Spinning INto Control

I’ve been to my fair share of retreats and camps.

Back in my younger days, my retreat/camping experiences revolved around organizations like FFA (National Blue and Corn Gold, baby!) Alpha of Clovia Scholarship house, Blue Key and Agricultural Ambassadors. But it didn’t matter what organization I went “retreating” with, “recreation” was always on the schedule.

Recreation could mean a variety of things. Of course, it wasn’t a legit campout unless there was a bonfire big enough to make  Smokey the Bear instigate a new public service announcement.  Other “recreation” included the classic hide-n-seek in the dark, singing songs around the aforementioned scorch-your-eyebrows-off campfire, and telling “scary” (code for ridiculously predictable) stories.

At one retreat, I was introduced to a new game. Here’s how we played. After dark on a clear night, we would go out to a grassy, open area. Everyone would get in a big circle, then one person would be it. They would go to the center of the circle, pick a star directly above them, point at it with their finger and focus on it as they spun in a circle. Once they spun a certain number of times or for a certain length of time, they would take their focus back to their earthly surroundings and immediately try to walk back to their spot in the circle.

Goal: Don’t fall down.

Few every achieved the goal of making it back to their spot without taking a tumble. Those of us watching in the circle got a great laugh watching how hard they fell or when someone got a mouthful of grass.

Don’t judge us. We were in college. In Kansas. And desperate for entertainment.

#38 - Starry Sky

Source: Cliff_R (Flickr)

This game is a lot like our relationship with God. We start out strong, focusing our eyes upward towards heaven. We have a great time as we move and spin in our daily lives. Then suddenly, we get distracted. Someone or something takes our focus off   God and we look away. Once we shift our focus back to our earthy surroundings… Yep, we spin out of control, face plant and get a mouthful of grass.

We have a choice. We are all “playing” this game. When it’s our turn to be “it,” will we keep our eyes focused upwards at all time? Or will we repeatedly turn our focus to earthly things, causing us to fall?

Here’s the best news of all: When we DO get distracted (since we are on this side of heaven, it WILL happen on occasion) God picks us up and puts us back on our feet. He doesn’t laugh when we spin out of control. He gently calls us back to Him, inviting us to get back in the game.

What things in life distract you from focusing your life toward our Heavenly Father? How do you recover when you fall? What steps can you take to reduce the “mouthful of grass” incidents that occur in your life? I always L-O-V-E hearing from you. Leave a comment below.

The sun is going down, folks. The stars are coming out and the game is about to start. Let’s focus on our One Star and allow Him to help us spin INto His Control.

A little dizzy but still upright,

“We couldn’t be more sure of what we saw and heard—God’s glory, God’s voice. The prophetic Word was confirmed to us. You’ll do well to keep focusing on it. It’s the one light you have in a dark time as you wait for daybreak and the rising of the Morning Star in your hearts.” ~2 Peter 1:19-20

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18 thoughts on “Spinning INto Control

  1. That actually sounds like a fun game my kids would enjoy 🙂

    • That’s awesome, Jean! Just make sure you do it on some soft ground… Gravel is not a good choice ha ha!

  2. Sometimes I fall into the trap of busyness and get a mouthful of grass. When I am busy, I don’t always spend the right amount of time with God. It is only when I place him first that I get myself back on track.

    • I do the same thing… I get consumed by the STUFF to do, and I lose focus on WHO I am supposed to be doing it for. My days always, ALWAYS go so much smoother and more productive when I put HIM first.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement to stay focused. I was just sitting here thinking about all the things I want/need to get done today–but the greatest of these is be sure wherever I am, I am walking right. The song in my head right now: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus!

    • So glad this post spoke to you, Tina! I pray that your day was productive– but even more so– filled and focused on Christ. Bless you sister!

  4. This is REALLY awesome! One because it is a GREAT analogy about keeping focused on God and two because I am totally going to use your game with our youth group AND the analogy. 🙂

  5. Jenni Mullinix

    It can be very easy to lose focus some days. I tend to struggle with my many responsibilities that I fail to take time to see what GOD wants me to do for the day. I try to begin my day with prayer now so I am more focus on Him throughout the day.

    • It’s a process, that’s for sure, Jenni. So glad that you have been called to take time and see what HE wants you to accomplish. Our earthly to do lists will never be done– but we can always bring Him glory if we stay focused on Him.

  6. Evenin’ Girl!
    I long to be all out for Him, and to play this game of LIFE directed by His Holy Spirit! What a journey this Christian walk is, right!!!? ~ Blessings out sister, Amy

  7. Oh there is just so much that pulls my focus off the One. And I am always looking for ways to lessen my distractions. It is good to know that I just need to pick myself up again and try again, it does get easier…

    • Yes, Marissa, it is certainly a process– and over time, we do become more accustomed to keeping our focus on Christ. Thanks for stopping by 7 Days Time. Your comment blessed me today!

  8. simplyhelpinghim

    What a great picture! So thankful He picks me up and puts me back on solid ground! Blessings! simplyhelpinghim.com

    • Amen to that, sister! He get’s us back on our feet and doesn’t laugh as we clean the grass out from between our teeth. (Thankfully.)

  9. Loved your analogy! I’ve spent too much time eating grass when I should have stayed focus. Thanks for linking up to the randomness this week.

    • Thank you Michelle. I love Jesus analogies. They are kind of my favorite. And I enjoy your link-up. Thanks for hosting it!

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