Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

As I reminisce about my childhood in northwest Kansas, I can’t help but remember some of the prominent TV shows that we got on one of our four channels. (Yes, we had four TV channels. As long as the weather was good. And don’t get me started on how heartbreaking it was to this seven-year-old whenever the president was giving a speech since he was on all channels. But I digress.)

Anyway, there were specific TV shows I remember growing up as a “child of the 90’s.” Full House. Legit (and appropriate) Saturday morning cartoons. TGIF series on Fridays. Rescue 911. And for some reason, parts of the show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” flash through my head.

I don’t remember a ton of details about the show, other than the guy (which turns out to be Robin Leach) had a funny accent and could always be found walking around in front of a huge fancy house with pillars, wearing a suit carrying champagne glass in his hand. Wherever he was– I remember wanting to live there. To have a swimming pool in the backyard. A maid to take care of my every want and need. To eat caviar. (Even though I didn’t know what caviar was.) Being famous looked awesome.

After that show discontinued around 1995, (thanks, Google) we have since seen other channels take this idea of “High rollin” and living rich/famous… Things like MTV Cribs and VH1’s The Fabulous life of... (again, thanks Google.) But now that I’m grownuppish, I really don’t  WANT to be rich or famous.

Seems like a lot of drama. A lot of work. A lot of junk to deal with.

Yuck. No thanks. I’m good.

Sure... I would enjoy being a high roller with  this backyard view... But  really, I bet the view from heaven is even more beautiful!!

Sure… I would enjoy being a high roller with this backyard view… But really, I bet the view from heaven is even more beautiful!!

Instead, I have a new mission… to make God famous. Help others find fame in His name.

While this call doesn’t include a pool in the backyard or caviar, I find it more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

First of all, we have the opportunity to talk to, hang out with and seek the Most Famous Person ever with a simple whisper of His name… we don’t have to have a special appointment or pass, and He’s not EVER going to file a restraining order on us. (Ha.) Instead, God is accessible. He WANTS to commune with us. He sure has the right to sit up on His famous heavenly throne and ignore us– but He doesn’t.

How stinkin’ cool is that??

Also, we don’t have to be anyone extra special or talented to get in good with the Big Guy. We just have to need and desire Him– and be faithful, listening and heeding His word. If we do, we can look forward to someday residing in a heavenly palace that these earthy mansions can’t even compare! That’s just blows my mind.

Have you stopped to think lately just how accessible God is, even though He is essentially the most famous being in (and out of) this world? When/how do you “hang out with God?” What are you doing to bring even more fame to His name daily? Perhaps you are praying for those who persecute you, loving someone who seems slightly unlovable, giving until it hurts or reaching out to someone who is hurting.

Each of these acts, when done with Him as the focus, make Him famous. I would love to hear what this looks like in your life– comment below.

We all have a really cool privilege to not only “rub elbows” (figuratively speaking) with the Big Deal Dude Upstairs, but we can be His advocates. When we follow Him, it may or may not involve white-pillared houses and fancy cars– but we will certainly be living a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Bringing Fame to His Name,

“We’re not keeping this to ourselves, we’re passing it along to the next generation— GOD’s fameand fortune, the marvelous things he has done.” ~Psalm 78:4 (MSG) 

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6 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

  1. brandibuzzard

    I think you’re doing a fantastic job making God famous.

    I know this will be quite a ways off your subject matter but I nominated you for a Leibster award – check it out here

    Then feel free to leave the link to your responding blog post (if you choose to do so) in the comments below the post. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the encouragement and the nomination, Brandi! It means a lot to me!! I miss you mucho and can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks, live and in person 🙂

  2. I like to find the references to God in media, especially song, that have become common but people don’t realize their basis. Like the term Good Samaritan or the lyrics to Hallelujah. It’s like an “Easter egg” in real life.

    • You have the best analogies. You are so right– it’s like a famous Jesus easter egg– one with SOLID chocolate inside. (None of that hollow stuff.)

  3. simplyhelpinghim

    Oh how wonderful it is to have an “in” with the BIG GUY! 🙂 I need no other! Thank you for sharing and linking up at Simply Helping Him! Blessings sis!

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