My iPod & God

“SIGGGGHHHH… Where in the name of all things covered in chocolate is my iPod?!?”

I have to be honest with you, dear readers. Usually I am pretty on top of things. Although my personality (sanguine) tends to be easily distracted by the bright and shiny, one of my spiritual gifts is administration, which helps me to be super organized. (Thanks for that divine, life-saving combo, Jesus!)

But occasionally, especially when I am tired or overly squirrelly, my sanguine brain reigns (say that five times fast) and I misplace things.

One of the most regularly misplaced items? My little iPod nano. Don’t get me wrong– three cheers to Apple for making such a tiny device that does so many cool things– but sometimes small + squirrel brain = misplaced iPod.

Such was the case yesterday as I was headed to the gym with my sweet mother-in-love Lex. (She is here to visit for the week– HI MAMA LEX!) Due to my SheSpeaks adventures, I hadn’t worked out for a few days with my iPod, but I was ready to get my sweat back on at the gym.

Time to gather my supplies, iPod included. I looked in my little gym bag. No iPod. Then I remembered: I took it with me to SheSpeaks on the off-chance that I would have time/energy/motivation to actually work out. (What can I say? I am sometimes a delusional optimist.) Suddenly, I remembered putting my iPod in purse… Dug through there– no luck.

My motivation to work out was quickly waning, so I gave up for the time being and headed to the gym with Lex iPod-less. (I survived, FYI.) As I was nearing the end of my workout, I starting thinking about my iPod situation again. I also started praying for God to direct me what to blog about for today. (My brain is still a little slow and foggy from the sleep deprivation/SheSpeaks adventures…)

Suddenly, He answered both my prayers at once. He reminded me that while in my hotel room at SheSpeaks, I had cleaned out my purse of all unnecessary things that didn’t need to be hauled around every day. An image of the bright yellow-gold gift bag from my friend Amy  flashed through my mind, and I realized that when I cleaned out my purse, all of my “unnecessary” items went into that bag. Then God spoke to my heart saying “I care about even the smallest things, my sweet daughter. Thanks for turning to me… You have the answer,  now go share this story.” 

Ok, Lord. You have my attention. I returned home, checked that yellow bag on my table and there it was– my iPod nestled under the lint roller, between an extra pack of gum, camera charger and Laffy Taffy.

So yes, my iPod was in this golden gift bag… Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

So yes, my friends– God cares about the little things in our life– even if in the big picture it seems minor. The Lord knew how much that iPod meant to me as I listen to reflective Christian songs to relax, pump up songs to work out and Christian audio books to learn. (Plus I think He recognizes that I am working for Jesus dollars, so funds for a new iPod nano aren’t excessively abundant.)

What little things do you talk to God about in your everyday life? I love the wonderful conversations we have at this page– don’t be shy… Share your heart and leave a comment below!

God really does care about all of our “little” things in life… From the laundry and dishes, to grocery shopping, to locating your car keys. Today, let’s rejoice in the fact that we can listen to both an iPod AND God.

“Tuning” into Jesus,

“…God cares, cares right down to the last detail.” ~James 5:11 (MSG) 

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18 thoughts on “My iPod & God

  1. wow fantastic post! I completely adore your blog… thanks for putting a smile on my face this evening….xxx Cat

  2. Next time you might want me to keep up with that ipod for you. :). Great post to remind us to have convo with God!

  3. Momma Lex

    I misplaced my iPod when we moved. It took over a year til God showed me where it was. What a sweet reunion we had. Thanks Jesus for not letting me give up and just go buy another.

  4. Last week I thought I had lost my credit card, then it was direction on how to deal with my 3 year old, then it was for a response to a friend, etc. Paul admonishes us to pray without ceasing….I used to think this was impossible. But as I continue to grow closer to Jesus, this ongoing conversation of praise and asking and listening is becoming part of my heart! I have not arrived…but I believe this could be what Paul was meaning. Thank you for sharing a great illustration of this sister! Love ya:)

    • That is AWESOME, solid Jesus advice, my sweet friend. Praying without ceasing– even about credit cards and iPods.

      PS: I miss your face. Seriously. 🙂

  5. amydward

    Girl! I would D.I.E. without my tunes! I am so happy you found your Nano and so glad I just happened to supply a gift bag that you could toss your golden treasure into! Yea! I guess, too, it kind of ruins your ability to say to a certain someone something about a certain custodial key ring….just sayin’. ; )

  6. I love it when He speaks to us so crystal clear through something every day. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. I knew we were more than just sisters in Christ! We are also sisters in Admin and in shiny things! LOL Love this post. 🙂

  8. husband

    See! God does to you what you do to me when I misplace all my things you move:-) Great post love.

    • If I had an award for best comment in the history of the world, this would be it. I laughed for a long, long time.

      You are the bestest. And thanks for commenting. It means so much to me! DING!

  9. What a blessing it is that cares about everything. I love how much He cares!

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