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I’m not the Lord of my Life… (Thankfully!)

I am not the lord of my life… THANK GOD.

I type those words with ease, because if I was lord of my life,  I would be in serious trouble.

But there was a time (not too long ago, might I add) that I really was TRYING to be my own lord. It wasn’t extremely obvious. It’s not like I was building little golden Sharita-idol statues to put around my house and sell on Amazon. (That would be so awkward.) However, I WAS trying to do all, control all, be all to everybody.

And as lovingly as God crafted me, I am NOT made for that.

Neither are you.

Everywhere you look, we find “self-help” books. Admittedly, I have a few on my bookshelf in my dining room from my previous “Me-me-me-I-can-do-it-all” days. Sure, there are a few good tips in there– but our efforts mean NOTHING without God’s involvement.

Having control of everything/everyone in life can quickly become an idol or obsession. When we think our efforts are the end-all-be-all, we leave God out of the equation… And most of the time, we find ourselves stressed, exhausted, frustrated and facing defeat.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not making a proposition that we all quit our jobs and move to the Bahamas, spending our remaining days on earth basking in the sun drinking little umbrella drinks. (Unless God is calling you to do that… In which case, I would appreciate an invite to crash on your couch for a week.) Our hard work is necessary but insufficient without God. We are in a partnership with God. To collaborate, seeking His strength and guidance while we carry out His purposes.

If you have been around 7 Days Time very long, you know that I am predisposed to being a worrier (coupled with my desire for control. Super fun. Sigh.) But when it comes to lordship over our life, we can release both worry and control and let God do His thing instead of thinking we should/have to do it all.

In order to help with this example, I have made a list.. (Me? Make a list? No way!) It’s essentially a list of what I can/am called to do/should control versus what God’s responsibilities are.

Here we go…

My responsibility: To love my husband and Biblically submit to Him
God’s responsibility: Equip my husband to love me like Christ loved the Church

My responsibility: Take care of my daughter by feeding her, clothing her, loving her
God’s responsibility:  Protect her, guard her, and be with her in ALL situations

My responsibility: Blog and minister with faithfulness and passion through 7 Days Time
God’s responsibility: Bring the people and soften their hearts to hear His word

The list can go on and on and on… but I tell you what- when I clarify MY responsibilities in life compared to what God’s Lordship responsibilities are over me, it is such a relief.

It’s not all up to me. I am not the Lord of my life. 

The best part about all of this is that while I am incapable doing all these things alone, God is there with us. He loves it when we invite Him into our day and say “Ok, God. I am going to work hard for you, but I know my efforts are insufficient without you. I’m gonna need your help.”

What would your list look like? Where do you struggle when it comes to defining your vs. God’s responsibilities? I would love to hear all about it– comment below!

So today, friends, lets admit (and rejoice) in the fact that we are not the lord of our life.

Praise the Lord for His Lordship,

 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me.” -Exodus 20:2-3 NIV

To do list...

What’s on my list… vs God’s list?
(Photo via Vic @ Flickr)

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The New American Idol

So, rumor has it that American Idol is still on TV, right? I personally wouldn’t know because we have disconnected our cable and I haven’t really watched it since Season 2 when it was a battle between Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard. (I still think Clay should have one… And yes, I was a HUGE Clay Aiken fan. I even went to see him in concert my freshman year of college. Don’t judge me.)

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Anywho, I think American Idol is still (barely) hanging in there, although I’ve heard that “The Voice” is kind of the thing to watch as of late. (Again, I wouldn’t really know.) But I was doing some pondering last week and started considering what it meant to be an “idol.”

Idol’s typically involve…

  • People looking up them
  • Wanting to be them
  • Making decisions based on them
  • Seeking them out
  • Thinking about them regularly

I couldn’t help but think about the things in MY life that threaten to be idols, distracting me from God, The True One I should be worshipping. Perhaps your list looks similar… or maybe a little bit different. We are all human, so the temptation is there.

The potential idol: My spouse– Brandon and I have made it very clear from the beginning that we are to love God more than we love each other. To non-Christians, that might sound crazy. But it is a pure Jesus fact that if you love God more than you love your spouse, you can love your spouse even better!

The potential idol: Children– Yes, children are DEFINITELY a blessing from the Lord. However, we as parents are not supposed to worship our children. We are to love and take care of them… but NOT make them the center of the universe. Have you ever met a kid who thought they were the center of the universe? Yeah, case and point. We best leave THAT role up to God.

The potential idol: My career/ministry– Yes, I am working for God. But I have to keep my brain set on that ALL THE TIME lest I get distracted, thinking that I need to start doing my own thing before God has ordained it by means of fame, money, etc…

The potential idol: Control– This a biggie. Sure, it really isn’t a tangible thing I can touch, but man-oh-man, I sometimes find myself seeking it out almost to the point of worship. When control becomes an idol in life, we are essentially saying “Thanks, but no thanks, God. I got this. Don’t need you.” Uh yeah– not ok.

The potential idol: Security– If given the choice, most of us would choose to play it safe. But only when we take a risk for God are we truly letting Him know that HE is our everything… We trust Him to be with us no matter what path He leads us down.

The potential idol: Things of this world– This one opens up a variety of potential challenges: TV, Facebook, material possessions… You have heard it before, but we can all be tempted. Stand guard.

Does your list look similar to this? Or do you struggle with different items that worm their way into your life trying to be “the idol.” I would LOVE to hear your thoughts… feel free to leave a comment here.

American Idol was (and I guess still is) a semi-popular show… And while Clay Aiken isn’t in the picture anymore, many other areas of our lives threaten to take God’s place. So the next time you are tempted to “worship” something of this world, remember that you have already voted… Our Eternal Heavenly Idol is Jesus!

Thankful He gives us so much more than a recording contract,


“Don’t make idols for yourselves; don’t set up an image or a sacred pillar for yourselves, and don’t place a carved stone in your land that you can bow down to in worship. I am God, your God.” –Leviticus 26:1

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