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Everyday Jesus: The Smiling Square Faces

Are you ready for yet another incredible installment of our “Everyday Jesus” guest blogging series? I sure hope so… because this one, written by my sweet friend Amy, is a doozy. Her perspective will surely make your scratch your head (in a good way!) and her personality will make you want to reach through the screen and drag her to Starbucks for a face-to-face chat about… well, anything! This gal is an incredibly talented writer and such a passion for Jesus that it’s contagious.

So yes, meet Amy. And be sure to show her the love both here and over at her place!

Always impressed by Him,

It’s easy to lose track of Jesus online. Bloggers blast out words at all times of day and night. Pieces of truth they are learning, and that truth is usually accompanied by a beautiful picture with a moving piece of scripture inscribed in cool font.Tweets and likes and +1’s, cloud my thinking, and it doesn’t make sense that Jesus can be the topic of almost every post I read and yet, somehow go missing.When I start feeling like this, I know it’s time to unplug, and I do so happily.Who will notice I am missing?Surely, the smiling, square faces from Arizona, Arkansas, and across the ocean are busy, and if I close shop for a time, it would go undetected. *Insert speculation about the quality of my online relationships.Amyonlinegirls

And so I pull the plug. No blogging for a week or maybe even two.

I decide Jesus is present in the quiet mornings of my home, and I need time to think about the realness of my smiling square “friends”.

And then I receive a text inquiring about my new job. From an online friend.
And an email asking if I need anything. From an online friend.
And a call filled with giggles. From an online friend.
And my iPad rings. Oh, it’s an online friend.

Jesus sneaks up.

He tells me my online friends may not be sitting in front of me, but He instructs me to embrace the love they share anyway.

Then, Jesus surprises me.

Although He doesn’t tell me, I get the distinct impression Jesus doesn’t feel all of the online chatter is shameless self-promotion, nope. Instead, I think He’s thrilled to be the focus of conversation and happy people are connecting in His name.

Your turn: Tell me about the people you have met online. Do you ever wonder about the authenticity of your online relationships? Have you seen real friendships bloom out of a shared passion for spreading ideas about Jesus online?

amyblog picAmy L. Sullivan pounds out words early in the morning and late at night. She doesn’t have any “online friends”. Nope, just regular ‘ol friends she happens to meet online. Want to be one of her regular ‘ol friends? Connect with her via her blog, her Facebook Page or on Twitter. 
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