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If Only… (Anxiety-Free Monday, Wk 4)

If only… My hair was longer.
If only… My thighs were smaller.
If only… I was four inches taller.
If only… I was more talented.
If only… I was 20 pounds lighter.
If only… My teeth were straighter.
If only… I was gifted like SHE is.
If only……………………….

How many times have you started a thought with the phrase “If only?” I know I have done it and occasionally still fall back into that trap, especially in the categories of physical attributes and “why-can’t-I-be-more-like-her?”

Let’s be honest—we women are exceptionally hard on ourselves. Some of us probably play the “if only” game on a daily basis.  We set such high standards of needing to do it all, be it all for everybody, all the while “looking good.”

Bah. It’s exhausting. (If I ever find out who started this trend, we are going to have words.)

But seriously. Being a woman, specifically a woman of Christ, can be a lot of work—especially when we are focused on the “what we are not” as opposed to the “who we are in Christ.”

This issue of not being content with ourselves, whether it is our physical appearance, skills, abilities, or giftedness is a complicated one. Our discontentment with ourselves can create anxiety. Additionally, every time we start a thought with “if only” it’s like we are saying to God “Hey man—you didn’t know what you were doing when you made me. You aren’t as smart as you think you are.”

AHHH!! That is a terrifying way to look at it—but being ungrateful is a sin, straight up. When we wallow in our “what we aren’ts” as opposed to how God made us, we are saying God didn’t know what He was doing. That makes my stomach flop just thinking about it!

You, my friend, are a work of art. And like all original art pieces—you are unique. There is no one exactly like you and God put A LOT of planning and thought into how He created you.

You have a purpose that no one else can fill- no matter what size of feet you have or what color your hair is. You are loved. Unique. And purposeful.

Just that concept alone should be a primary root for contentment.  Rejoice in the fact that God’s loving hand shaped you. It’s pretty incredible that a God who has an entire world to deal with spent time thinking about the shape of your nose and how you would be gifted.

I say that is top ten Coolest. Thoughts. Ever.  (Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy!)

In order to get us away from the “If only” game of doom, we are changing it up today—our topic for discussion is the “Glad I have” game… Here’s how to play…

Think of AT LEAST five characteristics, talents, skills that you are glad God gave you. (Please include a minimum of at least one physical attribute.) Or you can just brainstorm and list as many as you can in two minutes. Then comment below with your “Glad I have” lists (or at least part of them.)

To be fair, I will get us started…  (in no particular order…)

“I, Sharita Gwen Knobloch am glad I have… strong fingernails, a cute nose, the gift to write, laugh, teach, speak, super thick hair, small hands, sweet curves, a sense of humor, organizing ability, uniquely colored eyes and a legit badonkadonk (aka keister.)”

What does your list look like? I can’t wait to see it and rejoice in it with you—share below!! 🙂

Let’s switch from the “if onlys” to the “glad I have.” Be content with YOU!!

Created in Christ,

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” ~Psalm 139:14

If you are “officially” participating in our online bible study “Calm my Anxious Heart,” here is your homework for this upcoming week! Be blessed!

Day 1: Study Guide– Question 1, Memorize Matthew 20:28

Day 2: Study Guide– Question 2, a; b;c;d.

Day 3: Study Guide–Question 2, e;f;g;h.

Day 4: Study Guide– Questions 3, 4

Day 5: Study Guide– Questions 5, 6, 7


Word Study:  Matthew 20:28
Serve; Give; Ransom

Word Study:  Phil. 2: 3-4
Selfish ambition; Vain; conceit; Humility

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Looking Good… Or Looking to God

Confession: (Gulp.) I used to think it was all about me.

Ouch. That hurts my heart just to write it.

For all of you sweet readers out there that perhaps did not watch me grow up (or grow up with me for that matter) let me explain just a bit. I wasn’t the fashionable girl. (And I’m still not- although I received some coaching in this department in college—thanks Kally.) I wasn’t the super-duper popular girl. (And I am still not. Which I am ok with—being popular looks like a lot of work.) However, I was the overachieving girl who always wanted to be “the funny one.”

Being funny was my way of getting attention. (Plus it was a way for people to see my personality instead of my overweight teenage body.) Overachieving was my way of getting attention for “good things.” Me, me, me—it was all about me. My plans. My schedule. My life.

And then Jesus thumped me (lovingly, of course) between the eyes.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the last few years is that there is a pretty big difference between focusing our attention on looking good as opposed to looking to God.

It’s a challenging line to walk. And a line that probably many of us struggle with.

I’m not saying that we all need to toss out our favorite pair of cute shoes, boycott make-up,  and start wearing yoga pants/sweatshirts for the rest of our lives as we sit all day and read the word.  (Although some days I think that WOULD be pretty awesome.) I am still an advocate of “Look good, feel good, do good” days, especially when anticipating a big event like taking a test, speaking to a group of people or doing a presentation. God is our creator, and He made us uniquely and wonderfully and beautifully—we can definitely rejoice in that.

The challenge comes when we start RELYING on ourselves, as in our name brand jeans, bajillion dollar hairstyle or numbers on the scale to be our everything.  God is our everything—and in everything, we can look TO Him, knowing that if we trust Him, we won’t just look good, but might in fact inspire others to look towards God.

In two days, I have my first-ever opportunity to preach—yeah,  like from the pulpit, bringing the message for two different services. As I have grown as a minister, speaker and Christian, I have come to the realization that GOD is the one who is going to do the work. My goal is not for ME to look good—but rather I deeply desire for those listening to the message to be inspired to look to God.

When we share our faith or live our lives with Christ as the center of it all—people don’t just see us looking good… they see God being glorified.

Is God the center of your everything? In what ways do you struggle with balancing looking good vs. encouraging others to look to God? How does God’s glory shine through you on a daily basis? Leave a comment below.

When we share the love of Christ with others, we don’t need to spend hours dabbing our face with layers of make-up and sobbing over our inability to choose an outfit… instead we can let God do our grooming, knowing that if people see the light of Christ shining through us, then no amount of make-up, weight loss or high heeled-shoes could make us more beautiful than Christ does at that very moment.

 When we look to God—it is then that we look our best.

Beauty in Christ,

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” ~Psalm 105:4

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