No More Cornflakes (Repost)

Hey there faithful readers! I am taking a one day chillout break from creating new blog material. After the events of the last week, my brain is a bit tired. However, since many of you are new readers/followers (thanks for that!) I wanted to share with you one of my all-time favorite posts.

What did you have for breakfast? I hope it wasn’t this kind of cornflakes… Let’s chow down and enjoy!


I have a confession to make. Sometimes I feel like my faith is flakier than a box of Kellogg’s  Corn Flakes.

I would love to say that I am strong pillar of faith, unshakable, undoubting at all times. But then that would be a lie. And last I checked, lying is a sin. True, I never lose faith that God exists, but sometimes I forget (doubt? worry about?) HIS faithfulness and sovereignty. Just last week during my morning quiet time at the kitchen table, I was studying Romans 4 where it was discussing Abraham’s faith and salvation through righteousness, not works. Before I could stop myself, I was praying for God to give me faith like Abraham.

Then, midway through the prayer, I panicked. Literally. I remembered all of the things that God commanded Abraham to do, including the near-sacrifice of his son Issac. I freaked out!! I tried to take back my prayer. God, I can’t handle anything that big. Developing faith involves potentially scary stuff. I was just kidding. Please cancel my request. 

THEN I realized the ridiculousness of my “please disregard my previous prayer.” Why shouldn’t I want faith like Abraham? Sure he was challenged and much was asked of him, but seriously, MUCH was given in return.  Where was my faith?

It turns out that as a woman (ok, human,) my natural flesh allows the enemy to sneak in doubt, fear and worry when it comes to our faith in God. Amidst homework, blogging, devotional writing this week, I felt very (surprisingly) calm with my busy schedule– then actually caught myself starting to worry that I wasn’t worried! Seriously, Satan? BACK OFF.

We have to lean on our Father at all times, because he gives us the weapons needed to combat the enemy. We can come away with Him daily and know that He is, was, and will forever be faithful to us. He can and will leave us without worry, and their will be no more “cornflakes” for breakfast (or any other time of day for that matter)

Do you have the courage to pray for faith like Abraham? What worries or doubts are keeping you from it? Share your heart by commenting here. Ask  for His strength and glory to shine down on you… He will take away your fear,  and replace it with faith.

Say no to the “cornflakes” in our faith. Let’s chow down on God’s Promises for breakfast instead.


“Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

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No Fear Here

Fear is… well, scary. (Duh, right?) There are a lot of different types of fears, big, little, valid, irrational, profound, imaginary etc. But being humans, it seems to be a part of our life. But it’s amazing how relief comes to alleviate our fears so awesomely and suddenly– in the most surprising places.

Yesterday was my first time to do staff devotional at our weekly staff meeting. I was excited, and a smidgen apprehensive, almost kind of intimidated. I mean seriously, our equipping staff (aka pastors/minister-ish people) totaled it up a couple weeks ago and determined that they have 99 years of ministry experience between them. Yeah, I’m going on like 4 months. No pressure, right?

I knew my devotional day was approaching, so I started to pray for God to reveal to me what to say. Each time I would start to feel butterflies (aka fear), I would pray even more. Over the past two weeks, He has led me down this bunny trail that I personally wasn’t sure made sense… but again, who I am I to question?

So I shared His message. He tied together the lessons I learned from the movie Courageous (for more info, check out See and Be Courageous) which lead me  sharing a previous post entitled No More Cornflakes when I discussed the occasional “flakiness” of my faith.  Fear seems to be the opposite of faith. Whenever I take my eyes off of Him, I get scared… What do I get scared about? I get scared about whatever little seeds Satan plants in my brain. (Big jerk!) Some of those fears include (or used to include at some point in my life):

Fear of abandonment/loneliness

Fear of betrayal

Fear of disease

Fear of death (before I knew Christ)

Fear of failure

Fear of not being a good wife

Fear of a variety of little dinky stuff that really doesn’t matter but Satan decides to mess with my head anyways

Look closely… the inscription is starting

to wear off, but it is still there…

“No fear in love…” 1 John 4:18

As I have previously discussed, I wear a ring everyday that says “No Fear in Love” from 1 John 4:18. In the context of the devotional I shared, it wasn’t necessarily about the earthly love of a man and woman– but rather that of Our Father and ourselves. His love IS perfect… and it says in that verse that there is no fear in love for perfect love casts out fear. What an awesome promise! God loves us… so what should we be afraid of?

However, it’s not quite that easy to turn our fears into faith simply by remembering that God loves us. Instead, it will require prayer. Pray specifically for God to turn your fear of ______ into faith that ______. This method can cover all kinds of fears, big, little, in between. Here are some examples:

God, please turn my fear of abandonment/loneliness into faith knowing that you are always here and never leave me. 

God, please turn my fear of failure into faith that you give me strength to accomplish things within your will. 

God, please turn my fear of not being a good wife into the faith that you called me to serve as an army wife, you are faithful and will help me succeed in the name of Christ. 

As my devotional time drew to a close, I shared a thought that God had given me on the difference between bravery and courage. While they are practically interchangeable in Webster, they are very different in a spiritual context.

Bravery comes from the Spanish word “Bravado” and reflects more of a knee-jerk reaction… something you do without thinking or motivation, but you just do it. Courage, on the other hand comes from the French word meaning “Heart.” It is a deeper kind of feeling, often pre-mediated, rooted in love and faithfulness. Cool huh?

Think about and maybe even consider making a list of your fears… Pray to turn your fear of _____ into faith that ______. Meditate on God’s love for us and root the actions of your heart in love and faithfulness… Be courageous in faith and live a life with no fear here.

Here’s to no fear,



“Do not tremble, do not be afraid. Did I not proclaim this and foretell it long ago? You are my witnesses. Is there any God besides me? No, there is no other Rock; I know not one.” –Isaiah 44:8

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