Comfort from Community (Five Minute Friday)

Good morning, America! (Or should I say “world?” Fun fact: 7 Days Time ministry has grown and we actually have legit and semi-regular readers in other countries. Thanks for that one, Jesus!)

Anywho, today is one of my favorite blogging days of the week. That’s right– it’s Five Minute Friday. Top three reasons why its my fav?

  1. Less pressure to get it right (or at least “perfect”)
  2. It is a great conditioning tool and change of pace from normal posts (AKA: I write for 5 minutes flat… and don’t have to come up with a topic of my own)
  3. It’s on Friday. So what’s not to love??

Every week, I link up with The Gypsy Mama… She gives us a prompt, then we go to town with our writing. Today’s prompt: “COMMUNITY.”¬†

Annndddd GO!

It can be found in person. It can be found online. Sometimes it shows up out of no where. Other times you gotta be more intentional.

Community is a beautiful thing.

As an army wife, finding community right where we are sometimes requires a bit of… uh…. creativity. And a lot of help from Jesus. Fortunately… He never fails us in that department.

Already in our marriage, my beloved and I have experienced a lot of challenges– not necessarily with marriage, but just life in general. Separations by duty, crazy hours, moving, life purpose limbo, miscarriage… The list continues.

But every time we have walked through something less than awesome, Jesus has been with us… as have other people in our community.

You know God is creative when He brings you to a community where we can dress like this... ūüôā Rocking the 80's!

We find the greatest comfort from our community within the body of Christ. What ¬†a blessing those folks are to me! Also, I find incredible community online. You wouldn’t believe (Ok maybe you would) the kind of cheerleaders and supporters that have helped me walk through some of these challenges that were strictly from an online/blogging/commenting connection.

God is mighty and powerful. He is also INCREDIBLY creative. He brings community right where we are through a variety of avenues. We simply have to have our eyes open and be willing to rejoice in that blessed comfort of our community– regardless of how it comes into our lives.


Man, that never gets old! Such a fast-writing adrenaline rush. I feel like I should write a few more paragraphs to cool down.

But I won’t. (That’s the great thing about Fridays… One and done, baby. No overthinking. Love it.)

So as I sign off, I am curiousРwhere do YOU find community? Do you have to seek it out or does it seem to fall in your lap? I would love to hear your Jesus community strategyРleave a comment here. 

Ok, my dear readers… Have a B-E-A-U-Tiful weekend. Oh… and thanks for being such an incredible, loving and supporting community for this crazy lil Jesus writer.

You rock my world (and so does Jesus),

“You can develop a healthy, robust¬†community¬†that lives right with God and enjoy its results only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honor.” –James 3:18 (MSG)¬†

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Do Not Call List

Beep, beep.

“Oh, hang on, just a second, I’ve got another call coming in… It’s a number I don’t recognize, I better take this.”

I am thankful that we live in a era of caller ID. However, it is completely against my army wife heart to ever ignore calls from “unknown numbers” or a random call from someone other than in my phonebook… especially when my beloved and I are separated by duty. I never know what time of day he might call, on what line and what the number looks might look like.

This is a double-edged sword. Every now and then, I will answer and it will be that voice I long to hear… “Hey Lover…” <eeeeee!!>

But on most occasions, it is someone with less than profound news. Or worse. A telemarketer.

Phone call from a friend!

I am not sure where the “Do Not Call” list went to, but I think I need it back for my cell phone. I admit, I don’t get too many rando “Let-me-sell-you-this-because-you-can’t-live-without-it-calls,” but it does happen.

You can almost always tell when it is someone trying to sell you something or REsell you something you recently cancelled. (AKA: our cable. We recently cancelled our cable, but for that company and they way they have called me back, you would think I did it “accidentally” and they are trying to save me from a life lacking expensive television shows I never watch.)

But I digress.

So yes, you can almost always guess once you answer how the call is going to go down. My personal fav is the one saying that I have won a cruise, but they start the conversation with the blowing of a ship horn in my ear. Really? Others take a few seconds to give themselves away. I can always tell by that three second pause while the computer is routing it to a real person, and that real person is trying to figure out how to say my name… “Is this… uh… Mrs… Uh… Share-I-DAaa K-now-blotch?”

Click. That was easy.

But sometimes it isn’t that easy. I start to listen. And to get out of this conversation that I didn’t want to be in to start with, I have to play the “heifer” card. “I AM NOT INTERESTED. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” CLICK.

How many times do we fall into this same trap with our conversations with God? We can be talking away with Him, having a grand old time, really having a heart-to-heart… then we heart that distant “beep… beep…” ringing in our ear. Another call. It’s the Enemy.

Unfortunately, it is human nature for us to sometimes put our “call” with God and hold just to see what The Enemy wants. We don’t do it on purpose. It just kinda happens.

But the minute we start to listen to half-truth-lies of the The Enemy, we begin to start talking ABOUT God instead of TO God. Then, before we know it, we are buying the sales pitch hook, line and sinker.

So how do we avoid buying this pitch from the sneaky enemy? We ignore the call. We stay on the phone with God. The closer we are to Christ, in communion with Him, living in His presence, the less susceptible we will be to Satan’s call, messages and sale pitch.

When it comes to conversations with God, there is no such thing as call waiting. Stay on the phone with him and put the Enemy and his message permanently on the “Do Not Call” list.

God is #1 on my Speed Dial,


“All believers, come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me. I¬†called out to him with my mouth, my tongue shaped¬†the¬†sounds of music. If I had been cozy with evil,¬†the¬†Lord¬†would never have listened. But he most surely did listen, he came¬†onthe¬†double when he heard my prayer. Blessed be God: he didn’t turn a deaf ear, he stayed with me, loyal in his love.” –Psalm 66:16-20

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Heavenly Friends

Cuddly. Playful. Adorable. Rolly-Polly bellies. Clumsy legs.  Wet noses. Always content.

You might guess that I am describing a flock (gaggle? herd) of small… babies at a daycare. But if you think wet noses and contentment don’t always (but sometimes-HA!) fit them, you are right.

Puppies. They are so awesome.

Sure, some are better than others. They have to be training, coached, taught and molded to behave the way we desire. But as I was watching my wonderful little baby dog Sweet Justus the other day, I couldn’t help but think… How awesome would it be to be a puppy?

I don’t say I desire to be a baby dog because people typically love them automatically and they are cute. (I have met some ugly puppies.) But I began to think deeper. Puppies and dogs in general seem to have all of the traits we desire as Christians. And unlike our continual struggles, it comes NATURALLY.

Don’t believe me? Let me explain my thoughts through the non-superficial traits I observed a few days ago from our pup. (NOTE: I know, I know… Like people, all dogs/puppies are different. This is a general overview of the general puppy population.)

Dogs are Loyal: Puppies never doubt what we insinuate or hint at. As long as you are a decent pet owner, they have never-ending trust for us even if we don‚Äôt come through every single time. If I say the word “Treat” Justus is always has faith that I will give him one no matter what. I don’t always. But he still trusts and believes, never forsaking. God never lets US down… He says The Word and it is a guarantee. So why should we doubt and allow our trust/loyalty to falter?

Dogs desire Closeness: No matter what size of dog you own, most of them desire closeness to their owners. Whenever he gets the chance, Justus loves to cuddle up in my lap or at my feet or wherever. He desires the warmth he gets from closeness to us. He wants the companionship and goes after it, every time. Shouldn’t we constantly be on a quest to feel God’s warmth, seeking out His companionship and desire closeness to Him always?

Dogs possess attentiveness: All I have to do is make the pursing sound with my lips, barely touch Justus or sometimes even just look at him… and he is there. Dogs are incredibly attentive, always seeking, listening, searching for any hints of commands or a chance to please their master. How can we do the same with our relationship with God?

Dogs Follow: If dogs have a good relationship with their owner, they will typically follow them… all the time. Sure, some do run off and get lost (I bet we the same thing with our relationship with God sometimes) but they always come back. Justus is like my shadow. To the kitchen, backyard, on walks, in the car, and he has recently even started waiting for me outside the shower. They are so in love and dedicated to us, they will go ANYWHERE we call them. Can’t we do the same for our Lord?

Dogs have a content heart: Puppies live a life of thanksgiving. They know to be happy about the small things. Some fresh food or water in a bowl, a simple “Good boy” (well done my good and faithful servant!) or experiencing the great outdoors with a best friend. They have a happy heart. Most dogs wag their tail to express appreciation. Oh, and let’s not even get into how happy they get when receiving an above-an-beyond blessing like a treat, meat scrap or new toy! If they are excited about the “small things,” why can’t we swim in a sea of Thanksgiving with our heavenly father?

Dogs wait expectantly: Not only do our dogs exhibit loyalty and dedication, but they always wait in faithful expectation. They believe what we say or promise, then wait expectantly for it. Justus has slept in a kennel downstairs for most of his puppyhood but has recently discovered the joy of sleeping in a people-bed. I told my husband good night the other day and Justus disappeared. He was upstairs. On the bed, waiting expectantly for the invitation to snuggle under the covers. What is stopping us from hopefully and expectantly waiting on the promises of God?

Dogs give us unconditional love: This is self-explanatory. Dogs give this to us. Christ also gives us unconditional love. Shouldn’t we return it?

We can’t physically become dogs. (Duh…) BUT we can learn from them. We should desire to have a loyal, seeking, attentive, close, content, expectant and loving heart towards our God like our puppies/dogs have toward us as owners.

What is God spelled backward? Why DOG of course! How much do you love your dog? Do you have some of the same heart qualities towards God that your pup has towards you? I sure hope so. ¬†Dogs are a heavenly friend and a gift given to us from God. Be thankful. Grow. Let’s follow Our God– He will never let us down and desires nothing more from us than faithfulness and unconditional love. Let God be your heavenly best friend in the form of a loyal, ever-present master.

Following Him,


“God will make you the head, not the tail; you’ll always be the top dog, never the bottom dog, as you obediently listen to and diligently keep the commands of God, your God, that I am commanding you today.” Deuteronomy 28:13

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