fresh bed sheets
*Standing on a tall hill looking down
*Fancy coffee on a cold morning
*The smell of a library
*Eating pasta… in Italy.
*Fitting into new, smaller sized clothes
*Blingy, feisty shoes… that are comfortable*Catching a fish
*Cuddling on the couch
*Really inky pens
*Starting a cute new journal
*Purchasing large quantities of bargain books
*Reaching your destination
*Fuzzy socks
*Feeling extra cool when strapping on barefoot/minimalist shoes
*Baby calves
*Good smelling candles
*Paying off a debt
*Brightly colored fingernails
*Mama’s homemade salsa
*Shiny, dangly earrings
*Fresh baked banana bread
*Christmas decorations
*Wearing a flower behind your ear
*Bubble baths
*Waking up in the middle of the night praying
*Hot fresh popcorn with a cold soda
*The nerves, excitement and relief when getting off a plane in a foreign country
*Warm rainstorms
*The smell of the farm: dirt, straw, cows
*Missouri State Fair
*Movie marathons
*Being completely surprised
*Feeling extra close to God

This isn’t my complete list– it grows almost daily. Do you have a “Lifted by being Gifted” list? If not, consider starting one today. Not only will it make your heart lighter and tingly when you read back over it, but it helps us to remember that God loves us so much that he exerted extra effort to give us these seemingly small but oh-so-significantly impacting gifts. Plus, it gives us a reason to smile– and who doesn’t need more of THAT?

I would love to hear about some of your “gifts” in your life… feel free to comment below!

Not returning THESE gifts,
“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” –2 Corinthians 9:15
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