Some Comments On Commenting

Aight, beloved readers… (That means “All right” for those of you not currently residing in the south.) Today, for essentially the first time in my blog history, I write to you from atop my soapbox.

No, we will not be discussing politics. (Yikes.) And no, I will not be preaching about the “hard stuff” from the Bible. Instead, I am going to share with you my comments… on commenting.

Yes, I am writing about commenting on blogs. Those of you in the “blogging community” will <hopefully> understand and support this idea… but for you beloved readers who don’t have a blog of your own, I just want to share with you how important it is to comment on blogs.

You can't actually comment "here" per say... but you can scroll to the bottom and comment. Just sayin'.

Before I you think I am an ungrateful blogging heifer, please know that I am INCREDIBLY thankful for my loyal followers who have the courage to comment on my blog (or other folks’ blogs.) Seriously. Ever since I  “launched” this ministry two months ago and migrated to WordPress, my blog comments have been tremendous compared to my old site. So on that note, here are a few facts you might not know about commenting on our blogs…

1. Your comments keep us going. This is so, so, SO important, especially for us faith bloggers that are currently working for Jesus dollars, not world dollars. Blogging, especially daily, is freaking hard. Yes, it can be incredibly rewarding. But little tidbits in the form of your comments keep us pressing forward in the name of Jesus when our brains are mush and our fingers are sick of typing. Second to God, YOU are who we are writing for!!

2. We LOVE hearing your thoughts. When you respond to our post(s), it encourages our hearts that people actually DO read our stuff. Yeah, our stats might say people are stopping by, but a few comments mean more to us than a hundred page views. If you comment, it helps us to believe even more deeply in the mission to which we have been called. Plus, we love the interaction– writing to a silent screen can get a little monotonous. And if we talk to ourselves while we write (especially in public places like Starbucks) people think we are nuts. So save us the embarrassment and talk to us through the screen! 🙂

3. Your comments don’t have to be “profound.” If I EVER figure out who started THIS nasty little rumor, I am going to cut them. Or at least judo chop them in the neck. Seriously. Yeah, we love it when comments reflect/respond to something we actually wrote (because it means you actually read it) but your comments don’t have to be profound. We aren’t expecting a greek translation or a Scripture quote or a profound revelation that changes our lives (although sometimes that does happen, which is awesome.) But sometimes, just a simple “Amen sister!” Or “Great thoughts!” or “Really spoke to me!” can make all the difference.  We comment on Facebook statuses and pictures all the time… why not take 14 extra seconds, comment on the actual blog and make it permanent? We appreciate ANY comments we receive on our blogs! (Except spam… we despise blog spam. It’s almost as yucky as the luncheon meat stuff.)

4. Your comments help our “legitness” factor. Yeah, so I made up that word… but seriously. When others view a blog, one of the first things they probably do is glance down at the bottom to see how many comments have been made. I certainly do that. If there are a lot of comments, that makes me think either A) Whatever the blogger wrote is super legit B) They have such an incredible platform that they could blog about ketchup and people would still love it or C) They are paying people under the table to leave comments. (I am pretty sure options A & B are the most feasible here.) Seriously though– if a “big dawg” publisher, minister, blogger, whoever lands on our page… Comments can make or break an opportunity that might lurking around the corner.

Blogging is like wearing a different outfit each day… although in our world, they are never going to be the SAME outfit. Sure, there are going to be occasions where a blog post might be the equivalent to t-shirt and sweats, but most days, we bloggers are hopeful that someone will notice and comment. Think about how you feel each time you sport a new haircut or outfit and someone positively mentions it to you… It can keep you going for the rest of the day! Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. And for those of us in the Jesus blogging world– we love warm and fuzzy. (Or feisty and festive. Whatever.)

Finally, we know that God encourages us throughout Scripture. From the beautiful and romantic words of Song of Solomon to the promises of Jesus, He offers encouragement to keep us going. And while those reminders keep us reaching for Jesus, sometimes we need a little earthly help from our readers to have the courage to face our keyboard again as we share our hearts.

Aight… (it’s slacking grammar day if you can’t tell…) I hope the above case for the importance of commenting on blogs has empowered you to take heart and reach out to those of us who have been called to blog for Jesus… And before you roll your eyes thinking this is a desperate attempt for feel-good moments, please note that this is not a plea for more comments on my blog. If you don’t believe me, comment on some of these other Jesus gals’ blogs if you don’t feel called to comment on 7 Days Time. It’s not about the numbers… It’s about the mission.

Check out (and comment on– hint, hint!) these other blogs…

Kelli (my beloved boss) at Living for One.
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Colleen at The Restarter Home

WHEW! Aight, I need to click publish before the view from my soapbox makes me so dizzy I pass out (or chicken out.)

Oh… and just in case this post actually stuck… feel free to leave a comment here. 🙂

Sharing the Jesus Comment Love,

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” –1 Thessalonians 5:11

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A Heart of Ministry

NEWSFLASH: Being a “minister” can be draining.

Notice that I put the word minister in quotation marks. Those aren’t sarcasm quotes… but what I like to call flexibility quotation marks. Before you completely check out, you should know that YOU are a minister too.

“Whoa, woman. Back the God truck up. I don’t work in a church. I didn’t go to seminary.” That might be true, but I assure you that you have ministered to people– maybe even today.

Yes, the word “minister” can be used as a noun to represent someone who specifically fulfills a role or office within a church. HOWEVER… it is also a verb…

Minister (verb): to give service, care, or aid; attend, as to wants or necessities: to contribute, as to comfort or happiness. 

By defining it in this way, we can <hopefully> say that the majority of us are ministers. While I minister (verb) to people daily, I am also a minister (noun) within a church. (Specifically in the words of Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights, I am a “newborn, infant, baby Jesus” minister.) One thing that God has already shown my in my time of being a minister (noun) is that ALL of us can minister (verb) to ministers (noun.)

Confused yet? Ok good, my work here is done. Just kidding. Let’s look at a “ministering a minister” experience of my own. A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to minister (verb) to another minister (noun) while shopping at the PX here on post. Her name was Gale and she was selling copies of her latest devotional. I stopped to chat with her for a few minutes. Our awesome and encouraging conversation ended with a hug, and a list of things to pray about for her. See? Ministering to the ministers!

Here’s the bottom line: Our ability to minister isn’t limited to status, title or experience. We all can have a heart of Jesus, which, if you look closely, was a heart of ministry aka giving service/comfort– for ALL types of people. He ministered to people “above” him (think: Nicodemus, rulers etc) and “below” him (tax collectors, prostitutes etc)

My “boss,” Kelli Wommack is a REMARKABLE minister (both noun and verb.) I am blessed to learn from her– but I have already learned that ministers sometimes need to be ministered to.  We all are on the same mission to glorify Christ, lift up our brothers and sisters in love. After reading her blog today, The Purpose of Difficulty, I kind of got the vibe that it was shaping up to be a difficult day (but yet still used it as an opportunity to minister to others!) We all have rough days.  It’s just part of life. And God can use those difficulties for us to minister to one another.

So I sent her an email referencing a devotional from yesterday’s staff meeting as a challenge to write 10 things we are thankful for each day. My list looked like this:

1. Running 3.5 miles w/6 hill sprints in it… and not throwing up

2. Pecan carmel candle burning in the kitchen

3. Finding the bottom of my sink after doing dishes

4. Gorgeous weather and sunshine!

5. Puppy dog cuddles and kisses

6. An amazing role model and boss in Kelli Williams Wommack!

7. A cabin named “San Souci” waiting in the mountains for my husband and I this wknd

8. Future opportunity to teach SHAPE-y things to youth

9. The Amazing Grace wind chime in our front yard

10. Chocolate-mint flavored water that I discovered yesterday

It was as simple as that! A reminder of God’s love in the form of simple little list. I also pray for Kelli on a daily basis. She is a great friend and mentor. Kelli is incredibly talented. She has a BEAUTIFUL heart for Christ. And I personally feel beyond blessed that God allows me to occasionally minister to her heart with a pep talk, encouraging word, email or Starbucks coffee. Don’t let The Enemy tell you that you aren’t “good enough” or “experienced enough” or “knowledgeable enough” to minister to someone’s heart. We are all human… and who couldn’t use a little extra love every now and then?

Jesus was always on the look out for folks to minister to. Paul also asked continually for people to pray for his mission within the church. Shouldn’t we follow their lead, ask for prayers and ministers to the hearts of our own ministers? Literally, let’s thank God for the ministers in our own lives!

I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers, because I hear about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints. I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints.” Philemon 1:4-7

Have you ministered anyone today? Do you know of a church leader that might need a mini-pep talk? Pray for them. Be their cheerleader. Being a minister (noun) can really take a lot of out of a person sometimes. (Any job working with people can be exhausting!) Don’t forget about your own ministers inside AND outside of the church… We are ALL in this TOGETHER. As believers, we can all have a heart of ministry!

A Noun/Verb kinda gal,

“I myself am convinced, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, complete in knowledge and competent to instruct one another.” Romans 15:14

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