Five Minute Friday

The Laundry Monster (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday
Hi friends! It’s time to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday.

So let’s get to it.

Today’s Prompt: LAUNDRY


It’s always there. Sneaking around, seemingly taking over every room of my house.

It’s the laundry monster.

Out of all of the household terrors, this monster is really dedicated. I’m talking employee of the century dedicated. I mean, it never quits. No matter how hard I work, at the end of the day, the laundry monster has reproduced and left more laundry to tackle the next day.

The way this monster procreates, you would think it’s part rabbit.

And it is creative. Not only does it make tons of laundry on a daily basis, it also misplaces it. I swear I started with ten pairs of perfectly matched socks… But by the time they make  it out of the dryer and into the laundry basket, we have 36 socks… NONE of which match.

This monster keeps me busy. It distracts us, and sometimes we forget about the laundry load in the washing machine just long enough so that it starts to smell musty… then we have to start all over. Or it brainwashes my Beloved, convincing him that the laundry hamper is evil and clothes must stay strewn about.

And when this monster is really feeling feisty… He puts an ink pen in the dryer.

What might a laundry fail could be a faith victory... Your choice.

The laundry monster strikes again…

But in all honesty, I have to say that the laundry monster keeps me entertained. Busy. Determined. And overall, blessed. Because we DO have tons of clothes to wear AND the equipment to wash/dry them AND closets/furniture to store them in.

So while the laundry monster might try to dictate my life, it really just brings me back to my blessings… And how God has gifted us with laundry to do.


Hmmm… Interesting (and very different) prompt today. What did you think? Does your laundry monster overwhelm you or remind you of your blessings? Think about it…

As usual, thanks for stopping by, my friends. May your weekend be blessed– and your laundry be stain free and Downy-fresh.

Cleaned by Christ,

“Soak me in your laundry and I’ll come out clean, scrub me and I’ll have a snow-white life.” ~Psalm 51:7 MSG

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A Writer’s Random Rhyme (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday
Hey all!

It’s time for Five Minute Friday. You know, that point in the week where I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker, she gives us a prompt and we write… For five minutes.

Today’s Prompt: WRITE



Sometimes, I write.

I write with delight and sometimes with fright.
Sometimes it’s a fight… but good granny… I write.

I write in the day, and sometimes the night.
And always, oh always, I write in spite…

In spite of my flaws, my shortcomings, my distractions,
I am not quite sure of writing’s attractions.

It’s a challenge, makes me think, encourages me grow,
And what the final product will be, most times I never know.

Sometimes I write funny, happy, silly or sad,
And some interesting stuff comes out when I write flaming mad.

OH WAIT… now that I sit down and think why I write,
I write for Him, The One, Most Holy, My Christ.

That’s right. That’s why I write.



I (obviously) feel a bit Dr. Seuss-ey today… (But no Star-bellied Sneetches or overthinking the thinks you can think… Or Green Eggs and Ham, no ma’am.)

Thanks a ton for stopping by, dear friend… As you move through your day, no matter what you are doing, whether it’s writing, buying groceries, logging the hours at your job or wiping runny noses… Do it for The One who matters Most.

Writing for Christ,

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man…” ~Colossians 3:23 

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True Dat (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday
Hi there, friends! It’s time for Five Minute Friday…

(Back story: Each week I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us a prompt and we write for, yep, you guessed it… Five minutes.)

So here goes nothing.

Today’s prompt: TRUE



I swallowed the lump that was in my throat as I slowly looked around. I blinked. Then I realized what I knew to be true all along.

I. Was. Different.

Now, back in the day, the truth about me being different was kind of hard to swallow. Sometimes I yearned to be the fit and fashionable girl giggling by her locker instead of the non-boyfriend-having-super-academic-way-involved-uber-creative-girl I actually was designed to be.

However, as the years passed, it didn’t take me long to realize the truth about myself… and I kind of liked it.

True dat.

I was the girl who wore duct tape to senior prom in an attempt to win a scholarship for college.

I was the girl who, as a first generation college student, went straight to a 4-year university right out of the gates.

I was the girl who, for one spring break, went to Missouri Auction School to become a certified auctioneer.

And now, I am the woman who is married to a solider, has a degree in animal science and masters in Christian leadership and works in ministry. For Jesus dollars.

Yep. True dat.

Bottom line, I am thankful to know and embrace my true self– and encourage you to do the same.

Specifically by worshipping the hippest, most loving, truest King there ever was…

Jesus Christ.

True dat.


I straight up rejoice in these, truths, my dear followers. Think to yourself for a moment: What personal truths are you thankful for in your own life? As always, don’t be shy– leave a comment below.

True blessings to you today,

“Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” ~John 17:3 NIV

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She Was Well (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday
Hey friends.

It’s Friday again. Time flies, eh?

Friday can only mean one thing around 7 Days Time… It’s time for Five Minute Friday. I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker. She gives us a prompt. And we write. For 5 minutes.

Simple as that.

Today’s Prompt: SHE



She was scorned.

She was cast out.

She felt unloved.

She was ashamed.

She tried to lie.

She was ever-so-thirsty.

She was uncertain.

She was lonely.

She was broken.

She was lost.

She was a Samaritan.

She was just the “Woman at the Well.”

And then…


After her encounter…

She was assured.

She was encouraged.

She was faithful.

She was thankful.

She was quenched.

She was saved.

She had hope.

She was loved.

She shared her testimony.

She was no longer just the woman AT the well…

She WAS well.

It was well with her heart.

It was well with her soul.

She was well… because she was now a daughter of Christ.



I’m always interested to see where God takes me on Five Minute Fridays… And this one was exceptionally surprising. I welcome your feedback and pray this encourages your heart.

Remember, dear readers… No matter where you’ve been, where you are or where you are going… You can be well… With Christ at the center of it all.

It is well with my soul,

“Then, leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people, ‘Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did.’ Could this be the Messiah?” ~John 4:28-29 NIV

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Lord Have Mercy (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday
Hey gang. Tis time for Five Minute Friday.

Here’s the skinny: Each Friday, I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for this super fun quick writing adventure. She gives us a prompt. And we write. For five minutes flat.

Not overthinking or tweaking or editing. We just write.

Let’s get going, shall we?

This weeks prompt: MERCY



The microwave is beeping. The baby is crying. The dog is puking (again– the 5th time today!) on my new beige carpet.


I forget a password to an important online account. I glance at the clock and we are running late– again. The main ingredient I was going to use for supper has apparently passed its prime and smells (and looks) like some freaky refrigerator science experiment.

Lord. Please, please, have mercy. 

Life in this world can be hard. Stressful. Annoying. Exhausting. And on those days especially, I find myself talking to God more so than normal, asking for His supernatural strength, patience and energy.

Oh. And His mercy. Because I can’t handle this on my own. I sin. I fail. I fall short.

No, I know I’m not being martyred for my faith or fighting for my life… But these small challenges in life matter to me. And as we’ve said before– if it matters to us, it matters to God.

So as long as I am on this side of heaven, I will continue to ask for His help, sustainment and yes, His mercy.

And you know what? He always delivers.



Dear friends, I pray that whatever today brings, you cling to the truth that God loves you, cares for you and will help you through it. May your day be filled with His love and mercy as you walk with Him.

Praising our Merciful God,

“Praise be to the Lord, for he has heard my cry for mercy.” ~Psalm 28:6

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It’s not my favorite color (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday

Greetings, all. And happy Friday.

Here at 7 Days Time, Fridays can only mean one thing… It’s time to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday.

It works a lil something like this: Lisa-Jo gives us a prompt. Then we write. For five minutes. No overthinking or strategizing. Just write.

Pretty simple, yes?

Then let’s get this party started.

Today’s prompt: RED



When someone asks my favorite color, it’s never red. My instinctive answer is blue. Followed by purple (Go K-state Wildcats.)

Then as the color list progresses, perhaps green, because folks say it’s “my color” to wear.

But never red.

However, as I look around my house, apparently red is a bigger player than I thought. My living room curtains match our recliner… Both a burgundy-maroonish red.

My kitchen walls? Bright American red.

And if I am feeling fiesty (and baby girl gives me half a moment) my go-to fingernail polish choice… Yep, you guessed it, red.

When I stop to think about “red,” I think about the candle burning on my table. I think about my dad, who we refer to as a “Red-Headed Irishman.”

When I think about the color red, I think of Christ. The blood He shed for us, to give us a hope of eternity in heaven. How He bore our sins as the red rivers of pain and sorrow pooled underneath that cross.

How His red blood washed us white as snow.

Red. It’s not my favorite color. But maybe it should be.



I always welcome your thoughts, friends. Feel free to comment below… And thanks for stopping by.

Praying you have a stellar weekend as we strive to keep our eyes on the cross moment by moment, day by day.


“This is God’s Message: ‘If your sins are blood-red, they’ll be snow-white. If they’re red like crimson, they’ll be like wool.'” ~Isaiah 1:19 MSG

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Made to Last (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday

‘Sup, friends.

It’s Friday. (In case you missed the memo.) And over here at 7 Days Time, Fridays only mean one thing: It’s time to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker and join in to the Five Minute Friday flash mob writing party.

Here’s the skinny: Lisa-Jo gives us a prompt. Then we write. For five minutes.

That’s it. Simple enough, yes?

So, let’s get going.

Today’s prompt: LAST



I was feeling brave. My heart was pounding. I slowly pulled the door open and gingerly stretched out my arm. I reached… Grabbed… Sighed.

I was cleaning out the refrigerator. A tupperware container that had been pushed to the back was now the beginnings of an unplanned science experiment. The broccoli in the bottom of the drawer had started to… um, what’s the word… Melt? (Gross.) I checked the date on the milk. Past its due date– and unfortunately, the smell test confirmed that truth.

Ug. Those things weren’t made to last long.

How many things in this world seem to have a very short shelf life? It’s not just those scary refrigerator contents. I log into my bank account. Well, crap. That paycheck didn’t last long. I peer out the window, rejoicing for the much-needed rain for my pathetic, crispy brown lawn… but in a few moments, the clouds break up and the sun comes out. That storm wasn’t made to last either.

Now, I don’t write this to be all waa-waa-pessimistic Debbie Downer. Quite the opposite in fact. Things of this world don’t last long… Why? Because we have eternity to look forward to!

When you factor in heaven, even our lives on this earth aren’t made to last. It says in James 4:14~ “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” At first glance, it sounds a bit depressing… But seriously, folks. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A FUTURE–no, scratch that– AN ETERNITY IN HEAVEN! (And yes, I’m typing in caps because I’m yelling this.) 

Heaven. What a beautiful EVER-LASTING promise. Joy we can’t even fathom. No pain, no sorrow… And meeting Jesus face-to-face. We weren’t made to last on this earth… and thankfully, before we know it, Tomorrow will be here…

So what are you going to do about it… Today?



Have you thought about heaven lately? Are your eyes focus on Today or Tomorrow? How do you feel about the idea that we weren’t made to last here on this earth? (Sidenote: I am SO relieved about this truth.)  Chime in and leave a comment below.

And as always, thanks a bajillion for stopping by. You bless me!

Here Today, Heaven Tomorrow,

I heard a voice out of Heaven, “Write this: Blessed are those who die in the Master from now on; how blessed to die that way!”

“Yes,” says the Spirit, “and blessed rest from their hard, hard work. None of what they’ve done is wasted; God blesses them for it all in the end.” ~Revelation 14:13 MSG

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Never too Small (Five Minute Friday)

Hey all!

First things first…  Before we dig into our weekly Five Minute Friday post with Lisa-Jo, I need you to do me a HUGE favor.

Please pop over to Monday’s post and leave a comment with your choice for the new 7 Days Time tagline. (I’ve got a giveaway going and would love for you to enter. Seriously.  Who doesn’t like free stuff? It’ll take you like 45 seconds. Pretty pleaassseee. I’ll wait…)

…….. Are you back? Ok. Thanks a million.

Now, on with business… It’s Five Minute Friday time! Each week I link up with Lisa-Jo’s writing community. She gives us a prompt, then we write, unrestricted, for five minutes.

Five Minute Friday

It’s that simple.

So let’s get started.

Today’s prompt: SMALL


We live in a world of more… better… faster…bigger…  And because of that general mindset, sometimes folks forget the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Especially when done for God.

I remember a quote from Steven Furtick (paraphrasing here, people) “Nothing is ever insignificant if done for the One Most Significant.” (Or something along those lines.) For me, that means if I’m doing something with Jesus in mind, He sees it… and is pleased, as long as my heart is in the right place.

Maybe it’s opening the door for a stranger. Or bringing a casserole to your new neighbor. Or asking the grocery store check-out gal how you can pray for her.

And you know all of those small things of love you do every day? Loading the dishwasher, the seemingly endless battle to match socks, the dirty faces washed and diapers changed. The bills paid, emails written, floors vacuumed. The phone calls returned, meals prepared, groceries purchased. The thank yous to the mailman, smiles at the garbage truck driver, the hug for a friend, an encouraging word to your spouse, the extra moments spent with your child in the park.

When done for Christ… Those are NEVER too small.


How can you show the love of Christ to someone today? Be encouraged, friend… God sees your heart, how you love and labor… Your actions are never too small.

Biggest blessings to you,

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” ~Colossians 3:23-24 NIV

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Never Lonely (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday
Hey all!

It’s Five Minute Friday again. In short, each week I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker… She gives us a prompt and we write. On the spot. No over thinking or excessive editing.

So let’s get to cracking.

Today’s Prompt: LONELY



It might creep in during the darkest time of the night… Or perhaps early morning when no one is around… Or in a time of trial… Or we might even feel it in the midst of a crowded room.

Being lonely kinda sucks.

Yeah. I said it. It can suffocate us, cripple us, paralyze us. It can take over our heart, body and emotions. Super not fun.

And we’ve probably all been there to some degree.

Perhaps it’s when we are new in town and left behind all of our close friends. Or we are facing a deployment of our Beloved husband. Or our sweet posse of kiddos are headed back to school after a summer of fun. Or we trying to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Loneliness can come in many forms…  But this post isn’t to bring you down and remind us of what we don’t have in those times… This is to remind us of what we do have.

Friends, no matter WHAT you are facing, you aren’t alone. I know you have heard it before– but I’m reminding you because it’s true. God is right there with you… You might not feel Him, but I promise, He’s there and He will give you the love, strength, hope and encouragement you need to bid sayonara to that lonely heart. You can always rely on Him– He is always faithful, always present. He is our friend, companion, lover.

With God holding our right hand and whispering sweet words into our heart… What more company do we need?



Praying this post speaks to you today, darling reader… If you are feeling lonely, weary, uncertain, worn out, whatevs… I would love to pray with you. Gimme a shout out by leaving a comment or sending me a message on Facebook on Twitter or even via email (sharita{dot}knobloch{at}gmail{dot}com.)

Be blessed today!

Never Lonely with Him,

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” ~Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

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Get Fixed Up (Five Minute Friday)

Hi friends.

After several weeks of sketchy hotel internet, it appears that my on-the-spot Five Minute Friday writing dealio might just work. (But just to make sure, I am throwing out a few prayers. Lil’ help here, J-man.)

Let’s give it a shot.

Quick Five Minute Friday (FMF) background in case you missed the memo. Each week I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker (whose blog/internet is ALSO on the fritz today,) she gives us a prompt and we write– for five minutes.

Simple as that.

And today’s word (no surprise here…)


And go!


It’s that twinge of hurt you feel in your heart when walk past someone who has wronged you. It’s that inability to let go and forgive after an experience that hurt you. It’s the challenge of not thinking a judgmental thought. It’s even the struggle with giving yourself grace after you snapped at your kid when they refused to nap.

Yep. We are a broken people.

God NEVER intended our world to be like this. Sure, we can blame Adam and Eve for jacking this up (believe me, I try to do that ALL the time) but let’s be honest…. Satan is a crafty devil (pun intended) and we would have messed it up sooner or later. (My guess is sooner.)

But this isn’t a Debbie Downer post. It’s a post of hope.

Because although God never wanted us to feel the hurt and sadness of being broken, He still loves us… and has an incredible plan to get us all fixed up.

It’s not super glue. It’s not a magic wand. It’s Jesus. The One. The Only. The Savior of the World.

They always say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, I AM broke, and need to be fixed up.

I need Jesus. Every day. Every minute. Every moment.

He is my remedy. He fixes me up and puts me back together every time I invite him to… So my challenge for you, today, dear reader, is to look into your heart and ask yourself if you are broken.

Then, ask Him to get you fixed up.



Thanks for stopping by, my friends… Praying for all of my readers and followers today– if you have areas of brokenness in your life, we have One who can fix us up… (And please let me know if I can help in any way via prayer, coaching or encouragement!)

Much love to you all.

Whole in Christ,

“All the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe—people and things, animals and atoms—get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of his death, his blood that poured down from the cross.” ~ Colossians 1:20 MSG

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