Open for business 24/7

Sometimes you just can’t help but appreciate the businesses that are open 24/7.

I mean seriously– just think about it… The places that are open round-the-clock are usually those businesses that are most important or that we have to use in emergencies. Hospitals, fire stations, police/law enforcement, some gas stations, some pharmacies (like Walgreens) and even Wal-Mart and Waffle House. (Granted, Wal-Mart and Waffle House might not be needed in emergency situations– but it’s still super convenient!)

I can’t help but be thankful not only for these modern-day services and conveniences– but also am so grateful that our God is a 24/7 kind of dude.

open sign

He’s always there. Always accessible. Never closed, never out of reach. Always ready to help.

Which is great for the nights when I can’t sleep– and those nights seem to come more frequently the more pregnant I become. (Plus I heard some nasty rumor about parenthood taking away your regular sleep patterns… so apparently this non-sleeping-during-nighttime-hours is supposed to get more intense once baby arrives. 😉 )

This middle of the night can’t sleep issue happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I awoke right on schedule for my regular 3am preggo bathroom break. (Sorry if that’s TMI…) But as I headed to back bed, I had a realization that made my heart sink– my brain had woken up. It was in high gear.

Crap. (Pardon my language.)

Granted, I DID have a lot on my mind- and heart. Just a few hours before, I was in my first ever car accident and was still pretty wound up from that. Now I was faced with the prospect that this new little one was going to show up in our lives in a matter of weeks– and we probably needed to purchase a new car before that point. Oh, and did I mention we are planning to move 2800 miles to a new duty station within the first few months of this baby’s birth? No pressure.

But yes, my woman brain kicked into alert state. Which woke up this growing baby-child in my belly. I sighed heavily and took my sore hips and racing mind downstairs.

I grabbed a light snack since my stomach was growling, then laid down on the couch, hoping that things would settle down. After a few minutes, I knew I was going to have to call for help.

I was desperate. So I called in reinforcements. I started to pray.

It wasn’t prayers of just “Jesus, PLEASE help me go to sleep.” But I started running through all of the stuff in my life that was on my heart. I prayed for a preggo pal who although we were due within days of each other, had already given birth to her baby prematurely a couple of weeks prior. I prayed for a friend who was facing having a tough conversation with her parents about faith. I prayed for our family mission statement. I prayed for God to take my tension away and replace it with peace. I prayed… and prayed… and…

Next thing I know– it was no longer 3:47am. But I awoke that Thursday morning semi-ready to face the day– during “normal” business hours.

I’m so thankful that God is always open for business and ready to listen, save and help.

Have you every had trouble sleeping? What is your remedy? How does God being available 24/7 change your relationship with Him? Better yet… how can it improve or encourage your relationship with Him? Don’t be shy… leave a comment below!

When the weight of this world is pulling you down– or keeping you from peace– or disrupting your sleep pattern– remember, dear friends… that God is always accessible. Always ready. Always here to help.

Now THAT’S what I call being open for business 24/7.

Finding peace in His presence– at all hours of the day,

“The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” ~Psalm 46:7 NIV

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14 thoughts on “Open for business 24/7

  1. I’m learning that the inability to sleep is a call to prayer:) I was in a car accident last week, too – shook me up – plus, it leaves things a bit unorganized in terms of scheduling:) Glad you were O.K. – My early morning wake ups always left me craving a big tall glass of chocolate milk! I’ll add you to my prayer list – praying for a peaceful path in the transition – and that the Father continue protecting you and your little one!

    • Thanks for the prayers, my friend– and so thankful that you too are ok (even if you schedule has been a little bit jacked up.) So thankful that God is always available to hear our prayers and petitions– car accident or not.

  2. Hey! I pray when I can’t sleep too! I’ll join you in prayer today! For good transitions, for a peaceful birth and for the sleep God gives his faithful!

    • Thanks a million, Helene! We sure covet your prayers and are looking forward (ish?) to more sleepless nights filled with baby– and prayer 🙂

  3. Hate to tell you but that “nasty rumor” is true! Mommyhood’s a… well, a 24/7 job! Yes, thank God that He’s 24/7 for us!

  4. If God were to put up that sign “CLOSED” that would be a tragic event! Good Post. I saw you at “Tell me a Story.”

  5. Lovely, Thank you for sharing at Tell me a story.

  6. When I first met my husband, he told me that he would pray when he couldn’t sleep. He said what better place to fall asleep than at the feet of Jesus? I love that.

  7. I’ve struggled with sleeping on and off again for all these years. Answers adjust and readjust. Only the Lord [and His wise servants] can come up with answers at the various times. I ain’t a “wise” one in that area. But for me, turning to Him is all I can do. Night by night by night.

    Bless you… and am so happy your baby and you weren’t seriously injured in that wreck.

    • Turning to Him is probably the most productive (and obedient) thing we can do, Joanne. So glad He is accessible every time we need Him!

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