Technically Speaking, It’s a Gift

Social media is a HUGE deal right now. Ok, that was kind of an obvious statement– but it  needed to be made for the purpose of this post. To prove my point, I would bet that most of you out there in cyber-land probably found out about this blog via Facebook or Twitter. (Thanks, internet.)

On that note, I can’t really complain about social media. But if you listen to the way some folks talk, connecting digitally is more of a curse than it is a blessing. Honestly, I believe it all depends on how you use it… when the social media craze first began several years ago, a lot of people argued against it saying that it disconnects us from each other, making face to face interaction rare. I will admit that it is a great source of procrastination and does have it’s negatives. But I also feel that God gave us social media as a gift in disguise. And as with most of His gifts, it all depends on how you use it.

I have found out that while some people choose to air their dirty laundry or share WAAAAYYYY too much info on Facebook or Twitter, it can also be a great way to reach out to other via witnessing, ministering and discipling. Heck, that’s the basic purpose of this blog. There are people who read blogs, follow others on Twitter and be “Friends” on Facebook that may never meet face-to-face. But if social media allows just a single seed to be planted in someone’s mind about the love Christ has for them, then I think it is so worth it. Thank God for the gift of technology.

On the wall in my kitchen, I have two huge posters. I ran across them on the internet about a year ago and finally purchased them for display a couple of months ago. They are “Faithbook” posters that have “profiles” for God and Jesus. Not only does it make me laugh, but it is a great way to sneak attack witness to folks that might come over and peer at our wall. This adaptation of social media uses humor based on biblical principles to provide a “modern” twist for the tech-savvy folks of the 21st century.

I make it a personal policy not to post dramatic or negative stuff on Facebook or Twitter… Yes, yucky things happen in my life, I feel frustrated about a variety of things each day (sometimes every 20 seconds) but instead of posting something diva-drama-driven, I try to post something Christ-driven. I can ask for prayers, hope for God to inspire me to share something positive, or (here’s the shocker) remain quiet until the Enemy no longer desires ownership of my Facebook status.

Personally, I am thankful for the technical gift  that is technology and social media. I firmly believe all things in moderation, so there is no need to be addicted to FB… But if God presents a chance for me to share the gospel on Facebook, Twitter or a Blog post, I am going to make it happen to the best of my ability. Has God called you to share something Christ-driven? Post it… reach out… embrace technology and social media in a positive way… Because “technically” speaking, it’s a gift!

Likes, Comments and Re-Tweet galore,


“Souls are saved by truthful witness and betrayed by the spread of lies.” –Proverbs 14:25

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One thought on “Technically Speaking, It’s a Gift

  1. @Sharita Knobloch, you are the best and God is doing great things in you!

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