Jesus’ Funniest Videos

Let’s all be honest… Sometimes life is HILARIOUS.

I grew up watching America’s Funniest Home Videos (originally with Bob Saget.) While I never really understood why people thought that dudes getting hit in their uh, nether regions was so funny, I still enjoyed it. Plus it was relatively family friendly.

For me, most of the funniest things came from young kids.

Which brings me to share with you some of the hilarious things I did when I was younger. (Too bad we didn’t get them on tape. Maybe we would be a few thousand bucks richer?)

As a young un, I came up with the craziest ideas. And was kind of gullible. One of my uncles once told me that cockleburs were porcupine eggs… So I took a bucketful of them to school for show-and-tell. Teacher was amused… I was embarrassed. (And my mom still loves to tell that story.)

Or there was the occasion when I convinced my younger sister to stick her tongue to the iron wrought handrail on our front porch on a frosty morning… At the exact moment that she obliged my request, the school bus pulled into the drive. I left her stuck to the rail fending for herself. (She still made it on the bus that morning, thanks to my Mom’s quick thinking…) That was the first time I ever got grounded. Ahhh, memories.

Then there was the time I came to school really mad. My teacher asked me what was wrong. I told her that I couldn’t believe what my parents did after I went to bed at night!!! Her eyes got really huge… she shifted in her chair… I said “THEY EAT ICE CREAM WITHOUT ME!!!” (You thought I was going in a much different more awkward direction, huh?)

This would have SO been me... if my parents didn't eat the ice cream without me. (But it's fine. I'm not bitter.)

This would have SO been me… if my parents didn’t eat the ice cream without me. (But it’s fine. I’m not bitter.)


Life is way easier to deal with if we can laugh through the crazy moments. In fact, my friend Kayla and I were once having a discussion about this very topic– and we decided that there has got to be a series in heaven called “Jesus’ Funniest Videos.”  (JFV for short…)

Can’t you see it? Jesus and His disciples chillin’ out up there, watching the action on earth. Peter yells for them to push pause for a second because he’s waiting for the popcorn to get done… Jesus is giddy with excitement to watch the next ridiculous thing we do and the lesson we learn in the process.

Now don’t get me wrong– I know God (and company) sure doesn’t get pleasure from our pain and failure. But sometimes we really do ridiculous things that we know better and/or could have been prevented if we would have just listened/learned.  In the aftermath, it brings a chuckle to us all.

It’s in those moments of “Seriously– did I just do that– AGAIN?!” that we can laugh at ourselves. Just think of ourselves as being the star of the latest JFV episodes. Sometimes we just don’t get it. And when we screw up, there’s nothing else to do but laugh at ourselves and move on.

In what areas of your life do you feel like a main player in JFV? What’s been your latest hilarious slip up? Be bold and give us all a great laugh by commenting below.

We can’t take life too seriously… Because none of us get out of it alive. But when that day comes, we are no longer the main characters in JFV– but we get to be spectators in heaven, looking down and enjoying the hilarious adventures of being a Christian.

Living and laughing,

“On your feet now—applaud God! Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence.” ~Psalm 100:2 MSG

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8 thoughts on “Jesus’ Funniest Videos

  1. I am so glad you brought JFV to the world! Great message today.

  2. Janell

    This seriously happened last week. Loved the moment of holding back laughter as it played out unbelievably. A gentleman comes into the church office and says, “Is there a bathroom I can use? I have a meeting with the pastor in a minute.” The receptionist replies, “yes sir, down the hall to the right.” The gentleman proceeds down the call calling, “never mind, there’s the pastor now. I’ll go in his office.” Receptionist, ” No sir, I REALLY think you should go into the bathroom!” As you know, in our office, the staff laughter erupted from every doorway!! He hadn’t realized what he had said for a few moments. We laughed with tears in our eyes!

    • Oh Janell. That is EPIC! I can only imagine the hallway reaction (and sorry I missed it!) Hope things are going great at church… I miss you all terribly. Love you and thanks a billion for the comment!

  3. There are too many to count, but enough to keep my grandchildren laughting for awhile when I make the gaffs into bedtime stories. I think you may be onto something – JFV!

  4. Kelly

    Sharita, I don’t know which Kayla you are talking about…but the one we both know always makes me laugh. The other day before the K-State Spring football game, we were talking on the phone. She asks me how much do the tickets cost and of course I don’t know. The next thing that comes out of her mouth is, “I don’t even know who they are playing.” I laughed out loud and said, Kayla they we are playing each other. It is the spring game. Just had to share.

  5. Jenn Gifford

    When Zech was about two I had him in the cart at Lowes grabbing some plumbing parts. The man in front of us had long loose hair past his shoulders, full facial hair, a few tatoos, and if I were to guess I’d say had a motorcycle parked outside of the store. Zech turned to me and said “Look mommy, it’s Jesus!!” I tried to gently shush him but it was too late. Meeting Jesus in person wasn’t something he was going to be quiet about. This man Jesus, that Mommy had been teaching about him his whole 2 years of life was now standing in front of him in person. “HEY, HEY, HEEEEEEEEY JESUS, JESUS,” Zech proceeded to yell at the man in front of us. At first no response. “HEY JEEEEEEEESUUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” To my horror the man finally catches on that my son thinks he’s Jesus…….as well as quite a few other people in Lowes. The man, quite amused, informs my son that he’s got the wrong guy. “Sorry buddy, I’m pretty far from being Jesus.” I will NEVER forget that. hehe.

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