Kiss Big Buts Goodbye

I like big buts and I cannot lie.

Before you think I am about to burst into the chorus of a rather scandalous hip hop song from the 90’s, let me clarify: this post has absolutely nothing to do with fitness or what size of pants you wear. (If I had the magic formula to make those kind of butts shrink, I would probably be hosting an entirely different ministry page.)

However, the big buts I’m talking about always show up in my relationship with God.

And it’s not that I necessarily LIKE them– but I default to them.

Sigh. Old habits die hard.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m the only one. But here’s how things usually go down.

There I am, doing my thang, “patiently” (ha?) waiting for the Lord to reveal the next steps or provide clarity in some area in my life. I have a pretty good idea of what I expect (hope) to happen. Finally, an answer comes. My first default response?

“Thanks God… BUT…”

Enter stage left: THE BIG BUT.

When God has other plans that differ from MY ideas of what I wanted, I sadly don’t default to gratitude. I stick a big “but” back in His face.

“Hey God, I appreciate this answer… BUT what about…??”

“Lord, I know you know what you are doing and all, BUT are you SURE?!?”

“Father, I thanks for this… BUT what if…?”

Or my panicky, 2-year-old reactionary favorite… (Imagine with huge watery eyes and a quivery lip…)


I have to say I kind of doubt the Lord appreciates my “big but” responses. I honestly can’t imagine that my “Big But” responses ever evoke this “positive” reaction from Him:

“GASP!!! You are so right, my daughter!! I totally forgot about that… Let me go ahead and tweak my plan to fit what you had in mind.”

(Side note: Let’s rejoice we don’t worship a sarcastic or snarky God.)

Instead, with each big but that I toss back at the Lord, I am sure He lets out a loving sigh and smiles gently, saying softly, “Oh sweet daughter… TRUST ME.”

Getting rid of our “big buts” in life takes a little bit of work and a lotta bit of grace. It’s gonna take practice, but we can start today. First, instead of defaulting back to our temper tantrum fleshy selves, we can take a second and breath… Then, we can approach the throne with open hands of submission, fully trusting that WHATEVER God has planned for us is for our good, knowing our limited sight doesn’t allow us to see the entire picture.

Then, every time our “big but” tries to show back up, we repeat the above process, asking God to help us kiss big buts goodbye forever.

What areas of your life do you struggle with “big buts” the most? Is it your marriage? Family? Kids? Career? Your plans vs. His plans? I know I struggle… Please leave a comment below!

Remember, we are all in this together, battling the “big buts” of life. Let’s start today… and kiss the big buts goodbye… Forever.

Puckerin’ Up to kiss buts goodbye,

“He said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?” ~Luke 24:38

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18 thoughts on “Kiss Big Buts Goodbye

  1. Momma Lex

    He spoke to me through your words. He is such a patient and loving parent.

  2. Loved it…although there are several “buts” I’d like to kiss goodbye.

    I listened to your story with tears blurring my vision. I love God’s “other” plans. You’re a beautiful young lady and your inner beauty shows through your words. God’s other plans for you hold great things.

    • Oh Pamela– that means so much to me! (Although I sure didn’t mean to make anyone cry!) Thank you for your encouragement… it has taken me several years to embrace the “other” plans and continue to reduce my “big buts.”

      Thanks for stopping by. Bless you, sister!

  3. Auntie D

    Nailed it again!!! I also have the nasty “what if’s” follow my big buts. BUT, What if I follow your plan and…..(insert all kinds of worries here). So once again you have opened my eyes and are reminding me I just need to trust God’s plan. Thanking God each day for you and your encouraging blogs! Love you sweet niece!!

    • Aww shucks, Fav Aunt Denise… I am right there with you, my what ifs follow bit buts like nobody’s business… Sigh. Such a process!

      Can’t wait to see you in a month 🙂 Love you!

  4. I am laughing out loud at the clever way you delivered this wonderful lesson. I am so quilty of big buts! The song is a favorite of one of my grandsons so now when I hear the song it will be a spiritual reminder. Thank you!

    • Ha, thanks Ann! I always wonder where the line of creative and appropriate is– and honestly, I spent a few days in prayer mulling this over, asking God to present it in the way He wanted to see it done 🙂 Thanks so much for your laughter and encouragement!

  5. Thanks for talking to my heart.

  6. fullherlife

    Good preaching sister!!! 🙂 I always enjoy your humor and not taking yourself too seriously… we get to take Him seriously today. Embracing the fullness of today, all that it brings along with it. NO buts aloud! ~ Love, Amy 🙂

    • I love the way you put that– we can take Him seriously ALWAYS. And yes, here’s to today’s fullness, no buts included!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story at “Tell me a Story” – – about reducing the big but.
    Here is a good scripture about BUT GOD 1 Cor 3:7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; BUT GOD that giveth the increase.

  8. Very creative approach. And, to be honest, I don’t do that very often any more. I know that if He tells me to do something, His purpose is what HE knows, not necessarily what I do, but the results are His. Since I ain’t a young ‘un any more… just ask my grandkids … and have been His kid for nearly 1/2 a century, I have grown and learned. I was tough when He broke into my life when I was 20 and, over time, I began to understand the tenderness of my Lord and that when He prodded me to do something, it would be OK and could be wonderful. But, again, your story was very creative and thought provoking.

    • That is SO awesome, Joanne– what a wonderful lesson to learn. I am the first to admit that I sure have a long way to go– I’ve only been His for about a decade and a half, and honestly only truly living it for about 3 years now. (But He is sure working overtime on me!)

      Praise the Lord of the work He has (and continues) to do in your life. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  9. I am with you, kissing the big but goodbye and praying for help from God for whatever he has in mind for us.

    • Perfecto. Wonderful mission and purpose– and thankful we don’t have to do it in our own strength 🙂

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