Red Light, Green Light… Yellow Light

Isn’t it funny how things in adult life can bring you back to the departed days of youth?

Ok, that sounded a little deeper than I originally intended. (Don’t worry this post isn’t going to be that deep, I promise. We are on leave from the army for the holiday. As is my brain.)

Events of last week led me back to my youth, the days of games on the playground and in our backyard. Ever play the game of “red light green light?” It was one of my sister and I’s favorites, ranking right up there with hide-n-seek. It’s a pretty simple game, kind of like Simon Says… One person is it, and they direct the other players to run or stop by saying red light or green light. Just like traffic lights. Easy. But the heifer I was when I was younger, I would sometimes toss in a yellow light just to confuse everyone. (Playing fair is so overrated when you are eight years old.)

Anyway, I was rushing around last week trying to lay the smack down on my to do list. Run run run… I caught myself hurrying for essentially no reason last Monday night in the Walmart parking lot. My husband was working overnight duty and I had no reason to rush home, other than to get a bath and go to sleep… And it wasn’t even THAT late. When I made this realization I literally stopped in my tracks in the middle of the parking lot and said “Girl, slow down!” (I got a funny look from the dude behind me, but oh well.)

Funny how we have been conditioned to hurry hurry hurry with everything we do. Fast food. Instant download. Express mail. Hey, I love efficiency as much as the next person… But sometimes we just need to chill out!

So the week progressed and I was making the necessary preparations to depart for two weeks of holiday block leave. Brandon was working overnight again on Thursday so I found myself super charged running around Columbus like a two year old snarfing down cookies. Christmas letter written. Stamps purchased. Frozen yogurt date with my boss. Final blog giveaway prize book purchased. Christmas letters stuffed and stamped. Check, check, check, check, check!

My time in Columbus was dwindling (my pulse rate was increasing) I needed (wanted) to make it back to the post office to finish up my checklist for the day… So off I raced.

Oh wait. Timeout. Did I fail to mention that Columbus was crazy that day? It was a Thursday afternoon, but it might have well been Black Friday, which I avoid like the black plague. Traffic was ridiculous and it was swamped. Utter chaos. And against my better judgement, I joined right in.

So I get to the post office… The lines are out the door. Honestly, I didn’t mind much since my in-town list was essentially done… By the time I got done and headed back onto the crazy streets, traffic had reached a new level of insanity. Apparently it was “national drive like an uncourteous aggressive person” day. Long story short, everyone was so busy that no one would let me over so I could exit back onto the interstate to get home. What should have taken about 30 seconds to get on the right path homeward bound took about 20 minutes.

After doubling back a few times and thinking some not-so-nice things in my head about some of the other drivers, I made it back to the interstate. I started to breath again. And I felt a nudging from God.

“Sharita… Find your yellow light. Slow down.”

“Ah. Um, but I still have more things on my home to do list. How I’ll I get it all done?”

“Trust me, daughter. You will accomplish what you need. Take some time for you and me tonight.”

So I did. I went home and instead of logging backing my computer to start my next project, I showered and changed into comfy clothes. I poured myself a glass of wine. I left the TV off. I sat down in my red recliner and opened the window. (It was 70+ degrees that day. Awesome!) I picked up my iPad, launched Pandora, and grabbed a handful of mint chococlate truffle kisses.

I sat there for about 3 hrs, reading a great e-book, relaxing… Breathing… Enjoying my yellow light… Enjoying my God.

Is God giving you a holiday yellow light? If so, don’t ignore it. Embrace it. Embrace HIM. He isn’t being like my younger heiferish self trying to confused you. He is allowing you time to rest. Recharge. Relax.

Oh, and in case you are wondering… I got my to do list completely done on Friday. And even had time to enjoy another holiday Yellow light at the movie theater later that afternoon.

Everyone says that Christmas colors are red and green.

I say this years holiday color is yellow.

Recharged and loving it,


“All the lands are at rest and at peace; they break into singing.” Isaiah 14:7 

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One thought on “Red Light, Green Light… Yellow Light

  1. When I get rushed and feel super stressed I try to remember what my life is like each time I return from Europe. Slow, leisurely, but also efficient. Thanks for reminding me!

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