In the Bottom of Your Sink

Who would you say that your everyday hero is?

Perhaps it is your spouse? A parent? A child? A mentor? Maybe it’s the law enforcement officers or firefighters or soldiers (or maybe if you are lucky like me, it is your soldier spouse…)

In addition to those awesome hero’s listed above, my hero is any person who had the courage to clean out the drain in the bottom of the kitchen sink.

What's at the bottom of YOUR sink?

Bet you didn’t think I was gonna go that direction, did you?

Seriously– cleaning out the bottom of the sink after doing dishes is probably the most gross, nasty thing in my world. ICK! But before you think I am prissy sheltered girl, I am not squeamish. I grew up on a farm. I have actually paid to take a class to learn how to artificially inseminate a cow (a pretty invasive experience, just FYI. Oh, and is that TMI? Hope you haven’t eaten lately.) I have cut, pushed, pulled, sliced, diced, dug, and dissected a variety of not-so-pleasant things. I can face almost anything dealing with blood, poo, people or animals.

But the bottom of the kitchen sink still makes me shudder.

You know what I am talking about… After you do the dishes or load the dishwasher, there is a just a bit of water left in the sink. You gather the courage to plunge in there and pull the drain, but the left over food chunks clog up the drainage hole.  To finish the mission, somebody has to plunge their hand down there and fish out the wilted pieces of lettuce, the partially disintegrated peppers and the waterlogged ground beef.

Things that make ya go BLUH!!!

I do this nasty deed, but I am never, ever excited about it. So to all of who you accomplish this task without a second thought, I salute you.

And this also makes me thankful that our God isn’t squeamish– because I’m willing to bet many of us have little pieces of wilted bottom-of-the-sink-gunk deposits in our heart.

We are all sinners, myself included. I would love to say I have a pure heart, but that’s a lie and poof, there’s another sink-gunk heart sin. From every judgmental thought, every worry, doubt, lie, unkind word, ignored person in need, and sin in general, we have that gross heart junk just sitting somewhere in our hearts.

But God isn’t squeamish. He isn’t afraid of digging in there and helping us clean that out. He loves us so much that He doesn’t give a second thought to our bottom-of-the-sink heart bluck. All we have to do is ask Him to reach in and remove the gunk.

And just like the water drains freely after the sink-gunk is removed, so is the same for heart love and purity. Once we repent and ask our Father to clean out our bottom-of-the-sink heart, WHOOSH! The feeling of free-flowing love returns.

So think about it– what do you have at the bottom of your heart sink? It the freedom of His love flowing freely? Or is it all clogged up with gunk that makes you squirm?

God is waiting and ready, bravely and anxiously poised to reach into your heart daily and give you a newly, free-flowing, refreshed feeling of love and hope. He isn’t afraid– no matter WHAT you have in the bottom of your sink.

From gunked to grateful,


“Whenever someone has a ready heart for this, the insights and understandings flow freely.” Matthew 13:12 (MSG) 

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3 thoughts on “In the Bottom of Your Sink

  1. Good morning, Sharita! Great post today! It is wonderful that Holy Spirit convicts us of things we need to deal with, such as unforgiveness so that it doesn’t lead to roots of bitterness. This is heavy on my heart this morning, because that is exactly what I wrote about on my Blog last night. I am so glad to know you through Twitter =-) Hoping you have a blessed day!
    Beth aka @scrupulousgirl

    • Thank you so much, Beth– Most of these blog ideas are divinely inspired, because in my “normal” brain I would never draw the comparison between our hearts and the bottom of the sink. But the great part is we are all in this together and we have a God who isn’t afraid of our heart gunk!

  2. Great post!

    Side note: I was just telling my daughter last night that part of her duty of washing dishes includes cleaning out the bottom of the sink when she’s done. This totally grossed her out. 🙂

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