When Stuck is a Good thing (Five Minute Friday)

Everybody know what time it is?

(If your first instinct was to say “TOOL TIME” that’s fine, but you would be incorrect. 🙂 )

It’s time for Five Minute Friday.

In short: Each Friday, I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us a prompt. Then we write. For five minutes flat, no over thinking, no editing.

Simple as that.
Five Minute Friday
So, whaddya say– let’s do this!

Todays prompt: JOIN

Ready? GO


I keep my eyes locked, with focus few have witnessed. My fingers shake, as I try to get the tiny drop of super glue right…where…I…need…

Suddenly, I flinch. The glue misses the target by a hair, and plops on my thumb. My first instinct? Rub it off.

Usually with another finger.

Sigh. Now my fingers are instantly stuck together. I panic and pull them apart. OW!! I know that for the next day or so, I am going to have the crusty remnants of super glue stuck on my fingers. (And the drop that landed on my pants? Yeah, gonna be there forever.)

It amazes me that sometimes when we try to join something together, we miss completely and end up making a big ol’ mess.

But when God calls us to join with Him, it’s never a mistake.

We have the blessing, privilege, opportunity, whatever you want to call it, to walk with God EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We can join together… from here to eternity.

And should we ever try to pull away from Him? Yeah, it’s gonna be more painful that trying to remove our super-glued fingers from each other.

God’s path for us, while not always understandable or clear to us, always takes us to the perfect target. The one He has planned for us.

So let’s join up with Jesus today, utilize our “spiritual superglue” and forever stick with Him.

Because sometimes… Being stuck is a good thing.



That concludes another word-flowing, adrenaline filled Five Minute Friday. What did you think my friends? Are stuck on Jesus today? How do you stay close with Him? I always love the comments. Leave one below. Holla!

Have a wonderful weekend– may it be blessed!


“Everyone in the street  joined in, shouting praise to God.” ~Luke 18:43 MSG

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10 thoughts on “When Stuck is a Good thing (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Amen, love this.

  2. It actually was like Tool Time! needed this spirit-filled laugh this morning. What a great image. I have a superglue project that I am dreading tackling for these very reasons. I can guarantee you that I’ll have these words going through my mind when I do go for it. Thanks for this encouragement! Loved it!

    • I’m super glad it made you chuckle! (Funny how that happens when you don’t really try, huh?) Good luck with your super glue project… Just imagine if you get any on your fingers– think of Jesus 🙂

  3. Dave

    I enjoy your posts, Sharita! By way of introduction, your mom-in-law is one of my favorite cousins on that side of my family; I just wish it weren’t so far to northwest Iowa!

    • Hi there Dave! Great to “meet” you!! Seems ever since I married into the Knobloch-Wysong clan, I’ve got family everywhere.

      And yes, I wish it wasn’t so far to NW Iowa either– or the midwest for that matter 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by- Be blessed!

  4. Love this, and blessed to read God put similar thoughts on our hearts with the prompt of join. Nothing is guaranteed but our God.

    • Amen, Tammy!! He IS our only guarantee– even more reason to stick with Him! Thanks for popping by. Hope you have a stellar weekend!

  5. What a beautiful analogy. It makes your point wonderfully. I think I’ll always remember it whenever I get out the super glue.

  6. Absolutely!!!

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