Comfort from Community (Five Minute Friday)

Good morning, America! (Or should I say “world?” Fun fact: 7 Days Time ministry has grown and we actually have legit and semi-regular readers in other countries. Thanks for that one, Jesus!)

Anywho, today is one of my favorite blogging days of the week. That’s right– it’s Five Minute Friday. Top three reasons why its my fav?

  1. Less pressure to get it right (or at least “perfect”)
  2. It is a great conditioning tool and change of pace from normal posts (AKA: I write for 5 minutes flat… and don’t have to come up with a topic of my own)
  3. It’s on Friday. So what’s not to love??

Every week, I link up with The Gypsy Mama… She gives us a prompt, then we go to town with our writing. Today’s prompt: “COMMUNITY.” 

Annndddd GO!

It can be found in person. It can be found online. Sometimes it shows up out of no where. Other times you gotta be more intentional.

Community is a beautiful thing.

As an army wife, finding community right where we are sometimes requires a bit of… uh…. creativity. And a lot of help from Jesus. Fortunately… He never fails us in that department.

Already in our marriage, my beloved and I have experienced a lot of challenges– not necessarily with marriage, but just life in general. Separations by duty, crazy hours, moving, life purpose limbo, miscarriage… The list continues.

But every time we have walked through something less than awesome, Jesus has been with us… as have other people in our community.

You know God is creative when He brings you to a community where we can dress like this... 🙂 Rocking the 80's!

We find the greatest comfort from our community within the body of Christ. What  a blessing those folks are to me! Also, I find incredible community online. You wouldn’t believe (Ok maybe you would) the kind of cheerleaders and supporters that have helped me walk through some of these challenges that were strictly from an online/blogging/commenting connection.

God is mighty and powerful. He is also INCREDIBLY creative. He brings community right where we are through a variety of avenues. We simply have to have our eyes open and be willing to rejoice in that blessed comfort of our community– regardless of how it comes into our lives.


Man, that never gets old! Such a fast-writing adrenaline rush. I feel like I should write a few more paragraphs to cool down.

But I won’t. (That’s the great thing about Fridays… One and done, baby. No overthinking. Love it.)

So as I sign off, I am curious– where do YOU find community? Do you have to seek it out or does it seem to fall in your lap? I would love to hear your Jesus community strategy– leave a comment here. 

Ok, my dear readers… Have a B-E-A-U-Tiful weekend. Oh… and thanks for being such an incredible, loving and supporting community for this crazy lil Jesus writer.

You rock my world (and so does Jesus),

“You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives right with God and enjoy its results only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honor.” –James 3:18 (MSG) 

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10 thoughts on “Comfort from Community (Five Minute Friday)

  1. kelliwommack

    Thanks for including me,I think! :). You make our community brighter, stronger, crazier, and BETTER! Love you!

    • Not a prob, boss… You know you are rocking that 80’s look. Thanks for being such a strong and loving part of MY community! Love you too!

  2. I love the word community! I love how we are designed to thrive in close community with others and really believe we were created to crave that connection through others experienced as we share life with one another. I have always experienced great community when living closely with others. Whether that be crazy college years sharing life with a bunch of crazy women, or post college years living intentionally with complete strangers that literally become family. I have come to learn that the picture of community is not always beautiful and easy, but we are called to share the ups and downs of life closely with others. I often talk about wanting to live in an intentional community because I am so passionate about this concept of sharing one another’s resources, time, burdens, joys, and space!

    Currently in life I experience community while gardening in our 1st ever community garden, Holla! sharing skills and knowledge while working the soil. As well as I love my time spent with my community of supper club friends and bible study Jesus seeking family!

    • So well said, Amanda! I am not gonna lie, I miss the “automatic” community of our time at KSU– whether it was in Clovia (or Smurthwaite) or the college of Ag or FFA or… well, you get the picture. Community isn’t always easy or pretty– but it is much needed and so worth it!

  3. Connie Johnston

    I also believe that Community it where you make it. We also live in a Community of wonderful God loving people and they are such a GREAT support group during the rough times:) We can have fun together and sometimes cry together and know that Jesus is with us through it all. Thanks Sharita for all you do for everyones Community!! Sorry to hear about your loss of the baby:(

    • I miss our community, Connie!! Maybe someday God will lead us back to Kansas? Who know… And thank you for your condolences– God is doing such an incredible work in our lives through this time. Blessings to you!

  4. I’m so glad you asked. This weekend I’ll be holed up with a community of folks who continue to be so very special to me. My role will to pray for that ministry as it douses some unsuspecting folks with wave upon wave of grace. I’m so thankful He doesn’t call us to isolation but to relationship–face to face and through the computer’s screen. Blessings!

    • I hope your community-driven weekend went off very well, Tina! I too am thankful for relationship… all kinds.

  5. As Medea would say “that verse was a good per-scripture!”
    A good community is the best medicine for whatever ails you!! AND YEAH — it takes some work to know how to live along side people with different views on life, religion, parenting, marriage, ect …… but God put us all together for a reason (o: And we must “Love One Another” ….. so I continue to appreciate and love on my community!!!
    Our small town here in MN (pop. 500 – no I didn’t forget a zero or any other number!) has come together for many events, benefits and community gatherings (o: I say it over and over “I LIVE IN THE GREATEST COMMUNITY IN THE WORLD” and I mean that from every angle: church, my Blessings Unlimited world, where I physically live, facebook, THIS BLOG and most certainly the community that sits at the feet of our Loving Father (o:
    This blog is WONDERFUL!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how it has warmed my heart and has been an affirmation to me (o:
    Thanks Sharita!! I am so happy to be able to read this blog each day ……. YOU are a shining vessel filling THIS COMMUNITY with so much (o: thank you!!!

    • Ahhh Susan… I feel you sister– I miss our small town community sometimes! (We had about 399 in our community.) What a great place to grow up! So thankful you have such a loving and supporting community to walk alongside of you in your journey of life.

      Also, thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of my community here online… It’s amazing how technology can build such incredible relationships.

      PS: I have a special place in my heart for Minnesota. I lived there for two summers during High School working on a hog farm for my uncle… Clara City, MN. Good times. 🙂

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