A Moment of Blog Silence

Today at 7 Days Time, there will be no new information or profound revelations. No witty or snarky comments. No creative analogies.

Today, there is a moment of blog silence.

On Friday, over two dozen people (including 20 children) were gunned down and killed in the Connecticut elementary school shooting. Soon after discovering this heartbreaking news, I was informed that one of our dear Kansas Agricultural Education teachers, Ms. Kendra Linnebur, had suddenly passed away from a form of meningitis. She was 32.

As I read the updates on both of these tragic events, I sobbed over Facebook. I sobbed in the shower. And now, while the tears have slowed briefly, I continue to mourn and weep upon the writing of this post.

Today, we pray… And sit in silence.

Father God… we come to you with broken hearts. With each tragic event in our world, it is hard not to become hardened and calloused to the events around us. So we thank you that our hearts are still tender and we feel this pain. Lord, we lift up the families and victims involved with the Connecticut shooting. We acknowledge that while these events are unfathomable and unexplainable to our human hearts, you were there, in the classrooms, every single moment. Thank you for your continual presence. 

Oh Jesus, we ask you to come– come into our hearts and lives deeper still. Your word says that you are the God of All Comfort– well God, we need that now. Please be with the friends and family of Ms. Linnebur… I pray she is dancing on the streets of heaven with those little boys and girls from Connecticut. 

God, we know we live in a fallen world– but I pray we can take heart that while this world is fallen, your Son has Risen. We have a hope. A future. In you. Come to us today, Jesus. Our nation, our lives, our families and our hearts need you more than ever.


Dear friends… Please let me know how I can pray for you today. Or, if you would like to leave a Scripture, tribute or prayer for the victims in Connecticut or for Ms. Linnebur, feel free to share your heart below in the comments section.

Seeking Comfort In Him,

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.” ~Isaiah 66:13

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4 thoughts on “A Moment of Blog Silence

  1. Tears. That seems to be all I can leave the past few days. Lord, have mercy.

  2. I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend, Kendra. We appreciate the work that ag educators do in this world, and we’re sorry that one has been taken from it. The world seems so full of sad news, but I, like you, turn to prayer and will join you in your prayer: “I pray we can take heart that while this world is fallen, your Son has Risen.” Thanks for your words of comfort, Sharita. (I also enjoyed your interview with the Peterson Brothers. As a farm wife and K-Stater, we love what those guys are doing for agriculture. But we also appreciate their ministry in doing God’s work on their Kansas farm.)

    • Thank you, Kim– it was a shocker and a heart breaking moment for our Agricultural Education/FFA community.

      Rejoicing in our risen son!

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