It Is Well… With My Soul

Sometimes, I pray while I exercise. And no, I am not talking about praying like “Please Lord Jesus, help me to finish this last half mile running strong, without throwing up or tripping on my own feet.” (Although I do frequently pray  something similar.)

In this particular case, I mean praying for others. Specifically those of you on my iPad Prayer List app. Now before you think I am trying to cut corners and multi-task, please know that 1) I still have my quiet time with Jesus in addition to my exercise prayer time 2) I never read/pray while on the treadmill, only the stationary bike and/or elliptical should I risk breaking my face and 3) For some unknown reason, I can concentrate and focus exceptionally well during a challenging workout, just as  good if not better than when I am sitting in my chair in my living room.

Yesterday was one of those occasions that I decided to pray for the numerous folks on my prayer list while burning calories. As I started hopping around on the elliptical and opened up my iPad, I was suddenly overwhelmed with all of the new prayer requests that were laid on my heart in the last 12 hours.

My mind flashed to the news article about some of my friends/schoolmates at K-State that were in a car accident over the weekend which resulted in fatalities. I remembered the Facebook status of a family from back home that were grieving the loss of their 15-year-old cousin from a hunting accident. Monday was the two month anniversary of my miscarriage. And finally, yesterday I had to say “See you later” to my beloved Mama as I dropped her off at the airport after what seemed as too-short of a visit.

Ever have one of those days when your heart and soul just feel heavy? Yeah. That was the feeling. Right as I was debating on quitting my workout mid-gait and running to the car to burst into tears, the acoustic version of “It is Well with My Soul” came through on my iPod.

Immediately, peace flowed through my heart. God whispered “I am bigger than all of these things, my beloved child. Rely on me… and it shall be well with your soul.”

That beautiful song, a song full of God’s love and promise, echoed in my mind for the rest of the day. With each tear that fell,  I was comforted. Strengthened. Hopeful. Prayerful.

Is your heart heavy today? Are you in the midst of a trial or a life season that seems more powerful than an ocean wave? Please leave a comment below  or send an email to sharita{dot}knobloch{at}gmail{dot}com so I can pray for you.

In the meantime… Know that God is greater than ANYTHING you are going through. Sit back, take a deep breath, press play on the following video. Listen, feel, live the lyrics and melody. Say to yourself “I love you Jesus. And because of that love, it is well… with my soul.”

Soulfully living well,

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be
troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
 ~John 14:27

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22 thoughts on “It Is Well… With My Soul

  1. One if my favorite songs of all time! “the trump shall resound and the Lord shall descend…” it is well with my soul indeed. On earth is the only time I will endure heartache. Thank you Jesus! I believe you know my prayer request :). Another wonderful post. Thank you my friend. Praying for you too. Tracy (Psalm 73:25-26, Isaiah 41:10)

    • Thanks Tracy– So thankful to “know” you via blogging community and can’t wait to meet you in person sometime! And yes… I am praying for you and your fam.

  2. With 4 kids … my alone time is in the shower (alone yet still interrupted!!!) or on the treadmill. So I do much reading, devotions, prayer time while walking. I’ve only fallen off while laughing at Tyler Perry’s Medea Big Happy Family!!!!
    Another GREAT blog!! Thank you Sharita for being a blessed vessel and servant!! I look forward to your posts (o:

  3. Momma Lex

    I absolutely love that song-I spend most of my morning commute in prayer and the last couple mornings the sun has been so bright and the grass so green I am just in awe of God’s creation!! The crops are peeking out of the ground reaching for the sun, as we should be reaching for the Son, who will warm us with His love and grow us by His example and our faithfulness. I love you Lord!! PS…Remembering yours and our baby angel safe in the arms of Jesus!! Love you!

    • Such sweet words, Ma! As I continue to work on my 1000 gift list, I am reminded multiple times daily of God’s goodness all around us. (On my way home from the gym yesterday, I saw a family of Canadian geese, (teenage and baby geese included) crossing in a single file line in front of my car.) Affirmation that God’s goodness is all around! Love you so much.

  4. And the story of this song, written following the death of wife and family, brings to fresh light just how God bears us up. Yes, it is indeed well with my soul, no matter what.

    Vising from Getting Down with Jesus.

    • Thanks for stopping by, JoAnne! I read up on the history of this song as well, and it really blew my mind the testimony of God’s faithfulness woven into the lyrics and melody… The songwriter Horatio Gates Spafford went through such a crazy personal tragedy, but God used it for good. Wow.

  5. That was the first time I have heard that song. It’s lovely.

    • So thankful that I had an opportunity to share it, Lori-Ann! Bless you for continuing to pop by… I really (really!) appreciate it.

  6. Wow, there’s a reason why your heart is heavy…multiple reasons. Thank you for sharing real bits of you here. It’s hard to be vulnerable, but you seem to do it gracefully.

    • Oh Amy– thank you. Seriously. Being vulnerable IS very hard for me and I am often tempted to try and harden my heart to be stronger than needed. But I am reminded that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness– so in that case, Jesus, make me vulnerable!

  7. fullherlife

    Hello Miss Sharita!
    You’re adorable as usual! 🙂 Why YES, since you offered… you may pray for me that I continue listening and resting in our great God for the ministry He is unfolding before me. Pray that I just, simply, BELIEVE! ~ Blessings sister, Amy

  8. That song speaks to me also when my heart is heavy. It does remind me a bit of when Jesus said to his disciples, the poor will always be with you, but I am here only for awhile. Yes, it’s easy to be overwhelmed, but we need to bring our focus back to Him. He is all that can get us through. Thank you for perspective today!

    • Great words, Alicia– thanks for your response. If we keep our eyes on Christ, we experience a strength like never before. May God bless you on your journey 🙂

  9. Carol Meyer

    That is my favorite song too. Thank you for your honesty. This was a good one for me to read yesterday. This saturday will be the very last graduation in our school, it is being closed. That decision has left our community in a lot of pain. I am not looking forward to Zach’s 8th grade graduation like I should, but will be thinking of this song thanks to you. . I will pray for you too. God Bless you, Sharita

    • Oh Carol… That is so hard! Our school is always on the bubble of making it another year. I will be lifting you up in prayer as you go through that experience. Congrats on Zach’s graduation– my little bro’s is coming up too. Funny how they grow up so fast!

  10. Ele

    What a blessing…..I needed this today.

  11. Janet Barrows

    Sweet words for my soul, dear one. Thank you for the blessing! One of my favorite hymns as well.

    • So glad it spoke to you, Janet… This is a song that just gives me God-bumps (aka goosebumps with a Jesus twist) all over!

  12. dukeslee

    I have an iPhone prayer app, too. Love it. LOVE it. I’ve really been struggling with getting my prayer life in order, and this app has been great. I love praying while I run, too, and worshipping, with my favorite songs ringing through my ears as I take each step.

    • So glad I’m not the only one! And yes, my iPad prayer app has literally been a Godsend. It is so encouraging to me to be able to see people face to face and let them know I am literally praying for them! (Plus it is an incredible reminder of God’s faithfulness as He answers others prayers.)

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