Ideas Wanted: Factor of 7

Readers… we need your help.

Remember the acts of kindness movement we do here at 7 Days Time called Factor of 7? You know, the whole thing about us randomly sharing Jesus’ love in unique and unexpected ways? Well, 2012 has been an awesome year of giving, loving and praying… but 2013 is sneaking up on us! We would love your ideas and input for any creative ideas for 2013 Factor of 7 movements.

Heaven is the limit. (Literally.) Anything goes. Maybe it’s something you’ve heard of, thought about, dreamt of, or experienced yourself.  Get creative. Leave your suggestions by commenting below.

Seriously. We want to pick your brains. Help us come up with more great ways to do some Jesus Sneak Attacks on folks! (In a loving and non-scary way of course.)

$7 because we all have 7 days time to live each week... and $100 because God loves you more than you can imagine! How can we pray for you?

$7 because we all have 7 days time to live each week… and $100 because God loves you more than you can imagine!
How can we pray for you?

Just as a refresher, here is a brief recap of some of the Factor of 7’s we did for 2012…

Joy for Joyce— we took $107 in an envelope and went to a local grocery story. After walking around and praying for a few minutes, we gave our envelope of cash to a woman, telling her we wanted to help pay for her groceries.

Chill with Jesus-– My beloved husband and I went to our local frozen yogurt shop and paid for 35 unsuspecting customer’s fro-yo (approximately $107) asking nothing more than how we could pray for them.

A Latte Love-– Just like our fro-yo experience, we did the same thing at Fort Benning’s Starbucks for 22 customers. Oh, and we made the Fort Benning Bayonet… we were able to reach so many people to tell them about Jesus’ love!

Thirst No More-– We walked 7.17 miles on a local trail handing out 35 water bottles and taking down 22 prayer requests. It was awesome. (This Factor of 7 provided a great/hilarious VLOG opportunity as Real Warriors for Christ!)

Bravocado, Jesus! In this Factor of 7 experience, God took a moment of potential pity and grumpiness, and allowed us to bless our waitress at Chili’s with a pretty hefty tip. Way to show up, Lord!

How Sweet It Is— We mixed things up a bit for this one… we baked lots of tasty goodies, then gave them to our “unsung servants” here at Fort Benning, from the housing office workers, to the garbage truck guys to the gate guards.

Planting a Few Seeds of Faith— This experience allowed us to share even more about our Factor of 7 ministry movement during a teaching workshop at Seeds of Faith Youth Group in Lester, IA… Then we were able to bless and pray for the participants.

We give God ALL of the glory for each of these experiences (as well as the undocumented ones we have done in order to protect people’s privacy.) We are so excited for all God has in store for us in 2013– and can’t wait to hear about the awesome ideas that you share below.

Thanks for your support and prayers this year… YOU have blessed us immensely.

Oh, one last thing– How can we pray for you? 😉

Beyond Blessed,
SGK (and Brandon)

“Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.” –Luke 6:38 (MSG)

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8 thoughts on “Ideas Wanted: Factor of 7

  1. Karen

    Hi Sharita! Thank you for reminding me about Factor of 7. I can’t wait to put this into action! My prayer request: I am having surgery on January 4 after being sick for 9 months. Pleas pray that everything goes well and that I become healthy again. Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Karen– I will be praying for you and your surgery. God is the ultimate healer– he’s got this! 🙂

  2. Two ideas came to me rather quickly. First, bless someone, or several someones, at a laundrymat. I always hated having to go to the laundry (when mine was either broken or not hooked up yet).A blessing amidst the mundane would be extra sweet. The other came to me when I read about your baking idea. What a blessing surprise sweet treats would be to both staff and residents at a nursing home/care facility–especially if there was an Alzheimer’s unit. That’s just a couple. Letting my mind wander in this direction has been a challenge–not to come up with ideas, those abound, but to figure out how I will get on the blessing train. Many blessings this holy season to you and yours.

    • That is a GREAT idea, Tina! I know when I was on the road for my internship or moving some where, the laundromat was always such a grumpy/stressful place. This is a perfect place to bless others, esp in the mundane! Also, thanks for the idea to bless those in nursing homes– we will have to look up some in our area and make it happen.

      Appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement for this quest– Can’t wait to see how God moves our “blessing train” in 2013 🙂 Merry Christmas my friend!

  3. fullherlife

    Just stopping by to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS (I received your gorgeous card!)… although this Pregnancy/Mommy brain can’t think of a specific idea at this exact moment I wanted to shout out my encouragement and support of you and what you’re praying to do! ~ Love out, Amy

    • Thanks Amy– My preggo/future mommy brain is a bit squiggly too (which perhaps might be why we are asking for ideas 😉 Thanks as usual for stopping by… you are such a stellar encourager!

  4. Kelly Taylor

    You could pay for a couple of tanks of gas.

    • Love this idea, Kelly… My hubby and I have considered this and will probably do it in the future– if we can get his work schedule to cooperate so we can do it together 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the sharing your great idea!

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