Workplace Warfare

Most of us have been there.

After a weekend of relaxation fun (or, if you are like me and a few other folks I know, a weekend filled with catching up on your to do list outside of the working world,) the alarm sounds at whatever-o’clock in the morning.

It’s Monday. Time to go to work.

Which thought below typically pops into your head first?

A) YESSS!! Another day at an awesome job that I love! (in a non-sarcastic tone)
B) YESSS. Another day at an awesome job that I love.  (in a sarcastic tone)
C) Morning ALREADY? For serious??
D) Must. Wake. Up. Bills. Need. To. Be. Paid.

So which one did you choose? Does it depend on the day or what’s on your schedule? I know it does for me. Although I haven’t had to officially “clock in” daily at a paying gig for a little while, I have already had my share of workplace experience. From getting up at 0400 am to make the 45 minute drive to the hog barn when it was 16 years old, to working in the pizza-making section at a gas station during one summer of high school, to writing for a local newspaper, to various internships throughout the nation, to working HR for a corporation (all shifts of the day– that was icky!) to non-profit work… I’ve been around the block a time or two.

And yes, I have had ALL of those thoughts before. But really, I love to work. It makes me feel fulfilled. I like enjoying a job and doing it well. Hopefully you are the same way. (Ish?) It can give a great satisfaction.

Time Card

Another day. Another dollar. Another battle. Another blessing.
(Image courtesy of M Sullivan via Flickr)

But as I was thinking about this job/workforce experience, I couldn’t help but think about those around us who might make facing our Mondays (or any other day of the week) harder or easier.

They could be an awesome boss (or not) or great co-workers (or not) or other factors…

Such as the enemy himself. Yeppers, I’m talking about Satan and all of his stinkin’ minions.

Unfortunately, the enemy is REALLY good at his job. Like, really good. If there was an award like “Employee of Eternity” in the category of causing chaos, distraction, pain and havoc, the enemy would likely be a very viable candidate.

SIGH. So what’s a girl (or guy) supposed to do?

Well, we can fight him. Both inside and outside of the workplace.

Because no matter who your earthly boss is, whether you work in a school, office, on a construction site, in a restaurant, in the armed forces, whatever… The person you ultimately report to is Christ.

And He is one legit boss. For reals.

Christ is willing able to provide all of the training, tools, instructions and encouragement we need to overcome those schemes of the devil… and make his job to kill, steal, and destroy much, much more difficult.

Think about it… How many times during the day at your place of employment do you stop to pray? (Even if it’s for 30 seconds at your desk or at the water cooler or yes, even during a bathroom break.) What about reading His word over your lunch break? Or sneak-attack witnessing with your actions and mannerisms to a co-worker? Or casually bringing up your weekend plans and tossing Jesus into a conversation? How do you work for Him daily? Comment below!

We can always be working for Him no matter where we are or who we are employed by. And when we do so, we really throw off the enemy’s plans of doing his evil work as efficiently or effective.

It’s workplace warfare, folks. We are all engaged in it. And yes, Satan is really stinkin’ good at his job. But honestly– Christ is our boss… so who will you be clocking in for today?

Working for the Big Man,

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…” ~Colossians 3:23 NIV

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10 thoughts on “Workplace Warfare

  1. Oh work. It’s tough for me. Not because of the people I work with (they are great) or what I do (it’s not terrible), but because I want to be doing so many other things. I am sure this is not an original thought and the majority of the world feels the same way.

    • It may or may not be an original thought, Amy– but it sure a good (and true!) one! I’m thankful to have a “job” that I enjoy with this ministry and soonish/someday coaching… but as of right now, I sometimes battle the idea of when/how/where shall I transition to making “people dollars” instead of just Jesus dollars.

      Each moment that we are in the midst of our own warfare is a chance for God to refine us. Thankful that we are both well on our way to becoming sharpened iron! (or a diamond… or whatever is productively refined…)

  2. Hi Sharita!

    Well, I work in a church…so it’s pretty easy to have Jesus part of our conversations! lol However, I’ve had plenty of jobs in the secular world. At those, I found that my behavior and attitudes did cause people to look and wonder. It is important to remember to be a positive example for Christ, you know? There were several times when God presented the opportunity to share about what He has done in my life…and I took it! More subtle ways that I expressed my faith were the Bible verses I taped to my computer.

    Blessings, Joan

    • Kudos for your obedience in the secular world, Joan! What a testament that you had your eyes and heart open to what God was doing in the marketplace around you. There are so many great (and slightly subtle) ways to share Jesus where ever we are– even if it is just being the light in a dark place.

      Thanks for sharing your heart– I appreciate it! 🙂

  3. I liked your thought on work, and work is important, whether it is a paying job, or volunteer. I have done both, and the volunteer work was as sunday school teacher and other duties in our church. It is fulfilling to have someone say “Good Job”. We look forward to the day when God will say, ” Job Well Done.” Actually he is saying that even today as he views our labor for him.

  4. It seems I have so many jobs…so many different roles. Sometimes it makes me weary. But these prayer thougthts are good ones, Sharita. Are you familiar with I do some contributing and editing for them. Their mission is to help people realize the high calling of their daily work–whether that is in a cubicle or folding laundry. It’s a great message and your thoughts here fit in perfect with our mission.

    • Yep, I’ve spent some time over at thehighcalling browsing and carousing and being inspired… I love the idea that WHATEVER we do, whether paid, unpaid, at home, at work or somewhere in between– we do it for Him.

  5. I haven’t officially worked for more than a decade, but, in a sense, I have done a lot of ministry side-stuff. On both aspects of that, I’ve had good bosses and co-workers and some not-so-good. AND I ain’t been perfect. When I realize how I misjudged or overly-jerked or yammered [whether from my mouth or on my face — which sometimes shows more than my mouth], I’ve had to repent SO MANY TIMES! Even after all these years, I will suddenly realize what I’ve done, who I’ve upset, clear back to my teens, pushing 50 years ago. So, I am grateful that the Lord is forgiving and that, quite possibly, most of the people won’t remember or won’t even know what was going on. I hope. But… when/if I see them, I’ll be apologizing face-to-face. YES, I was sometimes a very good and important element while working, bright and helpful … but what I remember most are the “dumb” stuff I did.

    You got me, Girl!! Thanks. Good reminder.

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