Factor of 7: “Chill” with Jesus

I love frozen yogurt. And I love Jesus.

So what happens when you put the two together? A dang good, heart-healing, God glorifying experience.

Last night my husband, my cousin Hailey from Oklahoma and I had the chance to do our 2nd official monthly “Factor of 7.” (For more information on this movement, click here.) In addition to blogging daily for this ministry, God has laid on my heart to DO something at least once a month.

So this time, we took $107, my nifty new info cards and a notebook, and we camped out near the register of one of my favorite treat spots: Chill Frozen Yogurt in Columbus, GA.

The principle was quite simple. We paid for the next $107 worth of yogurt that came through the line, then asked people how we could pray for them .

It was probably the coolest 30 minutes… EVER.

As folks came through the line and the sweet cashier Whitley told them to put their wallets away, their reactions were priceless. Some were suspicious. Some thought they were being punked we were bringing back ol’ school candid camera. But as they approached our table and I said, “First name and how can we pray for you…” Their was nothing in their hearts but gratitude.

Many of them were shocked… I mean shoot, I would be pretty stoked about free yogurt on a random Tuesday! But shock aside, every single one of the 35 people that came through the line were receptive to our request of letting us pray for them. Talk about knocking our Jesus socks off!

A few folks gave us hugs, some just laughed, a couple others teared up. Some asked “why” and I said “Because Jesus loves you… and told me to.” We met a newlywed couple, parents of kids of all ages, and even some students who were having a powerhouse study session for their AP statistic test today. (I am praying extra hard for them– because if they do math like me, they might need it. Just kidding, girls. You will do great 🙂 )

As we were nearing the end of our $107 amount, one couple came back in the store after they left and handed us a $20 bill… They wanted to make a donation. (Side note: My heart almost exploded with joy!) I told them to add that to our “total” at the register. So overall, we were able to share a spoonful of faith with 35 people and provide $127 worth of fro-yo on a random Tuesday.

I could write about 12 blog posts from the reactions, answers and great little Jesus moments that grew out of this small 30 minute event. But instead, I pose a question to you: How will you give someone a spoonful of Jesus lovin’ today?

Sharing His love doesn’t have to be an all day event. Pay for someone else’s lunch today. Mow your neighbor’s yard without being ask. Buy the person in line behind you their Starbucks for the day. Give someone a hug and ask how you can pray for them. The possibilities are endless, folks.

Be a Factor of 7… It can be simple as finding somewhere (or someone) to “Chill” with Jesus.

Keeping Cool with Christ,


 “Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.”

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16 thoughts on “Factor of 7: “Chill” with Jesus

  1. Ah, what a sweet way to minister…pun intended, but no sarcasm! That’s so cool, Sharita.

  2. Janet Barrows

    Bless you and your heart for Jesus. Thanks for illustrating how to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Janet. I feel like some folks think that being like Jesus requires significant work. But in this case, all I had to do was hand over some cash and park it at a table eating yogurt. Too easy 🙂

  3. Way to go Sharita! What a blessing Jesus gave you! Thank you for sharing this story!

    • Thanks Beth! It was such a great experience to share with those folks in the shoppe and with my husband and cousin.

  4. Kathy LaCross

    You inspire me everyday to be a better servant for the Lord!!!! Thank you so much!

    • Thanks so much, Kathy… Reminds me of the movie “Pay it Forward.” Be sure to let me know if you decide to do your own version of Factor of 7– I will write about it!

  5. kelliwommack

    Love it. Just a question: Did any of those people get mint chocolate? 🙂

    • If I remember correctly, I do believe that the thin mint chocolate flavor was gone– although the Irish Mint with brownie and cheesecake bites on top worked pretty well for me too 🙂

  6. What an awesome blessing to those people. Love it!

  7. HI there – I love love love this. People are so suspicious of being blessed. Why? what do you want? I pray that your ministry grows grows grows! God bless and thank you for linking up on Winsome Wednesday! Look forward to seeing you there next week 🙂

    • Glad I found your site, Tracy. Thanks for the kind words and I look forward to building our connection!

  8. Genae Denver

    Sharita – such an amazing and cool idea! way to listen to the Lord and be His hands and feet!
    I love this – I’m going to share it with the UCC choir. 🙂

    love ya and miss ya, girl!

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