Fine time to be be Refined

Today’s post starts with a mini science lesson… (It’s not going to require any complicated chemistry formulas or anything I promise. Hang with me… It IS Friday after all.)

Did you know that it take MILLIONS of years for graphite to be transformed into a diamond? Not only does it take a significant chunk of time, but it also requires temperatures upwards of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure that is 50 times greater than that on the earth’s surface.

Sheesh. That’s intense! (And now you have something to talk about at the supper table tonight. You are welcome.)

But seriously– for us as Christians to be formed into the treasure that God has called us to be, we all have to experience pressure… challenge… change…

In fact, we must be REFINED.

Which is what I am doing this weekend. (Hence the non-presence of Five Minute Friday.)

I am at The Refine Conference in Minnesota with my friend Kelli (she’s a breakout speaker!), my sweet mother-in-love, aunt and several other women who are to become my friends (although they may not know it yet…)

We are coming together to be Refined in different areas of our lives: Professional. Relationships. Emotional. Spiritual. Health/Wellness. Financial. Yep. The whole she-bang. This incredible conference is put on by Teri Johnson over at Keeping It Personal. 

I have a sneaking suspicion this weekend is going to be epic. I am expectantly anticipating God to transform or rather refine me in various areas of my life. And I couldn’t be more excited. (Maybe this diamond-in-the-rough Christian girl will be a little more diamond-y and little less rough when we are all said and done!)

So, with that being shared, we would all appreciate  prayers for God to move in might ways this weekend (and in the following weeks as we what we learn continues to “marinate.”)

Also, I am a bit curious… In what areas of your life (professional, relationships, emotional, spiritual, health/wellness, financial) do you feel you need to be refined the most? Why or in what ways? How has God refined you during your walk with Him? Leave a comment below with your response!

Now if you will excuse me, dear readers– rumor has it that is now a fine time to be refined.

From Pressed to Precious,

“I’ve refined you, but not without fire.” ~Isaiah 48:10 (MSG) 

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