Joy in the Mourning

It’s the day after Easter, folks… This means that in addition to Easter candy going on sale today (YAY!) and most church workers being tired after working like crazy yesterday, lent has ended for another year.

What did your 40 days bring? Mine were… um… profound.

For Lent, I “gave up” worrying. (Read “Removal of the Worrywart” for the whole story.) Long story short, God told me to stop trying to control things and not to worry so dang much about stuff. So during Lent, whenever I worried about something, I wrote it down, crinkled it up and literally laid it at the foot of a cross in my living room. Then I would write a “Faith” statement to counteract whatever worry I had. I kept the faith statements in a jar and would give myself a “refresher” when the worries started to resurface.

Well, 40 days have come and gone… God has done a number on my worrywart of a heart.

But that isn’t the “profound” part of the story.

God grew my trust in Him immensely. Here’s the profound part: My two biggest worries actually happened in the last 40 days… and God carried me through it.

Not only did He carry me through it, but I am able to write about it. And find joy… in the mourning of it all.

My first fear was miscarriage and losing our baby. I kept writing it down, laying at the foot of the cross… and it kept coming back. When that fear became a reality 27 days ago, I felt as if God had answered my prayer to prepare my heart for this baby, whatever was to happen.  Now, don’t get me wrong– if Jesus Himself came down from Heaven and asked me if I wanted things to turn out differently, I probably wouldn’t hesitate to scream “YES!” before He finished His sentence. However…

With that biggest fear of losing that baby came tiny blessings… I now understand Matthew 5:4– “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” I lost something I held very dear– but Jesus never left me. Not for a moment. Yes, my heart broke… but our Father’s heart also broke as He watched His son die on the cross. In mourning, I became closer to my husband than ever. In mourning, I became closer and more dependent on Our Father than I have been in my entire life. In mourning… I found joy that only comes from Jesus.

My second fear was my beloved husband recycling Ranger School– mainly because I didn’t want him to miss any more of the pregnancy than required. God has a plan with that as well… because Brandon did end up as a Darby phase recycle, which would be a 7 week extra wait due to Best Ranger Competition coming up. But once I told Brandon about the loss of our little one, he decided to come home to me immediately. He told me that it wouldn’t have mattered if he was going to recycle or not– he was going to come home to deal with what we were facing.

The worries with Ranger school were also realized, but under the circumstances were a blessing as God brought us through it. Oh, and did I tell you that God also planned out that Brandon would make the promotion list way sooner than expected, the day after the miscarriage and the day prior to Brandon withdrawing from Ranger school. To me, it was affirmation that God has Brandon’s career in His hand.  I guess God knows what He is doing after all, huh?

I can’t help but feel a little bit like Mary  when she discovered that Christ was gone from the grave. When she saw that empty tomb, her mourning turned to confusion… then to joy as she discovered Christ’s incredible plan. Praise the Lord, for He is Risen! His promises hold true and we can fully depend on Him– no worrying necessary!

What did you learn during Lent? Did you grow closer to God? I would love to hear your feedback. Comment here. 

I have laid my fears at the foot of the cross… and I will continue to do so. That cross will stay in my living room as a constant reminder of God’s promise, plan and purpose for our lives. God removed the worrywart in me… and helped me to find exceptional and unexpected joy in the mourning.

Rejoicing for He is Risen,

“Then maidens will dance and be glad, young men and old as well.  I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.” –Jeremiah 31:13

As promised, I set fire to my worries at the conclusion of lent. I've given them over to God... For good.

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11 thoughts on “Joy in the Mourning

  1. kelliwommack

    “My two biggest worries actually happened in the last 40 days… and God carried me through it.” This statement proves that there is a God, that He loves us and He has a plan for our lives. When our “what ifs?” become “even ifs,” then we know we have been impacted by a Risen Lord.
    Love you, girl.

    • Love how you put this, Kelli– what ifs to even ifs… What an incredible promise we have in the Lord!

      Love you too!

  2. OOhh to be refined by a fiery trial (or trials!!) ~ Praise the Lord!!
    Thanks for sharing Sharita!! (o:

  3. Mamma Lex

    My daily devotion included this quote and its so true…

    The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.
    George Müller

    Thanks for you!!

    • That’s a great quote, Ma. We have to remember that fear and faith are opposites 🙂 Oh, and love you too!

  4. Great post, friend!
    I too have set fire to a long list of years of hurt. It feels good doesn’t it?
    And ash is the most pure form.

    • Thank you Joy… and yes, I agree– beauty comes from those pure ashes. It’s a great feeling of freedom!

  5. I gave up seconds for lent. Not as big as worries, or a matress at Clovia, but a big deal to me. I stressed out over what to “give up” and I was thinking about my sins and the “7 deadly sins” and gluttony came to mind. So I gave up the one thing I LOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE about meals, seconds. I totally had seconds tonight but I didn’t feel like I was back peddling, Sher got her mattress back after 40 days – it’s about the process not the thing right??

    • Oh Kayla, you make me smile! I think your choice for lent was great… and if it matters to you, it matters to God– so seconds were a very legit idea.

      And you are right– it isn’t about the item you chose to give up, it IS about the process. I would be willing to bet if you are anything like me, you thought of God each time you forewent seconds (probably also asking for strength to resist 😉

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