About Sharita

This story starts with a little girl from Kansas. God had some big plans for her, but He wasn’t going to specifically tell her for quite some time. This little blond-haired chatterbox accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior when she was 12-years-old, while attending Vacation Bible School in Sapulpa, Oklahoma at her Great Grandma Thrasher’s home church.

For the next decade or so, God blessed this little girl in many ways. Meanwhile, she was growing into a not-so-little girl but instead a motivated, outgoing young lady. By the time she finished college at Kansas State University, she had a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, communications option and leadership minor. Quite a mouthful. But it worked well for this young lady, as she still had an inclination to talk… excessively.

Over the next few years, she walked quite a curvy, up-down-rollercoaster path to catch back up with Christ. She thought she was ready to conquer the whole world. But God had other plans. Incredible plans. There was some joy, some tears, some confusion, lots of learning, and a ton of growth. Her faith began to solidify. She started to move with God. And it was awesome beyond words.

During this journey, God led this young woman to her knight in shining armor… Or rather her soldier in slightly-scuffed camouflage. She married her beloved Brandon on October 2, 2010.

Thanks Ritchie for this excellent pic! http://www.ritchiewhite.com/

This Drill Sergeant wife has since received a Masters in Christian Leadership and answered the call to ministry. She is a ministry apprentice at Christ Community Church under the guidance of an incredible mentor. She has launched a new personal ministry through writing, blogging and speaking about Jesus from her army home in Fort Benning, GA.

Ok. I suppose the gig is up. The secret is out. That girl was me. (Like the title of this page didn’t give it away…) You should know I’m love to laugh. I’m relatively creative. A tad bit random. Overly enthusiastic. Chocolate-lover. Pseudo-runner. Bucket list checker-offer. Pep-talking passionate lover of Jesus.

I cannot express in words the joy, love and gratitude I have for the Lord. He has brought me through so much, pruning me for His purpose. And I know this is only the beginning. I am deeply aware that we have limited time on this earth. I desire to spend it wisely. I will live for God. After all… I only have 7 days time to make a difference each week.

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4 thoughts on “About Sharita

  1. It was great hearing from you and reading what has been transpiring in your life. Thanks for keeping me posted.

  2. Lori ogas

    Sharita , Girl I love your stories, they’re so touching. I read one and I just had to keep on reading. Cant wait for your next post. They truely are inspiring.

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