True Love’s Gift (Five Minute Friday)

“It’s finally Friday… Free again… Finally Friday… Time for a ‘wild’ weekend…”

Oh hey. Didn’t see you there. (Ok, maybe I did, but I really wanted to finish the chorus.)

Today is Friday, in case you didn’t get my singing memo. And Friday in this gal’s blogging world specifically means it’s FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY.

For those of you newcomers, on Fridays I link up with The Gypsy Mama… she gives us a prompt and we write for five minutes flat. No more, no less. Just letting the words flow. No editing, no over-thinking. Challenging, fun and theraputic. My kind of Friday fun.

Ok, enough yammering on my part. Let’s get this Friday party started. Todays prompt is GIFT. 



His comings and goings make my heart pound. “When will he return?” As an army wife, specifically the spouse of an infantry drill sergeant, this question is often in my mind. God has called me to this role and while it is a challenge… it is also a gift.

Someone once asked me what the best part about being an army wife was… I knew they were expecting an answer something similar to “living new places” or “excitement” or “steady paycheck.” But without hesitation I replied, “We never take each other for granted.”

Now that is true love’s gift.

My husband and I have been apart during our relationship more than we have been together in the same zip code. Just this morning, I kissed him goodbye as he prepares to pick up another basic training cycle. He will be home off and on for the next several weeks, but our “quality time” will be rare.

True love’s gift as an army spouse can be wrapped in many different packages, in different shapes and sizes…

It’s getting up early on a Friday to cook breakfast for him before cycle picks up.

It’s helping him bottle his home-brew.

It’s the front porch conversations.

It’s the sideways hugs before we drift off to sleep.

It’s the words of comfort as he holds me when I cry.

It’s sharing a moment of prayer together.

It’s loving each other unconditionally, no matter what challenges are in our midst.

Being married to a soldier is a challenge… but such an incredible gift. Very similar to True Love’s Gift on the Cross. Blessing. Sacrifice. Hope. Trust.

That is True Love’s Gift.


Five minute Friday posts always get my heart to pounding… I still think it should count for some kind of cardio workout 🙂

 I’m gonna go cool down and hit the showers… God’s most wonderful blessings to you and seriously– thank you for stopping by! (PS: If you are feeling super motivated, leave a comment here.)

Thankful for True Love’s Gift,


Never Take Love for Granted ] Do you know the saying, “Drink from your own rain barrel, draw water from your own spring-fed well”? It’s true. Otherwise, you may one day come home and find your barrel empty and your well polluted. –Proverbs 5:15-16 (MSG) 

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12 thoughts on “True Love’s Gift (Five Minute Friday)

  1. My husband works from home and is around a lot of the time – that is also a gift, though a different kind. I think it is so important to be reminded not to take those we love for granted. Thank you.

    • Tanya, no matter what our husbands or where they work… The dynamic can definitely be both a challenge and a beautiful blessing the form of a gift. Give your beloved an extra squeeze today 🙂

      Praise the Lord for Christ-like Marriages!

  2. Sue

    Your post brought a tear to my eye. I have such respect for you and other army wives, for the sacrifices you make. Hope you and your husband have many more memorable “quality times.”

    • Thank you so much for your support, Sue! We do this because God called us to it… and the One who calls us is faithful and will do it! (1 Thess 5:24) And yes… we are looking forward to sneaking in some “quality times” whenever we can, even if it is watching him snarf a home cooked meal as we sit together in his truck 🙂

  3. GIFT?! Really???? OOhh God is so good (and I’m certain he has a sense of humor) today I am taking a gift to a friend. I purchased some yellow & lavender daisies after dropping the 2 oldest kids off at school …. now I’ve cut them and did my best floral arrangement into a bright yellow smiley face coffee cup (o: As soon as the 2 little ones get dressed (this may take all day!!) we will take a drive to the next town over and leave a smile on someones front step. I don’t know this lady well … but I have heard (via facebook & friends) that her husband and children were in a car accident earlier this week. Whip lash is the greatest injury ….. God kept them all safe. (o: BUT a momma worries and wears down and sometimes — a momma just needs daisies and a smile.
    GIFTS come from God everywhere!! I’ve learned that my greatest gifts come after my hardest trials (o: God is so good. I love Him and thank him often!! I thank Him for you too Sharita!! Your blog is the first email read on this lap top each morning !!! If you lived in MN …. you might find daisies and a smile on your step one morning too (o:

  4. Dear Sharita,

    That was beautiful. I’m sure that being married to a man who serves in the military also keep you in prayer. Thank you for sharing! Susan


    great read love, I loved it

    • Beloved, your comment has made my heart sing! More than any flowers or chocolate… and yes, even more than “something shiny.” I love you!

  6. Susan, Sue, Susan … hhmmmm I see a pattern!!!! LOL Thought it was funny

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