Jesus Caffeine

What gets you up out of the bed in the morning?

I am sure many of my more cynical or sarcastic readers would say “My stinkin’ alarm clock” or “That job I committed to working at” or “My extremely motivated 3-year-old child.” Perhaps I should rephrase that…

So… What gets you excited and happily out of bed in the morning?

What are the things that you could stay up late, get up early and spend hours talking about?

If you had all the time and money in the world with no limitations, what would you do?

This, my friends, is what we in the leadership teaching realm refer to as your PASSION.

Passions can come in all shapes and sizes… For me, my passion comes in the form of Jesus. He is like my caffeine. He gets me up in the morning. I often lie awake at night thinking about His wonders. I am ever thankful and crazy in love with Him.

God has done some AMAZING things in my life the last few months. Since my call to ministry last July, the blessings and lessons have simply been overwhelming.

One blessing in particular is this new personal ministry, 7 Days Time. I launched it 11 days ago… and it has exploded in more ways than I can imagine. Already. Wow, right? When I was going through the steps of creating it for God, I was up early (aka like 4am) and awake late. It was all I could think about. I prayed non-stop. This, ladies and gentlemen, is MY Jesus caffeine.

So in honor of the incredible success of 7 Days Time, we are going to celebrate. With caffeine. And Jesus. (How appropriate.)

WE ARE DOING A GIVEAWAY!!! Ready? Here we go…

The prize pack will include: A Starbucks gift card, a sweet journal (that I selfishly am excited to go pick out for our lucky winner) and the book “Guerilla Lovers” by Vince Antonucci. (It is one of my latest and most favoritest reads.)


The contest will close next Tuesday night (That would be February 21 at 11:59pm EST.)

“Well Sharita,” you might be saying. “This all sounds AMAZING. But how do I enter?”

So glad you asked, dear reader.  You can enter in several ways… and for every way you share/participate, your name gets put in the drawing… Again!

1. Comment on this blog sharing your passion… The sky is the limit. Don’t be shy.

2. Comment on this blog letting me know you have liked the 7 Days Time Facebook page. See the “like box” widget on the sidebar. (If you have already liked it, that’s great… just let me know and I will get your name entered again!)

3. Share this post on your Facebook wall letting your friends know and/or inviting them to like the Facebook page. (That would be the third time your name gets entered)

4. Either retweet one of my 7 Days Time tweets  OR if you are a non-twitter-er, send an email to your friends/family sharing the word about this ministry. Then comment on the blog to let me know you did that!

YOU COULD BE ENTERED UP TO 4 different times. Wow. Pretty good odds to score some caffeine, eh?

So excited to see this ministry continue to blossom… not for me, but for God. We are sharing His message. We are sharing His Passion. A Passion that bled and died for us to give us hope and future.

Let’s get passionate about this, readers. Grab your pen, your computer and your coffee cup… Time to the world know about our awesome Jesus Caffeine!!

Jacked up on Jesus,

“Celebrate God. Sing together—everyone! All you honest hearts, raise the roof!” –Psalm 32:11

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35 thoughts on “Jesus Caffeine

  1. My passion: seeing others discover and live out their passion and purpose! :). you make my day.

    i already liked u in a million places…and I know i am not eligible to win anyway.

    This is truly awesome. So proud of you!

    • Hmmm… That’s interesting Kelli… It’s like we have the same passion and work together or something? Weird. Thanks for liking me in a million places. Such an overachiever!

  2. My passion: equipping and empowering others to serve, using their gifts and talents…and cheering them on!

    I liked your facebook page; you inspire me! You are truly amazing!

    • Thank you Cailey! You are such a great cheerleader and fantastic children’s minister. I’m so thankful for you 🙂

  3. Connie Thompson

    Sharita, I am so proud of you–the girl from small town Kincaid, Ks — out there spreading the word of God. You are an inspiration to many.

    • I appreciate the support, Connie… Crazy what God is doing with this small-town Kansas girl! It’s all for His glory and I’m excited for this journey.

  4. Stefany Powell

    My passion is spreading the word of Jesus and bettering my self for Him daily. Im always asking my coworkers or my family about their walk with the with Him. My husband and I usually lay in bed at night and ponder what He has in store for us next. I love listening to people talk about how Jesus has changed their life.
    You are amazing Sharita! I liked you facebook page, shared the link with my friends, and I am not a tweeter so I am sending the email to my whole mailing list as we speak!

    • Oh Stefany, I love that you make Jesus the center of your passion. That’s fantastic. “Pillow talk” with your beloved is sure to be a treasure– I know that pondering God’s amazing plan is one of my favorite past times! Thanks for sharing in all the places and I will get you entered 🙂

  5. My passion is the field of medicine (especially emergency) and the human body!! I have always been fascinated with the human body. Just think, ths body has several different systems that have to work in perfect union together and Papa God just “spoke” us into existance. I spent 10 years as a firefighter/paramedic and because of an injury on a fire scene by an out of control fire hose I am now retraining to be able to return to work. I have a passion for both the indigent medical care for people here in the United States as well as medical missions. I think that if you train a native team or several native teams in the area of the medical field you are dealing with, they can in turn train others so the work will continue after the medical mission trip has finished. Kinda like the saying, “to teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish.” They become self sufficient and we can go to another country to start the process all over again.
    PS Does Starbucks have Coke products? I don’t drink coffee. I have sent it by tweeter, liked on FB, actually did the same thing yesterday? Honestly, I haven”t seen your FB page but I am headed there next. I enjoy writing and journaling. You have a special talent! Keep it up!

    • What a great passion, Kym! I myself am quite passionate about anatomy as well– at one point in my life I briefly considered becoming a doctor… Then chose veterinarian… Then GOD chose ministry. HA!

      And yes, Starbucks has all sorts of great stuff… soda, fancy treats, some pretty rocking non-caffeinated smoothies… So you are all covered. Thanks for spreading the word about this ministry! Blessings.

  6. My passion is Christ! My wonderful Husband! My 4 terrific kids! My loving and supportive little country church full of family & friends! And my Blessings Unlimited Business!! (o:
    A friend led me to this blog just yesterday … (o: I am so thankful she did — you are an inspiration!
    I too was in the Military for 9yrs – learned sooo much. Had great fun and memorable adventures! BUT I am certain God’s greatest plan for me was to meet & fall in love with my husband (o:}
    What a great Father we have — even when we have no clue where and why He is leading us in a certain direction ~ what great faith & love we demonstrate just listening and following orders!! (o: AND when we look back on life *** it all makes perfect sense!! (o:
    Thank you for your Blog. Coffee standing in the kitchen or a quick run thru Menards are about the only dates I get with my man these busy days ……… Sitting at Starbucks (without kids) sipping a real good cup of coffee while talking about all the ways God has blessed us and others .. WELL that sounds like a perfect morning to me!! (o:
    Blessings to you Hun …. in abundance!! (o:

    • Susan, you just made my heart overflow with joy! I can feel the love and the passion in your response. Wow. Thank you so much for the encouragement and reminding me that however crazy life gets, God’s plan always comes together and makes it all perfect.

      And a Starbucks date with hubby sounds great… maybe I will instigate a mandatory one with us next time I see my beloved? 😉

  7. Lisa

    My passions…Jesus and doing my best to become more like Him everyday (this is no small task for me!), my children and husband, friends and family, exercise, shopping, and chocolate. Love your posts!

    • Oh Lisa, it is no small task for ANYBODY. Somedays I feel like I am making great progress in my walk with Christ, then get distracted and have to fall on my face before I get refocused. I love that we share a lot of the same passions… esp family/husband, exercise and chocolate. Thanks for being such a stellar cheerleader!

  8. Mamma Lex

    Passions…when I think of passion I think of Christ and am forever grateful He loved me so much that He was willing to die for me on the cross. He has blest me in so many ways…with a wonderful husband of 30+ years, 2 amazing military sons and a beautiful daughter-in-love!! What else could I ask for? I can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store for me!! You inspire me, Sharita! 🙂

    • I have no response other than I LOVE YOU MA!! So thankful to have such a rocking, hip, cool, loving Mother-in-Love. That is a blessing in itself 🙂

  9. My passion is kids – of all ages. Growing up with some tough circumstances, I want to see to it that no kid has to go through what I did, if I can help it. I’m involved for a youth ministry called Young Life (if you know what that is) and it has changed my life. Just getting to connect with the middle school girls I work with and be able to plant that seed that may possibly lead them to Christ is SO incredible. I’m also in Africa right now studying at a university in Gaborone, Botswana, which was always one of my dreams. I’m volunteering at a children’s village, and it’s been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I’ve always wanted to make a difference, and now I’m getting my chance. And what better place to do it in than Africa?

    Also, I’ve done all four things. 🙂

    • Holy cow, Brittani… Now that is straight-up raw passion right there! How awesome. I am familiar with Young Life and that is simply fantastic. PLUS you are in Africa. That’s incredible. How long will you studying and/or volunteering there?

      PS: Thanks for being such a super-sharer on this blog post. You make my heart smile!

      • Young Life has such a large and special place in my heart. I have met some of my best friends through it, and it’s continued to bless me. I’ll be serving on a middle school team in Manhattan, KS when I get back to the States. And yeah, Africa is pretty much amazing! I’m actually studying at the University of Botswana in Gaborone, Botswana! I will be here until the beginning of May. Then I’ll head back to Manhattan for the summer and get to love on my middle school girls as much as possible. 🙂

        I love the things you post – so great! Thanks for everything!

  10. My passion is writing! I discovered that I was blessed with the gift around the age of 15 and have continued writing since then. My favorite things to write are probably poetry, song/rap lyrics, and short stories with a devotional concept behind them. I also write article-like pieces of literature which are meant to exhort my peers toward Christ and lead them towards “Embracing God’s Grace” (the name of my blog…AND…my desire that all would come to embrace His wonderful grace)!

    I’ve liked your FB page, e-mailed some peeps, AND here is my passion. So that’s 3 times?

    Even if I don’t end up becoming a winner, feel free to visit my blog at I recently shared a story there that I titled “Shock and Awe” that actually has a Starbucks theme to it; I guarantee that it will greatly encourage you, your readers, and others to boldly share the love of Christ with others!

    • Wow, Justin. I popped over to your blog and you are certainly gifted in writing! Love your “Shock and Awe” entry… and I don’t think it is ironic at all that you posted it on Valentine’s day– a day when we can remember God’s love for us and others!

      I commend you for being so bold in your faith– it is empower. Makes me want to get out there and love on others– and perhaps grab a Java Chip Frappuccino . Thanks for sharing your passion and story!

      • Certainly not ironic at all. That was certainly the Lord’s planning, timing, and will being done there. I’m just blessed to have been a part of it!

        Goodness, I really appreciate your kind words and taking the time to browse my blog a bit! The post that follows “Shock and Awe” is “First Love”, a poem that I wrote as Valentine’s Day was approaching in honor of my first love, Jesus. Sounds SUPER corny, but if you read it, you’ll see why it’s more authentic than corny, as my testimony is sneakily woven within it, haha.

  11. Karla Barnes

    My passion is teaching and watching my kids learn and grow with God. Its exciting to hear them talk about God when they play and to know that I am part of their learning and becoming good Christians.

    • You are such a great Mama, Karla– I love watching you interact with your little ones. They are so precious and I am thrilled that loving on them through Jesus is your passion. Blessings to you, neighbor 🙂

  12. Pingback: Enjoy the Ride « 7 Days Time

  13. Kathy LaCross

    My passion is spreading God’s message. The most important people for me to get that message to right now is my kids. To raise them up in the Lord and they live to help my spread the Word of Godd! My 5year old tells me every day that God is her best friend and it just warms my heart.
    I have liked your Facebook page, shared your blog and retweeted you a few times because I love the work you are doing. I’ll keep praying and hoping every day we can bring more people into the Light. 🙂 you are inspirational!

  14. Passion = one of my favorite words. You know in some of those leadership training moments when you have to describe yourself in one word, I like to choose passionate. It’s just so great. I feel very passionate about the fact that Jesus calls us to live passionately everyday. Every moment is an opportunity to passionately live the life Jesus calls us to. With that being said, I’m passionate about attempting to daily be the hands and feet of Jesus. I’m passionate about food and people and connecting the two to choices that help equip us to live healthy, strong, passionate lives. I’m passionate about sharing meals with others and the beauty of life that is unveiled around the dinner table. I’m also passionate about helping people grow their own food and learn a little more about this creation of earth that God has given us to use and steward in a sustainable way.

    I also like your facebook page and have been super encouraged by your message and passion in this new ministry page. Keep up the great work friend!

    • I know it sounds a bit repetitive, but I can hear the passion in your post about your passion. So cool! Thank you for the support through all of this and I can’t wait to see where your passion for Jesus takes you as well.

  15. Nicole Born

    Sharita, I want you to know I absolutely love reading your blogs 🙂 I have a few passions! My passion is large animal veterinary medicine! Currently, I am a first year student at KSU College of Veterinary Medicine. I have a passion for learning how different animals’ body systems work, how the systems function, and various concepts (about MANY different species) to help me to become a wonderful veterinarian! I also have a passion for building my relationship with Christ, keeping Him as the center of my marriage with my husband, Jonathan, and helping others to build their relationships with Christ, as well! I am VERY excited that this weekend, I get to combine my passions and go to Real Life Real Impact in Oklahoma! This is a conference for students who are part of the Christian Veterinary Fellowship! Going to be an awesome God-glorifying weekend! 🙂 Soli Deo Gloria! Also, I “liked” the facebook page, I sent the link in an email, and I shared it on facebook! 🙂

    • Cool, combining veterinary medicine with Jesus– I like it!! I will be in prayer for you this weekend, Nicole… Thanks for following along and God bless you 🙂

  16. My passion: Encouraging others to know the Lord in a powerful and intimate way.

    • That is fantastic, Grace. Those words are so meaningful: Powerful and intimate. Seemingly easy, yet applicably difficult. Blessings to you!

  17. My passion is to encourage Christian women to live victorious, deliberate lives, not bound by the dictates of their fleshly emotions. We are on assignment! Our “covert identity” is wife, mother, sister, neighbor, factory worker, teacher, student, athlete, but our true identity in Christ, is righteous child of God! In Christ we are part of an unstoppable force; THE CHURCH! At the cross, Christ dethroned principalities and powers, and has overthrown the rulers of the corrupt system instituted by Satan. He has redeemed us and bestowed upon us HIS authority to enforce what He established. Our mandate is clear, to recognize lawlessness and understand that we have a responsibility to put a stop to it. We cannot turn a blind eye when we see the law of sin and death in operation, we must confront it and take authority over it. We are not debtors to the flesh, therefore we are not required to obey the fleshly emotions that Satan uses to distract and cripple us. We are not subject to the law of sin and death! We are servants of righteousness and are now free from depression, offense, resentment, guilt, anger, regret! Joy is a purchased priviledge because of Christ’s finished work, not a product of our circumstance! It is for freedom that Christ has set us free! Live free!

    • First of all, Dianne, I would like to commend you on your use of exclamation points. !! I took several writing classes in college (not the fun feature writing ones) and exclamation points were not allowed… But how do you express passion without them?!?!

      I love your words about the freedom we received from Him and how we can share that with all encounter. AMEN!!!

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