Ohhhh Baby…

Here are my top five reasons why I know that A) God is always in and control and B) Has a remarkable sense of humor.

  1. He made the Platypus. A mammal, with a bill, that lays eggs. That’s hilarious.
  2. He allows us to use phrases like “army logic” and “productive Monday” and “jumbo shrimp.”
  3. He somehow distorts how long two minutes is depending on which side of the bathroom door you are on.
  4. Kansas Jayhawks. (Sorry, KU fans… Just kidding. But seriously.)
  5. He thought it would be legit to send my husband to Ranger school right about the time we found out we are going to have a baby.

That’s right, America. The Knoblochs are procreating. Ohhh, Baby.

I don’t want to get into too many details (I mean, I do have some dude readers after all) but let’s just say this whole having a baby thing is a lot for this army wife to handle. Yes, we were kind of trying. (And by kind of trying, I mean me giving control completely up to God to let HIM decide when we should have a baby… which for me as a person who LOVES control, says a lot.)

Apparently now is good. Or, more specifically, sometime mid-October-ish when the kid actually shows up.

Please don’t mistake my blatant and excessive sarcasm as negative… This is a good thing. For real. I am excited to be a mama. But it’s just kind of a lot to take in knowing that my husband is doing his army thing with no form of communication except snail-mail letters for at least the next 9 weeks and me literally 1,000 miles from family.

Um, yeah. Yikes. YAY!

I don’t find it ironic at all that my “word” for 2012 is “Dependence.” I think God knew I was getting comfortable, handling things really well, and said that it was time to shake things up a bit and bring me back to Him.

For those of you who don’t know me super well, yes, this is our first child. And yes I am excited, scared, overwhelmed, moody, easily brought to tears, thrilled, exhausted… Just FYI, that cycle of emotions usually repeats itself every 18 seconds. Super fun.

With this news, I ask for your prayers… Please pray for this tiny blueberry of a baby, for it to grow healthy for God’s glory. Pray for my preggo emotions, that I can keep my mind focused on Christ and He can calm ALL of my anxious thoughts. Please pray for my fears to transition to faith and that I can fully relax and enjoy this beautiful blessing God has given us!

And please pray for my husband’s safe and successful (and swift!) journey through Ranger school, so he can get back here ASAP to help me grow this baby by rubbing my feet, handing me Kleenexes when I cry at diaper commercials and feed me items drenched in ketchup. (Ketchup and egg drop soup are current cravings. Bizarre.)

Source: cafepress.com

So today, let’s celebrate as I  continue to try and process this exciting scary awesome news. I trust God knows what He is doing (and I just have to keep reminding my hormonally emotional brain this fact!) We can depend on Him in all things, no matter what kind of life surprise He gives you. Yeah, even those surprises that make you want to faint, scream, throw up, celebrate and shout “Ohhhhhh BABY!!”

I trust you Jesus,


“I’ve kept my feet on the ground, I’ve cultivated a quiet heart. Like a baby content in its mother’s arms, my soul is a baby content.” Psalm 131:2

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15 thoughts on “Ohhhh Baby…

  1. congrats congrats congrats!! I have 4 ~ God will walk you thru it all (o: AND He listens thru all the tears, mood swings with yelling, and he answers prayers (like the “Please let baby sleep just 5 minutes longer”)
    Blessings to you Momma!! (o: Have fun …….. ❤

    • Your post made me smile, Susan… MOMMA! I’m GONNA BE A MOMMA!!! 🙂 I’m so thankful God understand pregnancy hormones– because He has already been my numero uno confidante, especially in my husband’s absence. Plus our puppy doesn’t quite understand how I can be laughing one second, crying the next, then scarfing down ketchup two minutes later.

  2. Sam

    Love you Sharita-lo-quita-jo-momma! You’ll be an amazing momma and a very cute preggo! Congratulations!

    • You are too sweet, Sam! While being a “cute preggo” is one of my goals, a more primary goal is to not to be the “crazy preggo.” HA!

  3. Well, from one of your ‘dude readers’ CONGRATS! We have 4 kids, and I’ll keep the details of that to myself so you can enjoy your first (just kidding….sorta). 🙂

    • Baahhaaa… Thanks for sparing me the “details,” dear dude reader… Nothing like all the gory/scary details from other people to get you motivated for parenthood!

  4. dawn

    So excited for you guys! Todd and I got prego on His timing and not on our timing too!!!! So fun exciting scary wrapped into one!!! Blessings 😉

  5. Aunt. Kelli. I. Like. It.
    Can’t. wait.
    So sweet of Jesus to have this happen while you are still here in GA!

    • Aunt Kelli. I don’t like it. I LOVE IT!!
      Just so you know, my little one’s favorite colors are K-state Wildcat purple. Just saying.

  6. Amanda

    CONGRATULATIONS – praying (peace, comfort/rest in Jesus, and as you said ‘dependence’ he is SO faithful) for you!!! ❤ 🙂

  7. If you are even half the momma that you have you will be a fantastic mother. You have a sense for when people need some uplifting and assistance. I can’t wait to read all about your adventures in baby- growing.

    • Awww, shucks… Thanks. And I have no doubt there will be plenty of baby-growing adventures to share!

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