A Little Needy

Here’s a list of things I “need” on any given day:

I need… a nap.

I need… a break.

I need… a foot rub.

I need… motivation.

I need… more moolah.

I need… a hug.

I need… a pep talk.

I need… more time.

I need… patience.

I need… prayer.

I need… something deep fried and covered in chocolate.

I need… IT NOW.

Does your list look similar? I know there were times in my life that the “Needs” were much greater, like “I need a new car” or “I need someone to stop me from shanking this person for their impoliteness,” or simply “I need HELP.”

There is a fine line between “needs” and “wants.” My husband reminds me of this ALL the time… and honestly, I usually don’t want to hear it. He always says that God will give us what we NEED not what we want. Most of the things on the list above probably fall much closer to the “WANTS” side of my spectrum (except for hugs and prayer. I really do need those. A lot.)

What do  you WANT in life? Is it the same as what you need? Probably not. I highly doubt many of us are excited to ask God to give us straight up just what we need… because it might not match up with our “want” categories. (I still try to do it, but most of the time I’d rather settle for the deep-fried-covered-in-chocolate fix.)

I ran across an incredible quote said by Gigi Graham Tchividjian last night in our Footprints Prayer Journal:

“When we are in a situation where Jesus is all we have, we soon discover He is all we really need.”

Read it again. “When we are in a situation where Jesus is all we have, we soon discover He is all we really need.” That’s deep, folks. And very true. God puts us in situations so that we can realize that His Son is truly all we need. We don’t need money, or chocolate or a nap. We need Jesus. Period.

“Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” –Matthew 6:8

God knows what you need before you even ask. And all those “true” needs are rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. This idea of needs brings another quote from Charles Swindoll to mind:

“God takes care of His own. He knows our needs… He stands ready to come to our rescue. And at just the right moment He steps in and proves Himself as our faithful heavenly father.”

I am SO THANKFUL that God gives us all we need in Jesus. I would be so lost (literally) without that need fulfilled! Whether we are in our brightest or darkest moments, God is involved, giving us what we need.

Today, don’t tell God what you WANT… ask Him to give you what you NEED. Drop to your knees… and let Him know how much you NEED Him. Go ahead… it’s ok to be a little needy.

Eternally Needing Him,


“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” -2 Peter 1:3

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