Ready or Not… (Five Minute Friday)

Hey yo, readers o’ glory. (Don’t ask what’s with the weird talking all coolio/medieval combination. All I can say is I have no idea– and I’m chalking it up to Friday randomness.)

It time for Five Minute Friday here at 7 Days Time. For those of you new to our little hangout, each Friday I link up with Lisa-Jo, our favorite Gypsy Mama. She gives us a prompt. Then we write.

How long do we write? Yep, you guessed it– for five minutes flat.
Five Minute Friday

It’s a great change of pace from thinking and writing of normal blog posts days. Because with this post, there is no over-thinking, excessive editing etc. We let our fingers flows, going with our gut and going with God.

Today’s prompt: HERE

Ready? GO!


97…98….99…100. READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!!!

Playing hide-n-seek was one of my sister and I’s favorite pastimes on the farm as little girls. Ok, well other than chores, it was kind of one of the only pastimes. But those days are behind us and now, I play a different game.

One with Jesus.

He is chasing after us. Pursuing us. Pushing us to take a leap of faith, embrace the here and now with all we have.

Honestly, it’s not quite as easy as the hide-n-seek games of my youth.

Sometimes I run. Hard. God is going to come after us, not in a scary way, but in a loving “come-here-I-have-something-to-show-you” kind of way. But occasionally, I don’t feel ready for him to come here to me.

Other times, I like to live in pretend land and stay hidden from Him… Like He doesn’t know where I am. (Denial is much more than a river in Egypt. Just saying. 🙂 )

Yes, it’s hard when life seems to be in the way of saying Yes to God. But as usual, there is great news: GOD MAKES THE RULES.


So let’s take that to heart today, knowing that no matter where God is calling us to, He makes the rules and He always plays fair.

He wants us to get in the game.

So open your eyes and get ready to play.

Because ready or not… Here He Comes.



Five Minute Friday always makes me smile… I honestly never know where this post will end up and it is always fun to find out. Sigghh. Good times.

What did you think of today’s post? Do you find yourself in the game with God as He pursues you? If not, what keeps you from playing? I would L-O-V-E to hear from you– be bold and leave a comment below!

I pray that you have a marvelous weekend… Thank you for your support of this ministry. Seriously. It blesses me!

Beckoning Him Here,

“And now we’re all here in God’s presence, ready to listen to whatever the Master put in your heart to tell us.” ~Acts 10:33 (MSG) 

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12 thoughts on “Ready or Not… (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Tanya Marlow

    I love your energy here and your excitement at following Jesus – it’s really contagious!

    The hide-and-seek story reminded me of a post I wrote on hiding from God. It is pretty futile… The link is here if you’re interested.

    Lovely to run into you today via Lisa-Jo’s place!

  2. I love the direction you went with the topic! Well done!

  3. Oh how I love the warmth of His “’come-here-I-have-something-to-show-you’ kind of way”. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are super welcome, Dana… and yes, He does extend such a warm and loving invitation to us. Encouraging AND enticing! Be blessed, sister!

  4. panda444

    Very cute post! Like a child, we are to be ready to play as here He comes.

  5. Hi Sharita, I can be prone to hiding from God at times, but am always relieved when He seeks me out.
    (Great blog!)

    • Appreciate it, Mike! It’s kind of one of those situations where we hide, but are secretly excited when He seeks and finds us.

  6. Tereasa

    What a creative and energetic post! And I love your intro! Ha.

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