Amateurs Wanted: Please Apply

In one of my former jobs, I was the gal who has hired/fired folks. In another job, I was the lady who helped people find jobs, get better jobs or go back to school.

When someone would be interested in a job, we would typically start with a conversation about previous work history, their resume, their skills, etc. We looked for qualifications and attitude. Sometimes it worked out. Other times… Not so much.

Fortunately… God has different standards than most employers.

I talked a little bit about this yesterday in my post called “Pobody’s Nerfect.” (Click here to pop over and catch up.) However, I was led to expand on it just a little bit more…

Yes, God has different standards than most employers. He has a job for us to do. And expects great things out of us. But He doesn’t automatically assume that we are professionals. That’s why HE stays involved as we work to accomplish His mission.

If we were all professionals when it comes to answering His call… We wouldn’t need Him. And that’s not cool.

Help Wanted?

Source: Brizzle via Flickr

Many people might not think that they have much to offer when it comes to serving God. But just like working in the “real world,” there is a specific job out that that God wants us to do.

One excuse that many people use to ignore the call on their life is the fact that they haven’t been good at it before. A missionary from our church named Nick Cash answers this excuse with this response:

“Falling does not disqualify you from the calling.”

Oh snap. God doesn’t fire us at the first screw up. (Thank goodness, or I would have been “unemployed” long, long ago.) Instead, He keeps training us. He refines us. He coaches us. He grows us.

He takes amateurs and turns us into obedient, good and faithful servants.

And if we keep growing in that area of our lives, we might just get promoted. God may give us something bigger and more challenging to conquer for His glory. (With His help of course.)

Think for just a moment about your work history with the Lord. Have you been a faithful, loyal employee? Or are you coming out of a “Whoops, sorry, I overslept for work- again” season? How can you be a great worker for God? I always love hearing your feedback. Leave a comment below.

You’ve already filled out the job application. God has done the interview and extended the offer. ย Remember, God doesn’t want professionals. His ad to recruit great workers always reads “Amateurs Wanted. Please Apply.” So let’s get to work.

Working for Jesus Dollars,

“Work from the heart for your real Master, for God, confident that you’ll get paid in full when you come into your inheritance.” ~Colossians 3:23 (MSG)ย 

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23 thoughts on “Amateurs Wanted: Please Apply

  1. Excuses, excuses. I wrote about them today too. You know what I love? You are the fourth post I’ve read in my little morning sit down that encourages me people to get up and get involved. That makes me excited.

    Good challenge girly and who doesn’t love a good, “Oh snap”.

    • Isn’t it interesting how God works? I’ve read several posts today too about excuses/worry about being perfect etc. Huh. It’s like HE KNOWS. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks for stopping by, sister. Snaps for SDG sistahood!

  2. Momma Lex

    Even after a 30+ years of following Christ, I am still an amateur. He is constantly giving me opportunities to learn, share, serve and mentor others and I must confess I don’t always “hear” Him or choose to listen and I miss a blessing (oh snap :-)). I am really praying God will help me ditch my fear and step out in faith and trust Him. Our message Sunday from our new awesome Pastor was “its not about what you have, but about what you DO with what you have”. I’m trying to not bury my talents but to let God multiply them for His glory!! So glad your back “live”! Love you!

    • Thanks, Ma– You speak the truth! We will NEVER be professionals, no matter how long we have been Christians… Which is wonderful, because that means we will always have a reason to seek Him.

      So thankful that your new pastor is awesome. What a wonderful blessing!! Love you too!

  3. Hey Sweet Girl! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I LOVE how WE get to pray into His power every day! Jesus is the best Life Coach!!!
    p.s. Just so ya’ know… I always smile when you say, “Oh snap”! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~ Blessings sister, Amy

    • Amen, girl! Jesus is an incredible Life Coach. And PS: I always smile when you leave me a funny PS. SEE YOU IN A LIKE A WEEK! AH!

  4. Great insights! This reminds me of what I was studying in 1 Peter 4 this morning–using the gifts we’ve been given for God’s glory. He equips each of us uniquely for the task! We just need to trust Him to work in us!

    • Thanks so much, Mary Beth. We do a lot of teaching about how God has gifted us to serve at church in our SERVE ministry area– we just have to let Him do the work ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great article. Isn’t it great that God wants us as we are. He will not reject us or turn us away even when we mess up. I wish all employers were like that.

    • Amen, amen! I’m so thankful that He created us and uses us, flaws and all. And if all employers were like that, we would be in good shape (as long as good workers showed up ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  6. I’ve not been a very good worker in years past. Sometimes I really liked the jobs, but I have knee-jerk reactions and have a tendency to head for emergency situations. Too extroverted in some ways. However, serving the Lord DOES work better for that same reason. He uses me for emergency or suddenly necessary issues with people or situations. I don’t question His use of me; I do feel disappointed re: human boss use of me. Yes, I am/was “bright” and, yes, I’m a hard worker. But, now, only for the Lord. [Would like to make some money, but, oh, well. He’s my Boss and He will supply our needs. I can count on Him!]

    • Great insight, Joanne. And I feel ya sister– the world tells me I need to focus on making “real” dollars, while Jesus keeps me working for Jesus dollars. Which is great– because He is such an understanding boss and understands when I need an afternoon frozen yogurt break or a day off. He always shows up and never calls in sick!

  7. Thanks for this reminder. I’m preparing for She Speaks and it’s easy to forget…He has already qualified me. I’m merely being obedient.

  8. Thank you for sharing at Tell me a Story Blog party. Isn’t it great that even Jesus selected those who others might reject to be his disciples. It is certain a wonder how He can use any of us who are not “professional,” but he does. The important thing is to be a willing vessel and a good listener to the Holy Spirit. Not to worry if you are new at serving God – – let him guide you and you will do well.

    • You are very welcome, Hazel. I am so, SO thankful that He chooses us “amateurs” to do His work. It’s a blessing to us AND to Him. How awesome!

  9. stampingmynn

    This is wonderful! LOVE your analogy–pinning this! Sometimes we all need this reminder, ya know? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Great post.

  11. God loves amateurs – He pursues them relentlessly – and it seems sometimes he favors those who miss it so much – Jacob, Abraham, Samson – and it is through their struggles that they come face to face with the mightiness and fullness of God’s love! I love how you explain it – God doesn’t expect us to be perfect:)

    • Thanks so much for bringing in examples from the Bible! (I always want to do that, but am afraid I will end up writing a few thousand words.) It’s wonderful when you sweet commenters do it for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Bless you sweet friend!

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