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Home is Where Jesus Calls You

You’ve probably heard your share of “homey” quotes…

“Home is where the heart is.”

“Home Sweet Home.”

“Home is where you hang your hat.”

“There’s no place like home” (Wizard of Oz, what, what!)

Ah, home. It conjures up all sorts of apple-pie-wafting, couch-snuggling, T.G.I.F sitcom watching (does anybody else remember the T.G.I.F television programming?) images of joy.

Ahhh... Homey.

Ahhh… Homey.

There is one “home” saying that I have often pondered; one that is (obviously) very popular in the army.

“Home is where the Army sends us.”

This saying is typically painted on a sign, then below it are little placards that have the bases where folks have been stationed. I always think it’s interesting to walk around my neighborhood and imagine the adventures and challenges that come from “home” being Fort Bragg, North Carolina, then Fort Wainwright, Alaska, onto Fort Bliss Texas then Fort Campbell, Kentucky. (I don’t know anyone specifically off the top of my head that has traveled that exact pattern, but you get my drift.)

We, however, do not have one of those signs on our front door. Not because I don’t think they aren’t cool, but because I believe the army isn’t the director of where we move every 2-5 years(ish.)

Jesus is behind the army… So as far as I am concerned, home is where Jesus calls you.

This concept doesn’t just apply to military people. And really, it doesn’t matter if you have moved 10 times in the last 10 years or still live in the same house in which you were born 60 years later.

Home is where Jesus calls you. It’s as simple as that.

Sometimes I struggle with this idea… I see my friends living close(ish) to family, buying or building a home… And honestly, I kind of want that.

No more slapping a coat of paint on hospital-white walls in an attempt to make what we know is a temporary home a little more personal. No more “creative-curtain-ing” when we move into a new home and realize all the windows are a completely different size than the last place we lived. No more praying over the stain in the carpet when it’s housing-move-out inspection time.

God has done (and continues to do) some really incredible work on my heart in this regard, reminding me that HE is in control of where we live, how we get there, how long we stay.

After all, home is where Jesus calls us.

So, three big (albeit, slightly random) thoughts surrounding this topic:

1. Regardless of the place we are called to live, there is no room for envy, jealously, pride or discontent in that equation. Instead of “wishing” for a permanent place near family, we should revel in the adventure God has called us to. Or instead of yearning to get out of a small home town, we should find joy in the familiarity.

2. No matter WHERE we live, or how long we live there… It is STILL temporary. This world is not our home. Let’s enjoy it while we can, but keep in mind that life is but a vapor and there is something WAY more awesome coming our way. Which brings me to point #3…

3. We must live with an eternal perspective. I have a sneaky suspicion that when we eventually make it to our permanent heavenly home, it will blow us away, and no amount of screened in porches, built-in ice machines or bathtub jacuzzis will compare. (Just a few thoughts for my earthly dream home, FYI.)

As you read this, I am enjoying some time back with my family in my childhood home. It’s great to be back in the country with the animals and feeling of fall all around. But as awesome as ALL of my earthly homes have been so far, whether it was in Kansas, Missouri, Georgia or Washington, I know something even more incredible awaits me…

Because after all, home is where Jesus calls us… and someday, we will experience Home sweet Home like never before!

Heaven is where my heart is,

PS: Do you know where your eternal home is going to be? If not, I would love to talk with you about that. It won’t be weird or awkward or judgey, I promise… But seriously, gimme a shout via

“By an act of faith, Abraham said yes to God’s call to travel to an unknown place that would become his home. When he left he had no idea where he was going. By an act of faith he lived in the country promised him, lived as a stranger camping in tents. Isaac and Jacob did the same, living under the same promise. Abraham did it by keeping his eye on an unseen city with real, eternal foundations—the City designed and built by God.” ~Hebrews 11:8-10 MSG 

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Made to Last (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday

‘Sup, friends.

It’s Friday. (In case you missed the memo.) And over here at 7 Days Time, Fridays only mean one thing: It’s time to link up with Lisa-Jo Baker and join in to the Five Minute Friday flash mob writing party.

Here’s the skinny: Lisa-Jo gives us a prompt. Then we write. For five minutes.

That’s it. Simple enough, yes?

So, let’s get going.

Today’s prompt: LAST



I was feeling brave. My heart was pounding. I slowly pulled the door open and gingerly stretched out my arm. I reached… Grabbed… Sighed.

I was cleaning out the refrigerator. A tupperware container that had been pushed to the back was now the beginnings of an unplanned science experiment. The broccoli in the bottom of the drawer had started to… um, what’s the word… Melt? (Gross.) I checked the date on the milk. Past its due date– and unfortunately, the smell test confirmed that truth.

Ug. Those things weren’t made to last long.

How many things in this world seem to have a very short shelf life? It’s not just those scary refrigerator contents. I log into my bank account. Well, crap. That paycheck didn’t last long. I peer out the window, rejoicing for the much-needed rain for my pathetic, crispy brown lawn… but in a few moments, the clouds break up and the sun comes out. That storm wasn’t made to last either.

Now, I don’t write this to be all waa-waa-pessimistic Debbie Downer. Quite the opposite in fact. Things of this world don’t last long… Why? Because we have eternity to look forward to!

When you factor in heaven, even our lives on this earth aren’t made to last. It says in James 4:14~ “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” At first glance, it sounds a bit depressing… But seriously, folks. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A FUTURE–no, scratch that– AN ETERNITY IN HEAVEN! (And yes, I’m typing in caps because I’m yelling this.) 

Heaven. What a beautiful EVER-LASTING promise. Joy we can’t even fathom. No pain, no sorrow… And meeting Jesus face-to-face. We weren’t made to last on this earth… and thankfully, before we know it, Tomorrow will be here…

So what are you going to do about it… Today?



Have you thought about heaven lately? Are your eyes focus on Today or Tomorrow? How do you feel about the idea that we weren’t made to last here on this earth? (Sidenote: I am SO relieved about this truth.)  Chime in and leave a comment below.

And as always, thanks a bajillion for stopping by. You bless me!

Here Today, Heaven Tomorrow,

I heard a voice out of Heaven, “Write this: Blessed are those who die in the Master from now on; how blessed to die that way!”

“Yes,” says the Spirit, “and blessed rest from their hard, hard work. None of what they’ve done is wasted; God blesses them for it all in the end.” ~Revelation 14:13 MSG

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A Little View of Heaven (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute Friday
Hey all! It’s Five Minute Friday time… Each Friday, I link-up with Lisa-Jo Baker, she gives us a prompt, and we write.

No profound strategizing and content mapping… Just write.


Today’s Prompt: VIEW



If  someone were to ask me my most prized possession (other than family/people in my life) my answer would be pretty easy.

It wouldn’t be our new-to-us car. It wouldn’t be my iPad or computer. It wouldn’t be a family heirloom passed down from my great grandma. It wouldn’t even be my wedding right.

It would be my 1000 gift list.

My “gift list” is inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book 1000 Gifts (imagine that, right?) and given to me by God.

It is my most prized possession because it gives me a little view of heaven.

As I flip through the 1893 gifts on my ever-growing list, I can feel my heart start to swell. I am overcome by the power, presence and love of God… And I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the tiniest view of what heaven will be like someday.

According to my gift list, a view of heaven could be…

Inventing a new recipe… that works.

Baby girl discovering her voice and squeaking, squealing and cooing on the floor in the living room.

Praying with my Beloved.

New running shoes.

Puppy dog smiles.

Warm rainstorms.

Being prepared.

Frozen yogurt with a friend.

The list (obviously) goes on… and on.

So when this world is pulling me down or my eyes start to shift from being focused upward, all I have to do is find a quiet moment, pull out that little black journal… and then I get a little view of heaven.



What “gift” is God giving to you today? I would love to see how you view heaven from an earthly perspective… Comment below– and thanks for stopping by 🙂

Be blessed (and safe) this Memorial Day weekend! (And a huge shout out to my Beloved Brandon for his unwavering service to our country. Go America!)

Viewing God with Love,

“Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar.” ~Isaiah 33:17

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Enough (Anxiety-Free Monday, Wk #7)

“Is that enough?”

UG! Talk about a loaded question!! It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a delectable piece of dessert, our end-of-month cash flow amount, the groceries in our shopping cart or our worth/value as a person.

More often than not, even if our mouths answer yes, our heads answer no.

It’s a hard (and yucky) truth, but as consumers, Americans and HUMANS we are a greedy, selfish bunch of folks.

Sigh. Why can’t we be satisfied?

Notice I said WE. Yeah, WE, as in ME, have this problem too– We always want more, bigger, better. But WHY??

Too often, we  are trying to find life and contentment in STUFF. Overspending is the norm in our culture. The more you have, the happier you will be, right?

Uh, yeah. Negative.

In this week’s chapter of “Calm My Anxious Heart,” Linda Dillow makes a lot of profound (and difficult) points on this topic of never being satisfied or trying to find our worth or value in things of this world, specifically money.

She says that “Happiness is getting what we want; contentment is wanting what we get.”

Touche, sister!

Also, did you know that Scripture contains more references to money than to salvation? And 16 of Jesus’ 39 parables deal with the issue of wealth!

Apparently this has been an issue for a hot minute or so. And it is something we STILL battle.

I know, I know, this whole “not living for the world but finding our contentment in Christ” is great in theory, but seriously, how can we make it happen?

Here are some practical tips that we (as in, my husband and I) have started the slow process of embrace the FACT (yes, FACT) that Jesus is enough for us. (Don’t get me wrong– we still have a looonnngggg way to go. God sure knows it!)

1. Last Christmas, instead of purchasing gifts for our family, we made a donation to a cause or fund that would speak to their heart in the name of Jesus.

2. This summer, we ate only 7 foods for 30 days. (Longest 30 days of our life… but honey, you better believe it changed our hearts!)

3. In addition to our tithe, we have answered the call of doing Factor of 7, a random act of kindness/generosity movement as a part of this ministry.

Finding your ENOUGH is probably going to look  a little different. Is it hard? Uh, yeah– kind of a lot. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Here’s some “heart” Scriptures that we can chew on today as we seek our ENOUGH in Christ:

“What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” ~Mark 8:36

“Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.'” ~Hebrews 13:5 

“The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.” ~1 John 2:17

Do you struggle with your “enough?” What parts are most challenging for you? What would living a life of ENOUGH in Christ look like? I would love your feedback (um, and encouragement– because I struggle with this too!! Iron sharpens iron, my friends…) Comment below.

Before we can deal with the money-in-our-pocket (or lack thereof) issue or the abundance of stuff in our house, we must first embrace this as a heart issue. God has already promised us abundant life in Christ Jesus. And that life is more valuable than any car or house or amount that we can charge on our Visa card.

As we continue to seek contentment in Christ, perhaps someday we will confidently be able to respond to that loaded question of “Is that enough?” with “Yep. I’ve got Jesus. That’s all I need… And He’s ENOUGH!”

Content in Christ,

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” ~Philippians 4:19

If you are “officially” doing the online Bible study with us, here is the homework for the upcoming week:

Day 1: Question 1, Memorize and meditate on Ephesians 5:  15 – 17, Question 2

Day 2: Questions 3, 4

Day 3: Question 5

Day 4: Question 6, 7


Word Study:  Ephesians 5: 15 – 17


“Making the most of every opportunity” or “redeeming the time”



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Rocking that Heavenly Bling (FMF)

Hi there friends! Whooeee– I tell ya what… It sure is nice to be back to the world of wireless internet. (It makes blogging a lot more efficient too!)

Now that my Friday technology status has been established, here is what that really means– we are back to playing along with Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo.
Five Minute Friday

Each Friday (ok, any Friday that I have legit technology and can blog on the spot) I link up with sweet Lisa-Jo. She gives us a prompt and we write– for five minutes flat. No over thinking. No need for perfection. Just write.

It’s a grand time. And a great exercise to get in shape (that doesn’t require specific workout clothes or sweating.)

Ready to get started? Cool. Let’s get crackalackin.

Today’s Prompt: RACE

Annddd… GO!


The weather is cool and the sun has just shown its face over the horizon. People are starting to gather, some relaxed, acting as if it’s just another day while other pace nervously about. Time ticks by slowly… last-minute adjustments are being made… then its go time…

Welcome to race day.

There’s nothing like a race to get your adrenaline pumping! Granted, I am not much of a competitive racer by any means– I have run a few 5Ks, but never really to win it. (Hey, the fact that this asthmatic can run 3.1 miles without stopping is a win for me. I take what I can get!)  I cheer on my lil bro at his cross-country meets when I can, I have been to the Indianapolis speedway and to Church Hill Downs.

Just something bout a race that gets us all revved up.

However, I’ve always preferred to be the cheerleader, not the participant– but in the last few years, God has invited me to run a race– with Him.

HIS RACE. Running after Him, towards that finish line.

I have to admit, some days I feel like a champ. (Bring on the roses and champagne!) Other days, I definitely rock the underdog title. (Water?! Please? ARE WE THERE YET!?!)  Regardless,  of our talents, skills or abilities, we can cling this truth: with Him as our coach, our cheerleader, our guide, our trainer, even our water boy– we can all win THIS race.

And I don’t know about you– but the concept crossing that finish line and receiving our heavenly reward (bling bling!)  in the form of “Well done, my good and faithful servant” is the most motivating race strategy EVER.

So here’s to running our race– in it to win it– and rocking that heavenly bling.



Thanks so much for stopping by today, my dear readers… How is your race with Christ going today? Are you feeling fresh and charged? Or tired and sweaty? Or perhaps needing a pit stop?  When you finish His race someday, what do you think YOUR heavenly bling will look like? I always love to hear from you all– it sweetens my day. Leave a comment below 🙂

Prayers and love to you all!!

And the race is on,

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

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Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Do you remember that movie from the 1993 called “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey?” You know, the one with the two dogs (Shadow and Chance) and the cat (Sassy.)

Oh. You don’t? Well, google it. I will wait.

Got it? Ok. Well, it was one of my favorite movies back in the day– we owned it on VHS, and if we still had a VHS player, I would probably still watch it on occasion. That movie included my favorite things: Disney, animals and adventure.

Now my life is a little less Disney and a lot more adventure.

Living about a thousand miles from “home” provides challenges and opportunities for growth like you wouldn’t believe (unless of course, you have lived it. Then you totally get what I’m saying.)

As you read this, I am currently in the process of being homeward bound for a few days– We (as in Sweet Justus the pup, our currently-cooking-softball-sized-baby Little Patriot and myself) have made it to my sweet parents-in-love’s house in South Dakota. (Note: It is a LONG frigging drive from Fort Benning, GA to South Dakota. Just saying.)

And I think my heart is about to explode. (In a good way, of course.)

It is SO awesome to be back in the midwest… I haven’t been back since last Christmas break  and I am thrilled to get back to the land of corn (well, if the drought hadn’t burnt it all up) and cattle. In a few short days, I am southbound and down, heading to Kansas for a few precious days of family, agriculture and chaos that only our tiny little community can provide.

WHEW!!! They still fit!! (There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…)

I addition to anticipation of seeing my family, the farm,  and friends– I also have a big-ish announcement. Ready?

I HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO PREACH. That’s right, I have been invited to bring the Sunday morning message at our local church for TWO different services.

I couldn’t be more excited. (If you happen to be in the southeast Kansas region on September 30th, come on down to the Kincaid United Methodist Church at 9am then follow us over to the Welda UMC church at 11am. I would love to share with you what God has laid on my heart!)

It is such a blessing to have a home to love and look forward to– but honestly, my friends– it doesn’t matter where you are from, if you love your “home” or not… we ALL have a home that we can look forward to.

See, we are all homeward bound– someday, we will be home. Like, with Jesus. Yeah, in heaven. And that’s gonna be so awesome that it will blow any sweet childhood memories and love of the countryside out of the water.

Our current adventure of being homeward bound might seem to be kind of long and tedious some days. (ARE WE THERE YET?!?)  There are going to be “those days” where we are at the end of our ropes. Then there are other days where we can’t imagine that things can get any better than this.

But trust me. It can. And it will. Because we are all Homeward Bound. And yes, it’s an INCREDIBLE journey.

There’s no place like home,

PS: In what place do you feel most at home? How do you feel when you think about our eventual eternal home? I always love to hear your thoughts– please leave a comment below!

“But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.” 2 Peter 3:13 (NIV)

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The Race of a Lifetime

It’s early in the morning. People are gathering. Some are chatting with friends, others nervously fidgeting as they hang by themselves. Someone makes the announcement.

“Please move to the starting line.” 

Running a race is… intense. Some “professional” runners are in to win that trophy or a sweet medal. Others, like myself, simply want to run and not die. Or break our face.

I haven’t been a “runner” all my life. (Side note: the fact that I refer to myself as a runner is a HUGE breakthrough.)  I used to DREAD the “Presidential Physical Fitness Testing” in middle school and freshman year of high school. Especially the mile run. Whenever that time of year would roll around, I would head to gym class with a pit of nerves and fear in my stomach.

“Please Lord. Don’t let today be the day we run the mile. PLEASE.” 

I was embarrassed. I always finished last. I hated it. I wanted to cry.

But last Saturday, I finished my 3rd  official 5k race. Yeah, I ran 3.1 miles. ON PURPOSE. This fact alone still blows my mind. It was a great race in Americus, GA to benefit the Kisses From Katie cause.  I had been training hard and managed to shave 3 minutes and 4 seconds off my best ever race time.

Now before you think I am just writing this to write this, please know: This was the first time I ran for God. Him alone. Sure, I have been training hard, but I wasn’t running for me anymore. I prayed every day for the Lord to give me the strength and motivation to do this. Because if all thing are possible with God, then Him making me a runner ranks right up there with turning water into wine.

And guess what? I no longer hate running. I almost call myself a runner. That’s a miracle in itself.

On race day, I got up early for my quiet time. I was hoping for a fresh and inspiring word from the Lord as kind of a “race day motto,” so I flipped over to my concordance and looked under the word run. This is what it said:

“You’ve been to the stadium and seen the athletes race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You’re after one that’s gold eternally.” ~1 Corinthians 9:24-25 (MSG)

I was blown away. Wow. That’s just cool.

We are all running the race of a lifetime. But God is going to be the one who decides who “wins.” If we run for Him, we can win that eternal gold medal as we cross that heavenly finish line, weary and sweaty with a smile in our heart.

So I didn’t run a 5K. I was just running after Jesus. The mileage just happened to equal 3.1 miles. I prayed on the way to the race. I prayed before the start, as I nervously fidgeted (aka pretended to stretch.) I prayed with each step. I prayed when I saw yet another freaking hill in my path.

When I finished, I was completely spent. (The paramedics who were in attendance gave me a “look” that said “If someone goes down, it might be this gal.” But I didn’t. Thankfully.) Even in my exhaustion, my mind was still on Jesus, thinking about that award that never tarnishes. As I thought about this, they announced my name and handed me this:

Yes, 2nd place for my age division. Granted, it was a pretty small race, but I didn’t take this as an award from the race organizer. I took it as encouragement from Our Father. To me this red ribbon represented much more than finally not coming in last place. It was a message from God.  “You are doing great, my sweet daughter. You aren’t there yet, but keep running.  Stay faithful and your reward shall be great.”

 You don’t have to a literal runner to enter the race for God. We can “run” together. He is waiting at the finish line, cheering us on. How do you run with God daily? How does He cheer you on? Let me hear it by leaving a comment below!

The stopwatch is poised. Grab your iPod. Lace up your shoes. We are in the race of a lifetime.

Keeping Pace with Christ,

“I don’t know about you, but I’m running hard for the finish line. I’m giving it everything I’ve got. No sloppy living for me! I’m staying alert and in top condition. I’m not going to get caught napping, telling everyone else all about it and then missing out myself.” ~1 Corinthians 9:26-27 (MSG) 

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Aftermath of our Path

It is Friday… It is Friday… It is Friday, Hey, Hey, Hey, HEY! <Feel free to sing this outloud to the same tune from Little Rascal Buckwheat’s rendition of “I got Two pickles.

It IS Friday and that can only mean one thing– It’s time for our weekly Friday Flash Mob, writing style.

Here’s the deal: Each Friday, I link up with The Gypsy Mama. She gives us a prompt. Then we write. Unscripted. Unedited. For five minutes flat.

Too easy right? Well then, let’s get to cracking.

Todays prompt: Path

Ready? GO!


The bags are packed. My water bottle is full. Pup is leashed up. It’s go time.

We are out to discover a new running path. We begin our walk/jog/hike in a beautiful spot. Trees surround us. Birds whistle cheerfully. The sun gently warms our neck. It’s gonna be a good day.

Off we go. This is awesome! Trotting along, I sing quietly to myself. I talk to the pup. Our new path curves a bit.

HOLY CANNOLI. That’s a big freaking hill. Um, that wasn’t in the plans.

Meh, it’s just one hill. We can do it. We trudge on. The sun is getting warmer. Beads of sweat form on my brow. My calves are screaming. We get to the top. And there in the distance, is another beast of a hill. Ugggg…

Walking on our chosen path isn’t always easy– both literally and figuratively. When Jesus called us to follow Him, He didn’t say it would be easy. But He said it would be worth it.

Our paths are going to be filled with hills, curves, broken areas, bridges that have gone out, detours, sweat and maybe even a snake or two.

But we must keep walking. One foot in front of the other, following after Christ. Because after all… Our path, no matter how hilly or sweaty or snake-infested, has a heavenly destination.

Tie on your tennis shoes, bring your water… Because the aftermath of our path is heavenly.


Know what I love more than  Friday flash mob writing? Your feedback. I would love to hear about the current path you are on… Are you facing a hill? What’s around your next bend? What keeps you motivated to press onward to reach that glorious path-walking aftermath? Please leave your comments below!

And now… I must get started on my path for today! Many blessings to you… and as always, if you have any prayer requests, leave a comment, send a message to 7 Days Time Facebook page or email me at sharita{dot}knobloch{at}gmail{dot}com.

Following After Christ,

“Now you’ve got my feet on the life path, all radiant from the shining of your face. Ever since you took my hand, I’m on the right way.” ~Psalm 16:11

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No Such Thing as Good-bye (Five-Minute Friday)

Oh what joy I have in my heart today! It’s Friday! (Insert happy dance here!)

One reason (among several) that I am joyous that it’s the end of the week? Because Five Minute Friday is here for us in the blogging world.

To catch you up: On Friday’s I link up with The Gypsy Mama. She gives us a prompt, then we write for five minutes flat. No over thinking. No editing. Just write.

I kind of think of it as a high intensity cardio-workout of the phalanges. (Phalanges= finger bones and personally one of the top five most hilarious words on the planet.)

So today’s prompt? Good-bye. 

Ready? Let’s do it. GO! 


Bon Voyage. Adios. Sianera. Sayonara. Hasta Luego. Don’t let the door hitcha where the Good Lord Splitcha. Peace out.


However you say it, it can hurt. Or in some cases, it might be a relief. Either way, good-bye is not the most fun thing in the world.

Now, you would think as an army wife, I would be an expert with good-byes. But that’s not entirely true. Yes, while my beloved and I have been separated by calls of duty more than I care to brag about, we have a policy. Both of us despise good-byes. So we don’t do it.

Instead, we say “See you later.” Or “See you soon.” Or simply “I love you and I will be praying for you.” Because “good-bye” just sounds so… final.

And great news… nothing in this world is final. Because of the Cross, we have the promise of reunion in heaven.

So even when he deploys, we don’t say good-bye. No matter WHAT happens, we are CONFIDENT that we will see each other again, either on this side or the next. The same goes for all of those we have lost in our lives.

Praise the Lord that we NEVER have to say good-bye. We can rejoice that whether it is a trip to get milk at the grocery store, a few month separation by duty, a life-risking deployment or even that last journey to meet Jesus…

We WILL meet again.

So in our world– there is no such thing as good-bye.


I don’t know about you, but that was kind of an emotional (yet encouraging and interesting) roller coaster ride. And on that note– it’s time for breakfast and to celebrate the day.

Thanks for stopping by… I would L-O-V-E your feedback. Go ahead… make my day and comment here. 🙂

Good-bye See you soon,

“Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let them say among the nations, “The LORD reigns!”’ 1 Chronicles 16:31

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