Sometimes Flat Isn’t All That

“Hey, what do you want to drink?”

“Hmm… I will take a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper.”

“Ok, coming up.”

“Thanks…(gulp) OH YUCK. IT’S FLAT.”

We’ve all been there. We wait in anticipation for our favorite carbonated beverage only to be disappointed to realize all the fizz has departed long ago. Blah. The same goes for stale chips or popcorn. What a let down. Sigh.

Is your faith fizzy or flat?

On one hand, flat can be a good thing– flat stomachs, beautiful flat prairie, a house built on a level and flat foundation. But much like the example of soda pop, sometimes flat isn’t all that.

Flat soda. Flat tires. Flat flavor.  Flat line. Flat out. Flat faith.

Many people in the world are living “flatly,” satisfied with the status quo and social norm. Why go above and beyond when “barely” works? Great theory, but very unfulfilling. As Christians– we aren’t called to be flat. We need to rediscover our fizz.

Living flat faith might look like this: go to church on Sunday, say that we believe in Christ if cornered. That’s it. While it’s a great start, that kind of faith isn’t going to inspire anyone to take another drink. We can live a fresh, fizzy life– through words and actions in our life.

Fizzy faith is going to involve living a flavorful life of love. We can be kind. Love others. Be generous. Seek to be like Christ.

Everything we do speaks to who we are. When someone meets you, what do you them to know about you as they walk away? That you are flat and unflavorful? Just kinda there?  Or do you want to infuse them with some of your fresh Jesus fizz with your words and actions.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live as if I am fresh can of soda, full of flavor and fizz… not a trace of flat.

Is your faith fizzy? Or has it gotten a little stale and flat lately? What do you think you could do to regain a fizzy faith that is encouraging and inspiring to those around you? I would love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below.

It might be time to check your fizzy faith factor. Ask the Lord to make your faith life flavorful again because let’s be honest– sometime flat isn’t all that.

Bubbling over,

“Salt is excellent. But if the salt goes flat, it’s useless, good for nothing. “Are you listening to this? Really listening?”‘ –Luke 14:34 MSG

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11 thoughts on “Sometimes Flat Isn’t All That

  1. I love the analogy to flat soda! The carbonation makes me think of the Spirits activity in our hearts. The more I focus my heart on Christ and all that He’s done for me, the more alive and fizzy I become. I find that it then spills over onto others, like a bottle of soda shaken up. Such a great post!

    • Brooke

      I like that analogy….the more you focus on Christ, the fizzier you become…and you want to spill it to others. Also, I was thinking along those lines, the Word shakes you up and makes you knock around those old feelings out of your head…and those negative ones spill out…so the bubbles and fizziness of life can stay in and keep you alive. Thanks Sharita for a thought provoking post!

      • Thanks for sharing your great thought too, Brooke. Love thinking about being shaken up as to all of the yuck goes away from us as we bubble over. Blessings to you sweet friend!

    • Amen, Christina!! So glad you shared that thought about being fizzy and spilling over onto others. That’s awesome!

  2. tereasamansfield

    Fizzy. It’s like spiritual fervor. I like it!

  3. This reminds me of the passage in Matthew 5 where Christ calls believers the salt and light of the world! Excellent comparison!

    Mary Beth

    • Yep, I bet Jesus woulda said the same thing about soda losing it’s fizziness (if He would have been a soda drinker back then 😉 )

  4. simplyhelpinghim

    What a picture! Thanks for sharing this! I love it! Stoppin by from Thoughtful Thursday 🙂

  5. Laura Rath

    Hi Sharita,
    Great thoughts here! I’ve been thinking about apathy all year, both in the church and personally–“I’m fine where I am, no need to do more” type of thinking. What you wrote is along the same lines as I’ve been thinking…just fizzier and more fun. lol I’m posting on 5 Minutes for Faith later this week and will be talking about what kind of faith legacy we leave. Kind of along the same thoughts.
    Really enjoyed your post!
    God bless!

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