Christ-mas, Christ-More (Just in case you forgot)

We hear it all the time– we need to celebrate the real reason for the season. It’s true, but really, I think we hear it so much that it  doesn’t quite have the meaning that is used to… (Sad, I know… but alas…)

So this year, I want to share with you a little reminder and share with you what we did for our families this year for Christmas. Its edited and updated from a similar post this time last year… Hope it makes you think– and I would love your feedback. Comment below.

Ready? Let’s do this…


It’s 5:45 am… I throw back the covers and my eyes pop open. It’s go time.

I swing my feet over the side of the bed. Oh, that floor is cold! I creep out of bed, down the hall, and take a deep breath. The moment of truth…

There, in the gentle glow of Christmas lights are piles of presents. Santa showed up and he did not disappoint. I grab the nearest gift with my name on it and violently shake it. Nothing. Dang. It’s probably clothes. Socks. Maybe even underwear. Sigh.

Apparently Grandma Helen is more thrilled with the boxes that don't rattle than I ever was...

Apparently Grandma Helen is more thrilled with the boxes that don’t rattle than I ever was…

Admittedly, I have grown up and matured over the lasts couple of decades. I still love receiving the gifts, but now I love the family time even more… Especially since I am married to a soldier and our family is in a different time zone a thousand miles away. Yeah, we no longer take “family time” for granted!

God designed my heart to give. I love giving presents and showering people with love, sometimes in the form of “stuff.” In the past at Christmas, I would go all out thinking, marinating, pondering strategerizing, and planning what I deemed were “perfect gifts.” And would typically make it happen- no matter how it impacted my Visa card.

Two years ago for Christmas, my beloved suggested that we do something different and forego the hoopla of dropping wads of cash and buying presents. He suggested we give something perhaps more thoughtful like donating our money to a good cause.

I flat-out told him NO. Absolutely not. Negative. Nada. So we went with the “traditional” gift giving. It was ok.

Then last year, things changed. Apparently God wanted to do a little bit of work on my heart… We put my hubby’s suggestion into action and gave gifts to our family in the form of a donation to a charity/cause that would mean something special to them with an accompanying letter explaining what we did.

This year, things are even tighter, with me now working full-time for Jesus dollars and a new baby on the way. (Yay-yikes!) So we changed things up again this year… We spent some time praying for our family and listening to God– then gave them a framed message of what God spoke to us during that time.

In one word? Awesome.

Today I want to encourage you that just because Christmas has passed for another year, doesn’t mean our Jesus heart of giving has to stop… God gave His son on the cross and that never runs out or expires. So as we approach 2013, how can you make it a year more about Christ through giving, prayer, love or small acts of kindness? Dear friends,  Christmas is one day… But we can celebrate Christ-more all year long.

Never stop giving,

“But since you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you —see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” 2 Corinthians 8:7

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5 thoughts on “Christ-mas, Christ-More (Just in case you forgot)

  1. Mama Lex

    And I love the framed message you gave us!! Thank you again!!

    • So glad, Ma– it was encouraging (and refreshing!) to spend some time praying for and over you all. Thankful He spoke so clearly.

  2. Sharon MOser

    I loved seeeing the picture of Aunt Helen..
    Just want to take the time to share with you about a gift we gave to our children..I had the grandkids go up in attic with me and pick out ornaments I had stored from Grandma the box was an ornament that Grandma had written a note to our oldest, Julie..Some 30 plus years later that ornament brought alot of emotion and alot of memories flooded of Christmases past. We spent most of our children’s growing up years with the relatives back home..there was always birthday cake to celebrate Uncle Willies birthday as well. The memories created with family are far more precious than what can be bought in a is the memories that bring the smiles to our faces and touch our hearts.
    I enjoy your truly have a gift of sharing the peace of Christ…our lives are busy being busy at times..
    We are expecting our 8th grandchild in April and feel so blessed to have each of them be a part of our lives..I’ll look forward to hearing of your new arrival..I’m sure Lex will have some pictures! Detriech and Lex will be wonderful grandparents!

    • Mama Lex

      Thank you Sharon for the kind words and you are so right that memories are priceless!! Gpa Willy wasn’t his usual spunky self this Christmas-no gag gifts for anyone but we are thankful he is able to breathe more freely and home from the hospital. Blessings!!

    • What a sweet and powerful story, Sharon. Thank you so much for sharing that with us! Our family memories are indeed very precious– must more valuable than ANYTHING that can be purchased! Congrats on #8 grandbaby currently en route– we are in the final stretch and countdown… looking forward to parenthood. (And yes, Lex and D will be awesome… as will my sweet parents.) Tick tock 🙂

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