A “Sign” Of Faith

Hi there readers! I know, I know… It’s Friday and you don’t see the Five Minute Friday link-up logo… I am actually “unplugged” from all things technological for a few days to vacay with my beloved, so I’m not able to do the typical Five Minute Friday link up. (Even Jesus writers need a break, right?)

Instead, I want to challenge you to do your OWN Five Minute Friday– No, you don’t have to write anything. Instead, take just five minutes to reflect/pray/think on the following picture… It is a sweet sign that my wonderful Mother-in-Love Lex gave me a few months ago. It sits in my kitchen, right on my window sill. I read it everyday and it brings such hope to my heart.

Can I get an AMEN? What do you think? What “Signs” of faith do you see in your life to remind you of God’s goodness? I would love to hear your response. Comment below and I will holla back at you when I return to civilization.

Until then… Remember that faith is not knowing that God CAN but knowing that He WILL.

In Service to Christ,

“I’m thanking you, God, out loud in the streets, singing your praises in town and country. The deeper your love, the higher it goes; every cloud is a flag to your faithfulness.” ~Psalm 57:9 (MSG) 

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4 thoughts on “A “Sign” Of Faith

  1. AMEN! 🙂 Enjoy your time with your hubby!

    • Thanks, Mindy! I love that little sign… And thanks for the well wishes– we had a great time. Hard to get away when the army has a grip on your lives, but it was awesome. 🙂

  2. Laura Rath

    AMEN!! I love that saying. I think I may have to print it (in pretty type, of course) and frame it. There is such a difference between believing in God and knowing He can vs. BELIEVING God and knowing He WILL.

  3. Absolutely, Laura– I’m so thankful to have that little sign in my kitchen– because I need that reminder daily! Be blessed, sister!

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