Not-So-Black Friday

I am not a Black Friday shopper. If you are, that’s great. But if you do fall into that category of super-dedicated deal hunters, I am going to assume you are probably reading this at 2pm because you were up at 0300 ready to run and throw some punches for that new TV and needed a nap afterwards. Hope you were successful. My time sleeping this morning was much enjoyed 🙂

Today is my last day at home in Kansas with my family. Even though I am leaving tomorrow to head back to Georgia, my Friday is not-so-black… but it is very bright. Maybe even yellow brick road bright.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Kansas (and the surrounding areas.) Catching up with my family and various friends including Kally, Becky, Emily, Darla, Kyle, John, Ryan, Erin, Shawn, Kady, Whitney, Rodney has proven to make my time here very bright. God has blessed my time here!

As much as I love the Midwest and Kansas, I am looking forward to returning to Georgia. (There is a very handsome drill sergeant with the same last name waiting for me there!) I am excited to sleep in my own bed, run my own schedule (ish,) go into super-duper homework mode to finish my masters, get back to my church/work and of course, hug on my husband!

Sometimes life is all about perspective. I could certainly wallow and mope about leaving Kansas… but God has designed my life such that I have homes in multiple places, with people who love me wherever I go. My heart is excited and so warm at that thought!

While many of you might be checking things of your Christmas list or sleeping off your early morning Black Friday shenanigans, I am going to simply relax and revel in the awesomeness of God’s glory today. This time back in the Midwest has been blessed… I have gotten to see friends that I literally haven’t hung out with anywhere from 6 months to 2 years… I got to go coon hunting with my Dad and brother. I had the chance to hang out with my Mom while wae watched Tangled in the living room.

I showed my family how to do yoga (or at least how to watch me do yoga.) I introduced baby dog Justus to “farm life.” I talked with God, worked out, spent time with family,  ate great food, recharged my heart and had the opportunity to lead my Dad to Christ (See Christ In A Cow Pasture for the full story.)

Georgia is on my mind. My heart is refreshed. My stay has been bright. Yep… I would stay today is definitely a Not-So-Black Friday.

On the road again,


“The priest answered them, ‘Go in peace. Your journey has the Lord’s approval.’”  — Judges 18:6


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