One is Enough

You never know… your ONE act of love might be more than ENOUGH to change someone’s life.

Husbands can be pretty useful creatures. They are great jar-openers, heavy lifters, huggers, patience-builders, grillers, laugh-inducers, Jesus-leaders, eye-roll-causers… You can probably add a few of your own to this list.

Mine, in particular, is a great perspective-keeper.

My beloved helps me to keep things in perspective. He is a great big-picture thinker. (A skill that I sometimes lack.) My type-A firstborn personality lends to me wanting to do BIG things… but He always keeps me grounded and encourages me to keep a clear focus.

Let me give you an example. Several weeks ago when we were first contacted by the Fort Benning Bayonet to do a story on our Factor of 7 Latte Love,  I was super-duper excited. Wow!! The Fort Benning Bayonet wants to do a story on the 7 Days Time ministry?!!? SUH-WEET!

I obviously told them YES. But before you could say “Make it a Grande,” either my fleshy-firstborn self or The Enemy (or a combo of both) snuck into my head. I blurted out my thought to Brandon. “I don’t want to get too excited. I mean, will it REALLY make a difference?”

That sweet man of mine raised an eyebrow, lovingly put his hand on my arm and said, “Sharita… if only one person reads that article and is moved by it… Then one is enough.”

Touché, husband. Touché.  Talk about keeping perspective.

ONE IS ENOUGH. That is powerful. So we went ahead with the story, pressing forward for Jesus. And in typical God-fashion, the Lord went above and beyond.

I know for a fact that AT LEAST one person was impacted by that article. I won’t get into details, but we received an incredible heart-wrenching prayer-request email from a soldier due to that article. I did some research and as far as I can tell, The Bayonet prints somewhere (ish?) between 22,000 to 26,000 copies on a weekly basis. Granted not all of them are read… but does it really matter?  ONE IS ENOUGH.

7 Days Time Ministry has been up and running for 88 days. That is about 7,603,200 seconds. With each article, prayer, blog post and comment… God is at work. If a single person has been positively impacted by this ministry, then it has been an success. One is enough.

But great news… We worship a God of abundance– and He is blessing this ministry abundantly. PRAISE JESUS!  The Latte Love Factor of 7 post inspired a ministry follower to do the same thing in her home town in Minnesota… She took $107 and bought/coffee lunch for the patrons who came through the line, even when here family finances weren’t exceptionally abundant  at the time. Mandy’s mission of Helping Hands & Burgers for Babies reached her goal of over $2500 to purchase a table for the preemie benefit in Fort Worth. That soldier who emailed us to share his story and now my husband and I continue to pray for him.

One is enough, folks. You CAN make a difference right where you are. Starting NOW. Pray for God to reveal to you how He has called you to share His love. We don’t have to change the world by spending a bajillion dollars or quitting our jobs to enter ministry full time. We just need to be obedient– and Jesus will do the changing.

I don’t know where this ministry is headed tomorrow, next week or 5 years from now. But if this ministry has impacted just a single person, then I shall leave you with the words of my beloved husband: “One is Enough.” YOU can do the same!!

Praising The ONE who IS Enough,

“My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action.” –1 John 3:18 (GNT)

PS: How is Christ working in your life? Is He calling you to share His love? We would love to hear about it! Please leave a comment here!

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22 thoughts on “One is Enough

  1. Oh my word! This is exactly where God has had me over the past few weeks!! 🙂 My theme has been “little” (4 posts on that theme!), but it’s the same principle. I don’t have to have BIG, I have to be obedient. What God does is up to Him. I am grateful when He shows results, like the email you got. I was blessed today. Thanks!

    • Great minds think alike, Michelle 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by and I pray God continues to send you signs of the great work YOU are doing in His kingdom as well!

  2. Why is it we think there is power in numbers? Jesus’ whole life was a focus on the “one.” I’m thankful I visited today…what a blessing God has given me through your writing.

    • Amen, Pamela! It only took One Lord, One Cross, One stone moved to literally change our lives… So let’s just start with ONE!

  3. Sharita ~
    you make it easier to be a Daniel in today’s Babylon (o:
    Thank You!!
    I am ONE life enhanced via your blog. I have 4 children and a husband that are also enhanced. AND I like to be ‘out & about’ so my community and the surround communities are also enhanced.
    Keep planting those seeds GIRL!!! The Lords harvest is going to be ABUNDANT ~ beyond our imaginations!!!!

    • Susan– Thank you. Seriously. I hope you know how MUCH of a blessing you are to me! You inspire me to press onward in the name of Jesus!

  4. Jamie

    I’m not sue what God is/has called me to do. I’ve asked him to show/tell me but he hasn’t yet. I have to admit I’m a lil down and discouraged about it. Sorta feel like maybe he hasn’t called me to do anything. I do enjoy reading your blot. Keep up the work girl.

    • Oh Jamie… I feel you sister. While I am blogging daily and doing this ministry, I struggle too– especially when I want to do BIG things… I just want to lovingly affirm you in the fact that God does have a plan for you and WILL call you when the time comes… Maybe right now He is calling you to be a great Christ-like wife and mama? Spend some time in prayer and the word and see where He leads you. Your life and calling is significant– I promise you that!

      • Jamie

        Thanks Sharita. I don’t read the bible like I should because I feel like I never know what to read. Does that make sense? Plz email me and we can talk that way and I’ll also send you my phone number.

      • Sent you an email, my friend. Can’t wait to get in touch 🙂

  5. This is what I need to keep reminding myself as I blog. One IS enough. And as I live in my neighborhood, and as I … anything. Sometimes I really wondered why God brought me to live where He did for the last 15+ years, till I realized he cares enough about individuals that He would do it just so one person here would come to know Him as Lord and Savior. And then… I got to lead my neighbor to Him!
    And for Jamie: I have felt just like that, whining to my husband about not knowing what God’s calling me to after many shut doors. His advice: “What do you KNOW He wants you to do?” And I checked out the Guidebook, and voila! There was plenty there that was obvious for anyone. I just was disregarding it, because it was all… small.

    • Amen, Sylvia!! Praise the Lord for leading your neighbor to Christ. One IS enough! And fantastic advice for Jamie… I was going to say the same thing. Sometimes God doesn’t want you to do anything new or profound, but rather follow His words– Love your neighbor, care for someone or just BE and WAIT for Him to answer. It doesn’t have to be big to be significant. Thanks for stopping by, gal! Blessings to you!

  6. fullherlife

    How EXCITING Sharita girl!!! Yes, my husband helps keep perspective too, where I naturally am the “go getter” girl in the family! It’s a nice balance isn’t it. 🙂 It excites my heart to hear of the ministry opportunities that God is blessing you with. Go with God girl! ~ Blessings, Amy

    • Thanks, Amy. God is really rocking our socks off- it is pretty fantastic. And I am SO thankful for our wonderful hubbies who always seem to keep us in check. They ARE pretty darn useful 🙂 Love ya girl!

  7. Joan

    I’m often guilty of getting caught up in the numbers game. This post is so true, if one person is impacted, then one is enough.

    Thank you so much for linking up at Reflections of His Grace.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Joan! In the world in which we live, it SO HARD not to get caught up in the numbers game– more money, more friends, more followers, more, more, more… Sometimes, we need to LIVE FOR ONE. 🙂

  8. So this is very refreshing as I just had a similar conversation a few days ago. I found myself worrying about “acceptance” of my blog but I had to gather myself and remind my heart that if at least one person is touched by the articles I write, that is enough. Not because of anything that I would write personally but by the Holy Spirit inspired wisdom. I am merely a vessel who prays that He will move in and through me. It will be amazing to stand before Him and to be able to say that at least one person was positively affected by our work done in the Kingdom. I agree with you. One is enough.

    • It is SO hard to remember that ONE is enough– especially when the world is calling more, bigger, better… But yes, how pleased He is if we feed just ONE of His sheep! Blessings to you! And I look forward to stopping by your site.

  9. One who touches another one who touches another one who touches another one. One IS enough because, praise God, God’s Word doesn’t stop with “the one”. His Word is alive and active and keeps on rippling out, touching more and more hearts, transforming more and more lives, who in turn touch “one” more. Don’t you love God’s formula of multiplication? 🙂

    Great post! Thanks for linking up at “Heartprint Hallelujahs”. It’s a pleasure to “meet” you.
    Blessings on you and your ministry-

    • Thanks, Stacy! And yes, praise Jesus that He is so great at math– I mean, multiplication. (As long as He just let’s me write about His amazing skills to multiply His love and not try to do algebraic equations, I am happy ha ha!) Blessings to you sister!

  10. A lot of people need to hear your story. One can be enough.

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