A Latte Love from Fort Benning Bayonet

It’s the big day, folks! The story about our latest “Factor of 7” (Latte Love) where we bought $107 worth of coffee for unsuspecting customers at Starbucks has appeared in the Fort Benning Bayonet. This is truly a blessing from God. AMERICA!

Check out the awesome write up here.  (I am excited, can you tell?)

Also, a huge thanks to Cheryl Lynn Rodewig for meeting us at Starbucks to document the story.

Please be in prayer for God to move in the hearts and lives of all who read this story. Remember, words without action are essentially dead.

And on one more awesome note… don’t be shy about sharing this story with your friends/family etc… And if you do, please comment here for your last chance to win your own Latte Love in the form of a Starbucks Gift card. The contest ends at 9pm (EST) TONIGHT!!

Loving our Jesus Caffeine,

“The Message is as true among you today as when you first heard it. It doesn’t diminish or weaken over time. It’s the same all over the world. The Message bears fruit and gets larger and stronger, just as it has in you.” –Colossians 1:5-6 (MSG) 

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31 thoughts on “A Latte Love from Fort Benning Bayonet

  1. Momma Lex

    Ok-I’m sitting here at work with tears in my eyes. What a great story and to God be the glory! Did you like my rhyme-ha. :-)I heard on the radio this morning that God not only wants our lives but He wants our bodies and you and Brandon are fulfilling God’s wish-you are giving your bodies to serve Him by serving others. Love you so much!!

    • You know, Ma– if you keep coming up with great rhymes, I am going to have to recruit you for our poetry department. (Wait… Do we have one of those?) 😉

      Thank you for your shares and encouragement. And thanks for raising such an incredible man of Christ for me to marry 🙂 Love you!!

  2. So cool! God is definitely working through the two of you and your obedience to this very specific call. Keep it up….and keep on sharing.

    • Thanks Brent– as one of my primary “dude” readers, I really appreciate your input and encouragement. Blessings to you!

  3. I love this, I have shared this with my friends and hubby, going to share it with my daughter when she gets home from college. I want to do something like this!!!!

    • I am so excited that you are moved by this! If God does lead you to move in some way, please let me know– I would love to share your story 🙂

  4. dawn aldrich

    This is more than an amazing story. It’s and example of living out your love for the Lord in a tangible way, meeting the heart-felt needs of people–people especially chosen by God himself. May we all be inspired by your obedience and generosity. Shared this on facebook, but keep the gift card and give a few more cups of prayer away!

  5. What a great story, and great lip service from the paper! I work with Lex and she shares your posts frequently, and I really look forward to reading it for a little inspiration!

    • Thank you SO much for commenting, Sara– comments mean A LOT to those of us who write for “Jesus dollars.”

      If you want to read these daily entries without waiting for Lex to share, be sure to subscribe by email (at the top right sidebar…) Then you can get them “freshly pressed” in your inbox every day 🙂 Blessing to you and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Connor Dumler

    Wow. You are amazing for helping so many people. You are a huge blessing to so many people’s life’s. God bless you.

  7. kelliwommack

    So cool and so very proud of you. God is using you in so many ways!

  8. My husband was based at Benning as was my father.
    This type of action is a thrilling act of obedience. Do for others! A few years ago I was in the line at my local Starbucks and looked in my rear view mirror. There was a mother and father in the front…and a soldier in the back. He got out and moved his duffle to the back of the car and then moved to the front as his mother got into the back. I guess he needed the leg room. I got to the window to pay…and told the cashier I wanted to pay for the soldier in the car behind me. I also told her to tell him Thank You!
    I drove around and left. The next day…the manager came to the window and told me that not only was the act accepted but it brought on tears…from the whole family. They were on their way to the airport…he was shipping out. The parents Recieved free coffee…the manager had overheard what I did and paid for the parents…they serve our country too! It thrills my soul to see this pay it forward mentality. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Peach State

    • Oh my… THANK YOU for sharing this story with me! It gave me goosebumps!! Isn’t it cool how one simple act of kindness done in the name of Christ can multiply so quickly? I understand the challenge of deployments… We’ve been there, done that, and will probably be there again at some point. The seemingly small acts of love are what carry us through those moments. Thank you so much for your generosity– May God bless you richly on your daily walk.

  9. fullherlife

    Hi Sharita Girl!
    This is awesome! I’m so excited to see how God is using you to spread His love around town! ~ Blessings sister, Amy

    • Thanks so much, Amy! It was a blessing to them… but an even bigger blessing to my husband and I. 🙂

  10. lisaashby

    I came across your blog from the SheSpeaks Facebook page, and the Factor of 7 posts are so inspiring! I would love to do something like this. I hope to meet you at SheSpeaks!

    • Thanks a million for stopping by, Lisa! Let’s definitely get together at SheSpeaks– I am so looking forward to it. Thank you for your encouragement!

  11. Hi there – wow, such an interesting blog. Thank you for linking it up to Winsome Wednesday. Look forward to seeing you there next week 🙂

    • Thanks Tracy! Sorry my link up was a bit late in the day– I published this early, but in all the excitement, kind of got distracted ha ha 🙂

  12. (o: you make me smile Sharita ….Thank you!!!

    • You make ME smile, Susan. Thank you for your commitment and boldness to comment daily. You help keep me going 🙂

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  15. amydward

    Duh. Just realized you were the very couple who came to Chill where my David’s sweet girlfriend works. She was so moved by your gift to others and prayers for the employees that she couldn’t wait to share her story about this with me.

    Then I ride in a car with you and get to know you.

    Then I’m perusing your FB wall and see a picture from the Bayonet.

    Then I go to your picture’s link and read all about it here and go…


    Love you girl!

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