We have… A Power Shortage

The house was pitch black. Dad woke me for school, but I was less than excited to get out of bed… Our house was freezing! It was a the winter of my sophomore year of high school… and after experiencing an ice storm that produced over three inches of ice the previous week, we were going on day ten without power. Pitch black. Cold. Awesome.

I stumbled out of bed and quickly pulled on my costume. Yes, I said costume. I was part of the one-act play “Anybody for Tea” and had to be dressed and ready to perform upon arrival at school. My character was an old quirky woman, so apparently I played the part well… I pulled on my fuzzy socks, grabbed some breakfast and ran out the door.

Keep in mind I got dressed in the dark. I arrived at school and everyone started laughing– fortunately not in a mean way, but more in an excited way. “Hey Sharita! You changed up your costume– that looks great!”

What are they talking about?” I thought… I looked down at my feet to determine what they meant by costume change… I still had on my fuzzy socks, which was planned… but one was green. And one was blue. Yeah, I didn’t exactly plan it like that– but I played it off well. Here’s to getting dressed in the dark.

Different colored socks is just one “side effect” of a power shortage. Being cold, in the dark, and stubbed toes are among some of the others. Fortunately, we can have all the power we need… Through Christ.

Quick side note: We are going to take some time this week to look at some of “symptoms” we have when it comes to being a human… and maybe some of those things we still struggle with as humans. I pray that as we walk through our struggles together that the Holy Spirit will move in our lives and provide us a cure.

So today’s “symptom” is that we all have a power shortage. Which is the way it should be. God has the ultimate and supreme power… we can invite that power into our lives. But in order to do so, we have to surrender our control. I don’t know about you… but I REALLY struggle with this sometimes. I like to be in control. But God has given me a power shortage in my life so that I will need and rely on Him. All we have to do is to unclench our hands, fall on our knees and invite that power into our lives.

God will flip the switch… and we will all be walking in the light… and no longer have a concern about wearing different colored fuzzy socks to school.  Praise the Lord! Maybe a power shortage isn’t such a bad thing after all?

He’s my generator,



“But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” –Exodus 9:16

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