7 Days Time

“…97…98…99…100! READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!!!” 

Oh, those were the days. <Insert nostalgic sigh here> I remember those fun games of hide and seek, playing with friends, kids in the neighborhood, at school on the playground or on the farm with just my little sister and I. That rush of trying to find an ingenious hiding place… heart pounding… adrenaline pumping… waiting to see if you were found or you could find them (depending on your current “it” status.)

Sometimes it was a lot of work– especially if you instigated a “home base” rule. It then became a battle of the fastest runner once the hiding was over (or a battle of the most efficient tripper, if you were a kid who played dirty. Which I of course would have no experience with 😉 The seeking was such a rush– So that brings us to the second section of…

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