Factor of 7

It is incredibly ironic divine that God has called me to launch a ministry with a number in the title. Why? Because while some might say I have a knack for writing, math is not my strong suit. (This is how I know God has a sense of humor.)

However, this page is not about math… but rather an answer to His call.

The number “7” has great symbolic meaning in the Bible. (See “Why 7 Days Time?” page by clicking here.) It represents forgiveness, perfection, completion, sanctification, fulfillment… But most of all, it represents God’s generous love and mercy, when He sent His Son to die on the cross. With Jesus’ last breath, he uttered “It is finished.” His earthly mission was complete. But we, as radical followers of Jesus, have only just begun. We are called to be a “Factor of 7.”

Factor of 7 is a way to multiply God’s love…  and that love-multiplication comes in a variety of forms. My husband and I are letting the Lord lead us.. Some months He calls us to take $107 cash out of our account and show the love  a stranger at the grocery store. Or maybe take the cash and bless customers at Starbucks. God is super creative .The possibilities are endless.

Won’t you join us? Pray for God to make YOU a Factor of 7.  Maybe it will be in person or via an anonymous mailing. Maybe it’s a friend. Or a complete stranger. Are they a Christian or a non-believer? It doesn’t really matter… because you will impact them in more ways than you know. Allow the Holy Spirit to move you. Be a fearless factor to love. To give. To move. You WILL change a life.  It will be worth it. I promise.

And be open-minded. It doesn’t have to be money. Start loving people right where you are with all you have. Ask the cashier how you can pray for them. Mow your neighbor’s yard without being asked. Make cookies for your garbage man. Heaven is the limit… literally.

It doesn’t matter if you are seven or 107. It’s never too late to start living for God.

I post our personal experiences month-by-month. I pray that if you feel so moved, you share your story as well. Not only how it changed person who received your “Factor of 7” blessing,  but also how that pure generous love of Jesus changed YOU.

Factor of 7: Joy for Joyce

Factor of 7: Barrett Keene & Go Walk America

Factor of 7: “Chill” with Jesus

Factor of 7: A Latte Love

Factor of 7: A Latte Love from Fort Benning Bayonet

Factor of 7: Helping Hands & Burgers for Babies

Factor of 7: Thirst No More

Factor of 7: Real Time Warriors for Christ (VLOG)

Factor of 7: Bravocado, Jesus! 

Factor of 7: How Sweet It Is

Factor of 7: Planting a Few Seeds of Faith

Factor of 7: Jaw-dropping Jesus Moment

Individually, you might not think you can accomplish much. Seven is a prime number, and alone it doesn’t seem to do a whole lot. However, when it multiplies… it becomes a factor. It matters. Remarkable things happen. People experience God’s love, angels sing, and God’s will is completed perfectly. (Check out the links above if you aren’t quite convinced…)

Jesus was a single person. But His influence was so great that it literally changed the world. He gave us a hope and future. It’s an incredible gift, so now let’s pay it forward. He was THE FACTOR, the prime number-one ruler… Let’s follow in His footsteps and live our lives for Him as a full-blown “Factor of 7.”

“Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.” –Luke 6:38 (MSG)


19 thoughts on “Factor of 7

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  2. Wow. I absolutely love this post. Count me in. I was born on the 7th day of April. My grandmother always reminded me that because I was born on that day God considered me to be extraordinary. I also know that my name Joan means gift of God to the world. What better way to share my gifts than to given times 7. This is simply beautiful. I am so grateful that I stopped by here.

    • kay

      your story was so great, i am sorry to say i am not financial able to give money, but i will give in others ways. i am struggling so bad, but your story made me feel good, so thank you so much.

      • Kay, you have it right– money is only ONE way we can give for the glory of God! We all have time, treasure and talents to give away (some more than others.) And I am thinking that God is going to shake things up a bit next month as He is leading me to so something other than the $107 cash idea 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by, J.E! I pray that these stories encourage your heart to become a Factor of 7!

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  8. Sharita, I just wanted to thank you again for my Starbucks card. Today for Father’s Day, my younger daughter took us out for lunch at Tumbleweek (think Tex-Mex yumminess) and then Pepa and grandson were going to get wild and crazy at a near by fun zone called Acres of Fun. That left daughter and I do meander, shop, and laugh. Ours has not been a very close relationship, but it has definitely improving and growing in the last few years (especially since we watch her son nearly every night). So we checked out the latest sale at Khol’s and got a couple bargins at a wonderful Goodwill (my favorite shop). Then we were going to go over to Panera to sip on coffee while we waited for the ‘boys’ to be done. On the way, however, we spotted a Starbucks which is Beth’s favorite coffee spot. I was so thankful that I was able to pull out that little card and treat her to something special. It was also neat to be able to share you ministry with someone, too. Needless to say, she was touched by what you do. Please know that I continue to hold you and your husband in my prayers. Blessings. Tina

    • Oh Tina! Thank you for sharing your testimony! You have blessed me by blessing your daughter and sharing the story. Thanks for the prayers and your faithfulness. You really know how to make a gal’s heart happy!

      To the glory of God alone! 🙂

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