Oh Look– Something Shiny! (Five Minute Friday)

Greetings all! It is Friday (whoot!) and if you have been hanging ’round these parts for a hot minute, you know that Fridays can only mean one thing…

Five Minute FridayProductivity is optional.

(Just kidding. If you are at work, you better get busy before your boss reads this over your shoulder and you end up having a “Come to Jesus” chat with him.)

But seriously. Fridays mean it is time for Five Minute Friday.

Each week, I link up with my friend Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us a prompt and we free-write for five minutes flat. No over-thinking, no OCD perfectionistic editing.

Just go with it. Which I do believe is a perfect attitude for a Friday.

So my fingers are itching… Let’s do this.

Today’s prompt: FOCUS

Ready? GO!


Books, pens and supplies are scattered around my work station. I am deep in thought, brow crinkling, eyes focused on the task at hand. Just a few more final…


Sigh. Does this ever happen to you? I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one. (Although I kind of doubt it… No offense, just saying based on how my friends and I function, I don’t think I am alone in this.)

Keeping focus can be a full time job. Sure, when I am by myself and motivated, its pretty easy for me to work on a project or remain zeroed in on the task at hand until it is completed. But if I am around other people or I’m having “one of those days…” I find myself distracted by something shiny.

Those distractions can stem from procrastination (Oh, look, the kitchen floor is FILTHY! Better clean it before I sit down to work on my latest project.) Or perhaps just the buzzing culture that we have become accustomed to (I really need to check Facebook. Like, now. I mean, somebody could have gotten engaged or had a baby in the last 17 minutes.) 

But sometimes the distractions that take away our focus are a little more intense. They can come from The Enemy as he tries to take our focus off of The One who is our everything in life.

Satan doesn’t just use inconveniences or “bad” things to rob our focus from following Christ. He oftentimes will use something good to distract us from God’s best. (But that’s another blog post.)

Focusing on what is TRULY important can be difficult. But let’s remember– if we are easily distracted by “something shiny,” God is the light of the world– and nothing gets “shinier” than that.



Do you sometimes struggle with focusing on the important things in life (namely: God)? What “shiny” thing typically distracts you? How do you think we can stay on track and keep our focus clear? I always adore hearing your feedback. Leave a comment below.

Moving forward with focus,

“The man looked hard and realized that he had recovered perfect sight, saw everything in bright, twenty-twenty focus.” ~Mark 8:25 (MSG) 

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13 thoughts on “Oh Look– Something Shiny! (Five Minute Friday)

  1. This was beautiful! Yes, it is very easy to become distracted and I appreciated this reminder: “They can come from The Enemy as he tries to take our focus off of The One who is our everything in life”. So true. Nice to meet you throught five minute fridays–looking forward to stopping by again! =)

  2. Oh my we are alike. I get easily distracted! Be blessed:)

  3. Leigh Kay

    Oh girl…have you ever seen the Disney/Pixar movie UP!? Because that is the best reference I have found to describe me and my attention sp….SQUIRREL!! ….um, attention span.

    🙂 Seriously. I’ve had to explain that a time or two. Even to my closest friend. We’ll be in a conversation in the car or on the phone, and mid sentence (hers or mine, sadly) I see something I immediately reference it “wow look at that car!” or “it’s over 100 degrees still!?” (earlier in the summer, last year in Texas)…or you can imagine all the scenarios. She learned that it wasn’t my lack of paying attention. I heard every word she said. But something can come mid-moment and I see “Squirrel”! It’s inevitable.

    So glad I’m not alone in that. 🙂 I loved this response to focus. Happy to stop by from Lisa-Jo. Thank you for writing and for making those of us sharers in distraction feel unified. Have a wonderful day!

    • I own that movie, Leigh! (I think my hubby got it for me a couple three yrs ago for my birthday– that’s how we roll in the Knobloch fam, ha!) And yes– SQUIRREL!! We used to joke about that all the time and I am still squirrelly.

      Thankful you stopped by!! Be blessed my friend!

  4. Just call me Easily Distracted 🙂

  5. I am the queen of distraction and procrastination. And the fog that comes with distraction is most certainly a tool for the enemy, as you said. For me, going back to pen and paper and getting off the screen helps. Thanks for pointing to the light : )

    • I am not so much a procrastinator unless I am really not motivated (which, let’s be honest, happens to the best of us!) But its in those times of distraction that yep, the enemy sneak attacks then I am all discombobulated! (Isn’t that a FUN word? See, there I go again, getting distracted!) And I agree– pen and paper are sometimes the best way to make things happen! Be blessed, Tresta!

  6. Beyond lovely.

  7. HA! Love the God is the Light of the world comment! Really love that!

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