Ultra-Sound-Off for Jesus

It’s always encouraging when God takes us in our ugliest, yuckiest, grumpiest moments and uses us for His glory.

That happened to me last week. In a big way.

Last Friday, I was scheduled for what I was *hoping* to be my last baby doctor appointment before our Little Patriot’s arrival. I was about 39 and a half weeks along… and unfortunately, the doc’s predictions of me delivering “ahead of schedule” hadn’t come true. (SIGH.)

Unfortunately for me (actually, unfortunately for everyone I encountered) I was in a MOOD. It really wasn’t the fact that I was very largely pregnant and had been contracting for nearly a month… But it was because it has been quite a trying week in our life as an army family. One thing after another seemed to pile up and mess with our hopes and plans. Although I was scheduled for a final ultrasound that day, things had spun out of control with my beloved husband’s job as a drill sergeant– so there was no way he was going to make it to join me in what I hoped was a joyous experience on our path to parenthood.

He was disappointed. I was lonely. Hormonal. And pissed. (Not at him… just the circumstances that had continued to beat up my heart for the last week or so.) Nothing about me that morning said “I love Jesus, please talk to me and let me share the love of Christ with you.” (Additional sidenote: Can you say “pissed” in a Christian blog?)

Anywho, I was mad, frustrated, exhausted. It was early by doctor standards as I was the first appointment out of that gate that morning. I was sitting in the chairs, waiting for the ultrasound tech to call me in… When SHE walked by. Yep, it was the ultrasound tech who had a rep for being grumpy (and had been a lil bit grumbly during our previous visits.) I looked up from my iPad and our eyes locked.

She scowled at me... <Oh no she didn’t!> Oh yes, she did, just like I was about to be a huge inconvenience to her day.

Let’s just say~ that didn’t help my mood.

As I continued to wait, I was texting my sweet mother-in-love, Lex. And by texting, I really mean complaining/whining/venting. Real classy, I know. She tried to encourage me and told me to pray for the scowling tech of doom.

My snarky non-Jesusy reply? “After this week, my prayer tank is running on empty. I want to be joyful, but I don’t feel joy anywhere.”

I’m not proud of my response… but it’s the truth. I did manage to pray for God to give the strength to make it through the appointment without venting to a stranger about how upset I was that my beloved husband couldn’t come or how uncomfortable I was or blah blah blah. I squeezed out a feeble prayer for Him to help me rediscover my joy and be an example for this scowling ultrasound tech.

They finally called me back to the room and I hoisted (waddled? lumbered?) my extremely large self  onto the table. The scowling tech remained silent and the gal running the show started asking questions as they went to work, checking baby’s size/position, etc.

Somehow, within about 15 seconds into the conversation, they asked if I was an army wife. (How they knew, I will never know…)

I responded yes and explained (briefly and vaguely) that my husband wasn’t deployed but his job was incredibly demanding so he couldn’t make this big appointment today.

Their response? They both scrunched up their faces and said, “Ug, I don’t know how you do it.”

Enter stage left: Jesus moment.

I took the opportunity to share with them my faith– how Jesus is the reason I get up in the morning, He’s the one who gives us strength, He is the rock on which our marriage is built. Both of the techs kind of stared at me… Unable to respond. I continued and told them that things were challenging with the army, especially this last week with some individuals specifically… but we prayed for them daily.

The scowling tech scoffed (in the joking-but-still-serious-way) and said, “Yeah, pray for them like that one country song… Pray that their brakes go out coming down the hill or a flower-pot hits them in the head from a window sill.”

They both chuckled at the notion… But I stayed serious– “No, ma’am… we pray for the grace and love of Jesus Christ to shine into their lives so they can experience what we do everyday.”

As we continued to talk about army life (aka our family was at least 1000 miles away, hubs works about 13-20 hrs per day on a normal basis, oh PS we are moving 2800 miles about 3 months after this kid is on the ground), the tech flipped a switch… and the screen transitioned to a 4D image.

My husband and I had decided early on that we couldn’t (ok, didn’t really want to) fork out the cash for a 4D ultrasound… They aren’t cheap, but for some reason, on that morning, I got a glimpse of our little one’s face.

Yeah. Lil Patriot looked about how I felt... Grumpy and smooshed and uncomfortable... But a lil Jesus encounter changed all that!

Yeah. Lil Patriot looked about how I felt… Grumpy and smooshed and uncomfortable… But a lil Jesus encounter changed all that!

Between the quick witness to these ladies and the sight of our baby’s scrunched up face… My joy was restored.

Talk about your not-so-classic-ultra-sound-off for Jesus.

Thankful He shows up and shows out,

“I call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies.” ~Psalm 18:3

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19 thoughts on “Ultra-Sound-Off for Jesus

  1. Tiffany

    Love. Praying for a smooth and healthy birthing process for you.

  2. Amazing picture! I love your honesty here, wonderful post

    • Thanks, Ruth– it is a pretty awesome picture– I still find myself staring at it like, there REALLY IS a baby in there?!?! WOW, JESUS. 🙂

  3. Lori Lockwood

    Amazing ! He is so kind , merciful and loving and desires to just blow your socks off every now and again! What a wonderful day that turned out to be, so funny how when we feel so alone and can only see the negative and drudgery , He is still right there and by the smallest sequence of events -we get that glimpse, that glimpse of His presence in the midst of it all including our own acceptance and desire to wallow in our self pity …and the clouds move and the JOY comes flooding in!! Yea Sharita !! Just one tiny reminder of His presence is enough to change our hearts and minds from our own concerns and frustrations to wanting to jump up and down, Praise Jesus and skip and sing through the rest of the day! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this story – I feel like I got that glimpse myself and I too feel energized and joyful anew!! Lori

    • Totally agree, Lori… Glad this story brought joy to your heart as well… The funny thing was, I didn’t really want to write it– but I am so glad that God nudged me to do so. Your comment encouraged my heart. THANK YOU!

  4. As I read this …. Hallelujah to My King is playing perfectly in the background (o:
    Good to hear you are human ~~ after 4 pregnancies, I’ll say I had a few days like that (o: with each baby (o:
    Thank you for sharing (o: You filled up my joy tank (o:
    Here in MN the sun is shining (o: It is cold (20s I think) but it feels much warmer when I think of you!!
    Thanks Sharita!! AGAIN …. you’ve made me smile and think (o: AND praise the Lord for each moment He snaps me back to HIM!!

    • Oh sista, I am VERY human. Like, A LOT. I am so incredibly thankful that in the approximately 281 days I have been pregnant, I’ve only had a handful of days like that… And each time, God always brought the joy back around. Thanks for your comment full of smiley faces– stay warm in MN. Love you!

  5. Leah Addington

    LOVE this post!! Praying for you today that lil Patriot shows that sweet face soon!!! Can you send a message with your home address please when you have time!!

    • Thanks, Leah… So so much for the comment and the prayers– I shall be shooting you a FB msg momentarily with our address 🙂 Blessings to you!

  6. Mama Lex

    Isn’t that the most beautiful sweet face ever? Yep-thats my grandbaby!! And you know I’m praying and believing God will orchestrate the timing of little Pate’s arrival!! Love you!

    • That IS your grandbaby… Barn says he/she has my face– which is a relief to him, haha! (Although I think Barn has a pretty darling face too… but I’m biased. That German nose gets me every time. 😉 Thanks for the prayers, Mama Lex… Trusting God with His timing!

  7. Love this post so much – should be a lesson to us all (which is the idea of your blog, I suppose). Praying for you, Brandon and Baby P!

    • Yep, you are so right, Brandi– it’s a definite lesson to ALL of us… Thankful God continues to show these things to me so I can share them in return– even if I sometimes drag my grumpy feet. Thank you for the prayers 🙂 Love ya!

  8. Oh’ how He knows how to redeem us in our worst moments! JOY! 🙂 Hang in there girl…you’re SO close! ~ Love out, Amy

    • Amen, Amy… Even in our yuck He pulls us up! Praying for you and YOUR little one that is cooking too! Love to you girl!

  9. This might be my favorite post so far…and not just because you shared a precious piece of your life with us. Praying for you friend. You have been on my mind a lot lately.

  10. Carol Meyer

    Oh, Sharita, that baby is so precious! I am guessing baby might like to be out as much as you’d like it to be. 🙂 You are so tiny, it is probably getting crowded in there. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing in so many neat places. PTL. Looking forward to hearing the next chapter of this story.
    God Bless You! Carol Meyer

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