Everyday Jesus: Run For God… Mama-Style

Remember a few weeks ago my friend Charity sharing about leading a “Run for God” journey at our church? Yeah… well here is the INCREDIBLE conclusion with a great “Mother’s Day” twist. Seriously, you don’t wanna miss it. It is sure to inspire you to lace up your tennis shoes and hit the pavement… to run your Race for Him– as we find Jesus in the Everyday. 

Running to Him,


On our very first run, it rained. In the first guest post, I talked about the rain and all the reasons we avoid it. I also mentioned that without rain, there is no growth.

Well… God sent that rain for a reason. His amazing, loving hands have “watered” us in ways I could have never imagined. His eternal gardening has caused some amazing growth with beautiful fruit and flowers.

I have grown. God used Run for God to challenge me in my leadership. I have been so humbled by the opportunity to be his vessel for this class. Run for God opened my heart to a career of helping others achieve their physical goals while allowing me to share my testimony of God’s amazing grace. As I pursue this passion, God continues to open door after door. His plan is so perfect. I am very thankful for the growth in my life. All the glory to God!

God also allowed me to watch others bloom. We began the class with about 65. A few left and a few new people joined. When we ran our goal race on April 27, 58 people completed the race. Here’s our group picture before the race.

 Group R4G

There are many stories that I could share of growth during Run for God, but I’m going to share the one that is nearest to me and closest to my heart – my Mom’s journey.

 Charity mom 1

First off, my mom is a champion! She has been through so many challenges, but her heart and life have always been in God’s hands.  I have watched her turn to God for strength in all she does. She’s been a single Mom since I was 2 and has sacrificed so much in her life, so we could have more.

My mom has supported me in all I do especially in running. She’s been my photographer for all of my runs. I love having her as the cheerleader.

She has also battled with weight issues and health issues for much of her adult life. So when she called me in January to tell me she wanted to join Run for God, all I could do was cry. I knew, right then, if the only person that signed up for Run for God was my mom, I would have been happy!

Her journey hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been tough. Here’s an email I received from her near the end of the journey about a week before our goal race:


I thought about my race and wondered if I could do the race coming up.  Tuesday around 4 o’clock, I slow run/walk and it was so unbearable that I only walked 1.39 mi for 33.47.  Needless to say I was very disappointed because I know I need to be ready to walk 3.1 for the race.  So last night, I begin to mediate on what I could do different and decided to change my strategy. You know if you always do the same thing, the same way , you will always get the same results.  My decision was to get up Thursday and run around 8 to see if this was better.  I really wanted confidence that I could do this and with God’s help I can do ALL things.  So this is to tell you my teacher, my coach, my mentor, my friend but most of all my daughter Thank You for encouraging and believing in me.  Today, I finished 3.01 miles in 1.08.02.  I thank God and give Him all glory.  I love you!


See what a beautiful flower God has pruned, watered and bloomed. She finished the goal race in just under 1 hour and 5 minutes. Here’s her picture as she neared the finish line. All the Glory to God!

Charity mom ****

charity runningCharity is a child of God. Simple as that. She love’s God and is thankful to have such an awesome church family, and thankful daily for the work God is doing in her life. Everyday. She is married to an incredible man, Adam-  there are so many great things to say about him that she’ll save that for another time, date, and location. But just know he is awesome. Finally, she has two cute, furry, cuddly cavalier King Charles spaniels, Zoe and Charlie. You can connect with Charity via her Running 2 His Arms Blog.

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2 thoughts on “Everyday Jesus: Run For God… Mama-Style

  1. Wow! This is such an inspiring, encouraging story! Thank you so much for sharing! God has truly changed our lives through Run For God as well! So excited to read you story!

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