Hey, Soul Sista…

As of late, I have been stuck on the term “soul sister.” Or, more appropriately to my pronunciation, “Soul Sista.” (It just makes me feel cooler.)

Interestingly enough, we have been challenged by a digital soul sista Jen over at Finding Heaven Today with Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood to share on our blog what “sisterhood” means to us… So for all my gal readers, get ready to have some fun! (And for all my dude readers… buckle up for an inside look at what sisterhood is all about… take some notes. You might learn something productive and be able to impress that lady in your life with new info later. Just sayin’.)

Ready? Here… We…. GO!

Sisterhood is… a bond that can’t be broken– by miles, life circumstances, or time.

Sisterhood is… the inside jokes that years later still make you belly laugh so hard you cry.

Sisterhood is… understanding that biological relationship has nothing to do with your bond.

Sisterhood is… an automatic and continual chain of support, love and prayer.

Sisterhood is… the permission to always send random text messages no matter what time of day, including things like “BAH, HORMONES!” or “I need chocolate.”

Sisterhood is… grace given when undeserved.

Sisterhood is… knowing that sometimes all you can do is offer a hug and a prayer… and that’s ok.

Sisterhood is… staying up til all hours of the night in “comfy clothes” eating an entire bag of Dove Chocolates together– then providing justification to each other on why consuming the entire bag was necessary.

Sisterhood is… rejoicing together, mourning together, hoping together, praying together.

Sisterhood is… the mutual agreement of cashing in your “crazy woman cards” to one another every few months… and knowing that after a little while of sobbing, snotting, stomping and tearing up a box of Kleenex that you are prepared to do the same in a few months when it’s her turn.

Sisterhood is… sharing those loving words of Jesus-based encouragement at the exact moment they are needed.

Sisterhood is…  “girl dates” of epic proportions– from self-pampering, to quiet coffee dates, to rolling down the windows, cranking up the radio and singing at the top of your lungs.

Sisterhood is… laughing off the ridiculous life decisions you make in a moments notice: The idea to dye your hair ridiculous blonde senior year of high school…  when you got a tattoo on your foot… or the time you decided to go camping in a pasture with minimal supplies…

Yep... My foot. Soli Deo Gloria. To the Glory of God alone.

Yep… My foot. Soli Deo Gloria. To the Glory of God alone.

Sisterhood is… a true blessing from God that reflects His love in ways we can never fully comprehend.

These are just some thoughts on what sisterhood means to me… Can you relate to any of them? What does sisterhood mean to you? Why is it special? What are your fondest memories with your soul sistas? I would love to hear all about it– leave a comment below!

Today, I’m thankful for all of my “Soul sistas” out there who have walked with me in previous seasons of life and into the current moment. You come in all forms, from real life to digital and even some in between. Just wanted to say thank you and I love you…

Fist pound to my soul sistas,

“Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” ~Proverbs 27:9

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24 thoughts on “Hey, Soul Sista…

  1. Fist pound right back Sista

  2. fullherlife

    I love your foot, sista! 😉 Blessings out from Maine… ~ Amy

  3. I’ve never had sisters – but I’ve had beautiful friends who are just like that!!! Love your foot, too!

    • Appreciate that!! I have one biological sister and lots of soul sistas… (And yes, Mom’s can be soul sistas to their daughters too… Cuz mine definitely is one 🙂 )

  4. I love so many of these things!! My favorite is this (because it took me so long to realize): Sisterhood is… knowing that sometimes all you can do is offer a hug and a prayer… and that’s ok. And I also love this, too, because it is so true in my life: Sisterhood is… a bond that can’t be broken– by miles, life circumstances, or time.

    • I agree, Jen. My nature is to be a “fixer” and when one of my soul sistas is hurting and I can’t fix it, it’s hard– but yes, I have learned that a prayer and hug are sometimes all we can do– but also all they need.

      Thanks for hosting this great link up and theme this week (and next!) What a brilliant idea! God bless your ministry!

  5. I love SOUL sistas and you and I would have all kinds of trouble, er I mean fun if we hung out together! Lots of love and blessings, ~Dionne

  6. I love the line – understanding that biological relationship has nothing to do with your bond. So true. Great thoughts here. Thanks! Michelle

    • Thank you Michelle– biology is so not important in the world of sisterhood… Some of my deepest soul sistas and I are so different that there is no way we could be related other than through Christ.

  7. So grateful for the sisterhood we each have.


  8. Hi Sharita! I love your list. Do you mind if I copy it and give it out to a few sistas? I will give credit to you as the author.

  9. Diane

    P.S. To the Glory of God, Alone! Amen!

  10. You should have the sista thing down well enough by now and you are quite the inspiration as a soul sista also.

    • Well, I’ve had a lot of practice, sista… Thanks for being one who taught me a lot… from the floors of Clovia and late night slushie runs!

  11. Whew! A week late, but here I am! Cashing in crazy woman cards? Ohhhh, yes. I do know a little about that.

    Ever since my first visit here, I’ve loved your sass and spunk and the way your faith radiates online.

    Thanks for your presence!

    • Time is relative in the bloggy world, my friend. I appreciate ALL your fun and feisty comments– no matter when they are posted 🙂 You are the bomb.

  12. Ahh, I love this! Thank the Lord for “bonds that cannot be broken.” Because some of them can.

    • Amen, Jan– The bonds of sisterhood are permanent– even if they are stretched and change over the seasons of our lives!

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