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Blowing Kisses

I believe that blowing kisses is one of the most adorable and simple (yet under utilized) acts of blessing, romance and love.

Think about it– when was the last time someone blew you a kiss? Was it your beloved spouse as you drove away on a trip? Or your child (or grandchild, niece, nephew, whoever) who did the audible, enthusiastic pucker blown kiss?

I just think the whole thing is kinda sweet.

But regardless of what earthly person is (or isn’t) blowing you sweet kisses… God blows us blessing kisses every single day.

The devotional Jesus Calling reminds us of this truth… Way back on February 2nd, Jesus Calling said this: “A renewed mind is Presence-focused. Train your mind to seek Me in every moment, every situation. Sometimes you can find Me in your surroundings: a lilting birdsong, a loved one’s smile, golden sunlight. At other times you must draw inward to find Me. I am always present in your spirit. Seek My Face, speak to Me, and I will light up your mind.”

Powerful stuff, huh?

God seeks to encourage us and bless us every single day with sweet little “blessing kisses.” But just like the kisses blown to us by  our darling friends or family around us, we have to be LOOKING for those kisses. A blown kiss does us no good if we are turned away or have our eyes closed.

So today, I want to share with you some of my random blessings that I have captured over the last year and a half… I have a little black journal that I record my 1000 gifts (inspired by Ann Voskamp) and as of this writing, I am well past 1500… and still going strong. Thanks, Jesus.

Here are some God blessings that I have found in my life… (So far…)

18. Hot popcorn with cold diet Dr. Pepper
61. Being completely surprised
74. Brightly colored fingernails
102. Frozen yogurt with granola and fruit on a Monday
137. Watching fish in a tank
155. Army Camo
192. Play-Doh
216. Tears of joy shed for others
233. Bobble-head moose mascot on the dash of the car
259. The smell of leather
327. Puppy hiccups
357. Eating fresh honeycomb
416. Big belt buckles
427. The day before break/schools out
461. Left-handed ink smears
483. Blooming daffodils
498. Tsk, tsk sound of the pressure cooker
522. Feather quills
542. Quotable YouTube Videos
568. Hopscotch
589. First hammock-worthy day of the year
629. Funny weather reports
673. Exclamation points in the Bible
717. Editing a resume
763. Master keys
809. Not getting worked up about the exploded pen in the dryer
857. Airport emotions
895. Secret side pockets on a pair of pants
931. Drinking a protein shake out of a beer stein
990. Arriving home after a long drive
1025. Playing “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder in 4th grade
1070. Condensation on a water bottle
1122. Breaking a weight plateau
1159. Being the first people awake in the campground
1206. Force-flex trash bags
1226. A new shower head
1290. Bi-annual ring cleaning day
1331. Randomly guessing Sam’s club total cost and being within $1.31
1376. A successful coaching call
1408. Car washes
1508. Romans 8:28 moment

gift list book pic

Do you have a similar list? Today I challenge you to find at least five “kisses” from God… If you are feeling bold, share them in comment section below.

God desires to encourage and bless us daily– in both the great times and challenging times. But we have to be looking for Him in everything we do… Get started and catch the kisses He is blowing your way!

Catching His Kisses,

“His words are kisses, his kisses words. Everything about him delights me, thrills me through and through!” ~Song of Solomon 5:16 MSG

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From Seed to Orchard

When I was growing up, I loved field trips.

I mean, what kid doesn’t? It was an excuse to get out of the classroom, explore something new, educational (ish) and exciting (ish.) Plus we got to pack a lunch in a classic paper bag or cool metal (or plastic) lunchbox.

Some of my favorite field trips were trips to local orchards.

It probably stemmed for my love of agriculture… and also my love of food. (Rarely did these trip ever not include free samples of juice, fruit, candy, etc.) Plus, orchards weren’t a super popular deal in Kansas– wheat and beef, yes. Orchards? Not so much.

I am still love visiting orchards and down-homey-agricultural commodities. (And no, not only for the free samples. That’s just a perk.) Each time I visit or drive by one of these super cool businesses, I can’t help but to be impressed. I mean, planting and growing one of these bad boys is no small commitment.

It takes YEARS. Like, a long time before the owners see fruit from their rewards. Apples, if planted from a seed, can take from six to ten years before they bear good fruit. Peaches range from three to five, pecans need up to six years and oranges start bearing minimal fruit at around three years, but don’t reach full production strength and maturity til 27 years.

Good grief. That IS a commitment.

orange tree

As I pondered this truth, I (as usual) was drawn back to thinking about our walk with Christ.

It’s not an overnight process. I mean, seriously, we aren’t growing a Chia Pet here people… This kind of thing takes TIME.

And apparently, lots of it.

In fact, our walk with Christ is going to be a lifelong experience. We will never reach “full maturity” and truly see all of our fruit until we reach heaven’s gate.

But don’t be discouraged… The growth process is very rewarding too!

Just like the orchard owner starts out small, perhaps with just a few seeds or some baby seedlings, God does the same with us. He plants a tiny “Jesus seed” in our heart…. and then events, circumstances and people we encounter over the coming years cultivate us, growing our faith from a leedle-bitty seed into an orchard that anyone would be proud to explore!

God plants us on solid ground– rooted in Christ… Encouraging us to reach for good soil in His Word. He sends sunshine to encourage us to grow upwards… Sometimes comes rain because we need it to grow. Every now and then He will prune back the “unproductive” branches of our lives to ensure we are reaching our fruit-bearing potential. And yes, He even sends the “fertilizer” events in our life– things that kind of stink, but make us grow stronger and healthier.

Then, after much tender care, protection, and nurturing– we bear fruit. As that fruit falls around us, new little baby trees sprout up from our seeds– and the orchard that is our earthly life continues to grow.

Kind of a cool thought, huh? At what rate would you say your current “faith orchard” is growing? What type of Christian fruit do you see in your life? What encourages you to keep growing?

I love the power of God… How He can take empty vessels like you and me… and with one tiny seed (and lots of love!) grow us into a sweet, fruit-bearing orchard!

Growing with God,

“Earth produced green seed-bearing plants, all varieties, And fruit-bearing trees of all sorts. God saw that it was good.” ~Genesis 1:12 MSG

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Welcome Little Patriot: IT’S A GIRL!

Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… (Well, at least a moment that my Beloved and I and our immediate friends/family have been waiting for…)

We are pleased to announce the birth of our first darling baby…

charis close


Our sweet Charis arrived on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 au natural (no pain meds) at 5:50pm. She weighed 7 pounds and 2 ounces and was 20.5 inches long (pretty legit for being 8 days overdue!)

Her name, Charis (pronounced like “KARE-iss”~ Rhymes with “Paris” or “ferris”)  is ancient Greek for “grace.” (Think: EuCHARISteo or CHARISma) We spent lots of time praying over this baby before her arrival, and God gave us this verse for her.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.” ~2 Peter 3:18 NIV

“Grow in grace and understand of our Master and Savior, Jesus Christ. Glory to the Master, now and forever! Yes!” ~2 Peter 3:18 MSG

Honestly, it’s hard to put into words how we currently feel. (Well, other than tired… and elated!) HOLY LORD WE ARE PARENTS!! (Sorry for the random outburst. Blame it on the post-labor adrenaline.)

mama and baby

Can we keep her?!?! Oh wait… WE CAN!?! (Thank you Jesus, for this little miracle!)

We couldn’t be more thrilled with this little miracle blessing. It’s been a long journey, but man– what an incredible reward to be a part of the coolest Jesus arts and craft project EVER!!

Momma, Baby and Daddy are all doing well… We have appreciated your love and prayers that you have shown us the past several months throughout this journey– and we covet your continued prayers as we transition into parenthood… In REAL LIFE. (WOW. Apparently this is really happening?!?!)

We praise God for this new season of life– and this wonderful, cuddly, sweet, snuggly little gift from heaven. We couldn’t be happier or more excited. THANK YOU, JESUS!!

Praising to the Heavens,
Mama Sharita (And Daddy Brandon… And “Big Brother” Justus the Pup)

“Before I shaped you in the womb,
I knew all about you.
Before you saw the light of day,
I had holy plans for you…”
~Jeremiah 1:5 MSG

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Enough (Anxiety-Free Monday, Wk #7)

“Is that enough?”

UG! Talk about a loaded question!! It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a delectable piece of dessert, our end-of-month cash flow amount, the groceries in our shopping cart or our worth/value as a person.

More often than not, even if our mouths answer yes, our heads answer no.

It’s a hard (and yucky) truth, but as consumers, Americans and HUMANS we are a greedy, selfish bunch of folks.

Sigh. Why can’t we be satisfied?

Notice I said WE. Yeah, WE, as in ME, have this problem too– We always want more, bigger, better. But WHY??

Too often, we  are trying to find life and contentment in STUFF. Overspending is the norm in our culture. The more you have, the happier you will be, right?

Uh, yeah. Negative.

In this week’s chapter of “Calm My Anxious Heart,” Linda Dillow makes a lot of profound (and difficult) points on this topic of never being satisfied or trying to find our worth or value in things of this world, specifically money.

She says that “Happiness is getting what we want; contentment is wanting what we get.”

Touche, sister!

Also, did you know that Scripture contains more references to money than to salvation? And 16 of Jesus’ 39 parables deal with the issue of wealth!

Apparently this has been an issue for a hot minute or so. And it is something we STILL battle.

I know, I know, this whole “not living for the world but finding our contentment in Christ” is great in theory, but seriously, how can we make it happen?

Here are some practical tips that we (as in, my husband and I) have started the slow process of embrace the FACT (yes, FACT) that Jesus is enough for us. (Don’t get me wrong– we still have a looonnngggg way to go. God sure knows it!)

1. Last Christmas, instead of purchasing gifts for our family, we made a donation to a cause or fund that would speak to their heart in the name of Jesus.

2. This summer, we ate only 7 foods for 30 days. (Longest 30 days of our life… but honey, you better believe it changed our hearts!)

3. In addition to our tithe, we have answered the call of doing Factor of 7, a random act of kindness/generosity movement as a part of this ministry.

Finding your ENOUGH is probably going to look  a little different. Is it hard? Uh, yeah– kind of a lot. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Here’s some “heart” Scriptures that we can chew on today as we seek our ENOUGH in Christ:

“What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?” ~Mark 8:36

“Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.'” ~Hebrews 13:5 

“The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.” ~1 John 2:17

Do you struggle with your “enough?” What parts are most challenging for you? What would living a life of ENOUGH in Christ look like? I would love your feedback (um, and encouragement– because I struggle with this too!! Iron sharpens iron, my friends…) Comment below.

Before we can deal with the money-in-our-pocket (or lack thereof) issue or the abundance of stuff in our house, we must first embrace this as a heart issue. God has already promised us abundant life in Christ Jesus. And that life is more valuable than any car or house or amount that we can charge on our Visa card.

As we continue to seek contentment in Christ, perhaps someday we will confidently be able to respond to that loaded question of “Is that enough?” with “Yep. I’ve got Jesus. That’s all I need… And He’s ENOUGH!”

Content in Christ,

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” ~Philippians 4:19

If you are “officially” doing the online Bible study with us, here is the homework for the upcoming week:

Day 1: Question 1, Memorize and meditate on Ephesians 5:  15 – 17, Question 2

Day 2: Questions 3, 4

Day 3: Question 5

Day 4: Question 6, 7


Word Study:  Ephesians 5: 15 – 17


“Making the most of every opportunity” or “redeeming the time”



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Our Own Set of Footprints

You can tell a lot about someone’s footprints.

No, I don’t mean what type of shoes they wear or what size their feet are. Footprints can often tell us where someone’s been… and perhaps where they are going.

Where do you see footprints most often? Typically for our family, sandy army boot footprints make their way across my kitchen. Sometimes its wet puppy paws. When I was growing up, it footprints were left in the snow. Or  on the back porch after doing cow chores outside. (You can imagine the “stuff” that was tracked in with THAT experience.)

As I woke up yesterday morning, I pondered this footprint concept when it comes to our walk with God. Most of us have heard the poem “Footprints” where a man dreams that he was walking with God along a beach. For most of the journey, there were two sets of prints– his and Gods. But at one point, there was only one set. Perplexed, the man questioned God. “Father, I though you said you would never leave or forsake me. But during the darkest times of my life, there’s only one set of footprints.” God’s reply? “My son, my precious child… It was then I carried you.”

Oh snap. Heard ya, Lord.

Just like our muddy/snowy/sandy/soggy footprints on the kitchen floor, we can tell a lot about our walk with God by looking at both His footprints and ours footprints on our path of life.

Picture the following images and think of examples from your own life:

One set of prints-– God carried us through the hard times. (For me, examples are induction into married army life, our miscarriage, other losses, challenges, dealing with the unknown.)

Our footprints are several steps ahead of Him– That’s when we are “helping” Him out, running before Him, not waiting on Him. (Uh, this was the majority of my early Christian walk. AKA, “I-get-what-I-want-when-I-want-it-ouch-I-tripped-and-fell-on-my-face.)

His steady footprints moving forward while our prints are a light, jagged, scuffed line– This could be when we are shuffling along, slower than normal, focusing on the icky-part of our journey or even being ungrateful. (Also, been there, done that– sometimes daily.)

His steady footprints are walking the path and ours are veering off, swirling around, backtracking. In this instance we are fighting for control, trying to find our own way. Or distracted. (Think: “OH LOOK SOMETHING SHINY!”)

His footprints face backwards and we see two long, deep lines in the sand/snow/mud… He has got ahold of us under the arms and around our chest (lovingly but firmly) and is dragging us along the path. (This image makes me laugh. Because it’s true. When we resist what is on the path up ahead, but He loves us enough to tug us along.)

His footprints have stopped, facing backwards… and there’s our round little keister mark in the sand. This is the point where we pout. We protest briefly, throwing our little humanly hissy fit when things don’t go our way. Fortunately, He waits it out– He doesn’t keep on walking or leave us behind. He waits.

Finally, we have the two pairs of footprints, His and ours, walking side by side… This is the ideal, when we are walking close to Him, strolling hand-in-hand. It is at this moment that we are most filled with His peace and understand (or at least embrace) the purpose He has for our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve left all these prints with God at some point within my walk with Him. (Sometimes multiple ones all in a matter of days or hours!) Lately, I’ve been doing my best to reach that ideal– giving up control, completely depending on Him for EVERYTHING and walking side-by-side.

This is true in my marriage, life, motherhood-in-progress and ministry.

Which of these “prints” are you leaving with your walk with God today? Which of these images speak to you the most? Please don’t be shy– I would love to hear from your heart. Comment below if you feel so led.

God is calling us to walk with Him by His a sweet, sweet promise to NEVER leave or forsake us. Let’s walk with Him– and leave our own set of footprints.

He Walks with Me,

“I’ve followed him closely, my feet in his footprints, not once swerving from his way. I’ve obeyed every word he’s spoken, and not just obeyed his advice—I’ve treasured it.” ~Job 23:11-12 MSG

PS: Speaking of walking side-by-side with God in ministry… He is taking me on a new path. I am blessed to have the opportunity to preach at two services (Rock Valley, IA and Seeds of Faith in Lester, IA) on Sunday, October 28th. If you are in the vicinity, we would love to see you there!!

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Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Do you remember that movie from the 1993 called “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey?” You know, the one with the two dogs (Shadow and Chance) and the cat (Sassy.)

Oh. You don’t? Well, google it. I will wait.

Got it? Ok. Well, it was one of my favorite movies back in the day– we owned it on VHS, and if we still had a VHS player, I would probably still watch it on occasion. That movie included my favorite things: Disney, animals and adventure.

Now my life is a little less Disney and a lot more adventure.

Living about a thousand miles from “home” provides challenges and opportunities for growth like you wouldn’t believe (unless of course, you have lived it. Then you totally get what I’m saying.)

As you read this, I am currently in the process of being homeward bound for a few days– We (as in Sweet Justus the pup, our currently-cooking-softball-sized-baby Little Patriot and myself) have made it to my sweet parents-in-love’s house in South Dakota. (Note: It is a LONG frigging drive from Fort Benning, GA to South Dakota. Just saying.)

And I think my heart is about to explode. (In a good way, of course.)

It is SO awesome to be back in the midwest… I haven’t been back since last Christmas break  and I am thrilled to get back to the land of corn (well, if the drought hadn’t burnt it all up) and cattle. In a few short days, I am southbound and down, heading to Kansas for a few precious days of family, agriculture and chaos that only our tiny little community can provide.

WHEW!!! They still fit!! (There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…)

I addition to anticipation of seeing my family, the farm,  and friends– I also have a big-ish announcement. Ready?

I HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO PREACH. That’s right, I have been invited to bring the Sunday morning message at our local church for TWO different services.

I couldn’t be more excited. (If you happen to be in the southeast Kansas region on September 30th, come on down to the Kincaid United Methodist Church at 9am then follow us over to the Welda UMC church at 11am. I would love to share with you what God has laid on my heart!)

It is such a blessing to have a home to love and look forward to– but honestly, my friends– it doesn’t matter where you are from, if you love your “home” or not… we ALL have a home that we can look forward to.

See, we are all homeward bound– someday, we will be home. Like, with Jesus. Yeah, in heaven. And that’s gonna be so awesome that it will blow any sweet childhood memories and love of the countryside out of the water.

Our current adventure of being homeward bound might seem to be kind of long and tedious some days. (ARE WE THERE YET?!?)  There are going to be “those days” where we are at the end of our ropes. Then there are other days where we can’t imagine that things can get any better than this.

But trust me. It can. And it will. Because we are all Homeward Bound. And yes, it’s an INCREDIBLE journey.

There’s no place like home,

PS: In what place do you feel most at home? How do you feel when you think about our eventual eternal home? I always love to hear your thoughts– please leave a comment below!

“But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.” 2 Peter 3:13 (NIV)

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Our Cup Filled Up (Anxiety-Free Monday, Wk 2)

Few things in life make me happier than a smooth, warm beverage.

From peppermint tea to hot chocolate to my favorite doctored-up cup of coffee, drinking a warm beverage out of one of my favorite mugs makes my heart sing with joy.

It’s not just a taste thing for me– it’s a total body experience. On those cool fall mornings or perhaps right before bed as I wind down from a long day, my whole being is just moved by my cup filled with liquid awesome.

There’s really only one warm beverage that not only fails to bring me joy, but it is something I avoid at all costs… Theraflu.

When I was younger, I would, as most kids do, tend to get sick on occasion. My loving Mama would doctor me up. I would be snuggled down on the couch, kleenexes within reach, Vicks Vapor rub smeared on my chest… then suddenly, it happened.

The microwave beeped. I knew what was coming.

Theraflu. I tell you what– I just couldn’t do it. If upset stomach wasn’t one of my symptoms when I started, it sure was by the time I finished choking it down.

Psalm 16:5 says Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup…”

And lets be honest. Sometimes the portion in our cup is glorious peppermint tea… and other times it’s closer to the likes of  Theraflu (or whatever beverage you aren’t such a big fan of.)

But God expects us to drink it. He gave it to us– and He knows what is good for us.

Even if it makes us gag. (Or cry. Or rebel. Or whatever your choice reaction/emotion happens to be.)

This concept of gratefully drinking the portion God dumps in my cup was really brought to light as I worked through our current Bible Study “Calm My Anxious Heart.” I was really moved by the thought of being grateful and content no matter what.

And then I was convicted. Kind of a lot.

Because I have to admit– there are some days that God gives me a Theraflu-like portion, and instead of saying thanks and choking it down because I trust Him, I throw a tantrum.

Enter stage left: The ungrateful, discontented heifer. (SIGH.)

When something that I don’t want to drink what is put in front of me by God, I cop an attitude. My heiferish self slaps the cup away, I cross my arms and start back talking. “God, I don’t WANT this! It is too hard to swallow! Why can I have something better?!” 

Linda Dillow reminded me that “Contentment is a state of the heart, not a state of affairs.”


So I have been literally visualizing my current “cup” that God has given me: I see a big sturdy mug with the words “Army, Georgia, Ministry, Drill Sergeant, Pregnancy” written on it. Then my portion depends on what God gives me each day.

One way that I have really been focusing on this journey to contentment is taking to heart, memorizing and living “Ella’s Prescription for Contentment” in our study. It says:

*Never allow yourself to complain about anything – not even the weather
*Never picture yourself in any other circumstances or someplace else
*Never compare your lot with another’s
*Never allow yourself to wish this or that had been otherwise
*Never dwell on tomorrow –remember that [tomorrow] is God’s, not ours

Profound, huh?

Here’s a couple of questions to ponder (and perhaps answer/leave a comment below!):
1. Which one of Ella’s Prescription steps do you struggle with the most?
2. What does your “cup” and “portion” look like right now? Is it like peppermint tea? Or more like Theraflu (or whatever other beverage you aren’t a huge fan of?) How can you drink it more gratefully?

Sweet friends… I’m so thankful to be sharing this journey with you. For my heart today, the bottom line is that GOD GIVES US OUR PORTION… As in, it’s FROM HIM.  Our cup has been filled up. So we need to drink up.

Bottoms Up,

“Then he took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” ~Matthew 26:27-28


For those of you doing the online bible study “Calm My Anxious Heart,” here is the homework for week #2. Happy learning!!

Day 1: Read Chapter Two of “Calm My Anxious Heart”
Write Philippians 4: 6 -8 on a card and go over it every day.  Pray it.  Praise God with it!  Memorize it.  You can do it.  You’ll be glad you did.

Day 2: Study Guide (back of book)
Questions 2, 3

Day 3: Study Guide
Questions 4, 5, 6

Day 4: Study Guide
Questions 7, 8a and 8b

Day 5: Study Guide
Question 9

Write in your journal what you learned about God this week, what you learned about yourself this week.  Write a prayer to remember what God has taught you.

The following stuff is “extra.” As in, if you have time and like this kinda thing, great. Otherwise, don’t worry bout it!

Word Study:  Phil. 4: 6
Supplication (Petition)

 Word Study:  Phil. 4:7

Word Study:  Phil. 4: 8
Noble (Honest)
Right (Just)
Admirable (Good Report)
Excellent (Virtue)

Helpful Study Tools:
Strong Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Zondervan.  (around $20.00)
The  Complete Word Study New Testament, edited by Spiros Zodhiates, Th.D., AMG Publishers. (around $40.00)
A Good Study Bible – NIV has a great study bible  search engine

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A Journey of a Lifetime (Anxiety-Free Monday, Wk 1)

The sun is barely peeking over the horizon. I lug my last suitcase out to the car and with a final heave, toss it in. Slamming the trunk, smile and let out a satisfied sigh.

Let the journey begin.

I have been blessed to travel to many different places so far in my lifetime. I’ve been to about 30 states(ish), a few foreign countries– Spain, Portugal, Italy and China. All of these trips have been educational, challenging and blessing to my heart.

Although traveling as a “big kid” isn’t as frequent as my college days, I can’t help to still be filled with anticipation and excitement with each new journey.

Starting out our journey of wedded bliss on our honeymoon, just “Rome-ing” around.” (Get it? Rome? Italy? Ok. Sigh. I’m done.)

But now my journeys have started to shift– they aren’t in the form of road trips for college football games (Go Kansas State!) or boarding a plane for a solo trip to China “just because I can.” Now, it’s a journey through marriage. A journey to parenthood. A journey of walking with Christ.

And today starts a new journey– one that you are personally invited along for…


I hope you are packed and ready to ride. (Oh, and buckle up. Safety first.)

Today my friend Kelli Wommack and I are starting a journey to contentment via an in person AND online bible study called “Calm my Anxious Heart.” 

I don’t know about you, but whenever I travel, I always have some kind of anxiety– usually stemming around “I feel like I am forgetting something” and “Did I turn off stove?”

But we are excited for Christ to take us on this journey and calm our anxious hearts. (Rumor has it, He’s a pretty stellar travel guide.)

Here’s how this journey is gonna work…

~Each Monday, Kelli & I will post our “take” on the previous week’s reading on our blogs, as well as post the “homework” for the coming week
~We encourage you to join in the fun and share your thoughts/comments on our blogs, regardless of if you have decided to so the bible study with us
~We will provide an opportunity for interaction on the Calm My Anxious Heart Facebook page
~Specifically for my blog: Homework will be posted at the very end of each of my Monday entries, which I am lovingly dubbing “Anxiety Free Mondays” or AFM for short (sounds like a radio station abbreviation to me… I like it!)

Then, we let Jesus do the work.

So as we kick off this journey, I have a couple questions for you…

  • What things cause you the most anxiety in your life?
  • What do you think a “content heart” truly looks like?

Please leave your comments below. 🙂

I hope you are all packed and ready to go! (Everyone bring their toothbrush? What about your cell phone charger? Your favorite beverage and snack?)

We are off and running… on a journey to free us from anxiety. On a journey to contentment. On a journey of a lifetime.

Revved up and ready to roll,

“I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I’m just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I’ve found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.” ~Philippians 4:12-13 (MSG) 

If you are “officially” participating in the online bible study, here is your “homework” for week #1. Pencils up? Annnd GO!

Day 1: Read Chapter One
Write Philippians 4: 11 – 13 on a card and go over it every day.  Pray it.  Praise God with it!  Memorize it.  You can do it.  You’ll be glad you did.

 Day 2: Study Guide (back of book)– Questions 2, 3

 Day 3: Study Guide– Questions 4, 5, 6

 Day 4: Study Guide– Questions 7, 8a and 8b

 Day 5: Study Guide– Question 9
Write in your journal what you learned about God this week, what you learned about yourself this week.  Write a prayer to remember what God has taught you.

Helpful Study Tools:

  • Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Zondervan. ($20)
  • A Good Study Bible

Great websites for searching and learning:


Great apps:

  • Strong’s Concordance Lite (free)
  • (free)
  • Tecarta Bible (free)
  • (free)
  • Prayer list app (1.99)
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SheSpeaks Bound

My dear sweet readers… Something BIG is brewing.

And no, I don’t mean a Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato.

This time tomorrow, my sweet boss/coach/mentor/friend Kelli and I will be bound for Concord, North Carolina for the Proverbs 31 SheSpeaks Conference.

That’s right… we are going to gather with 650 of our soon-to-be girlfriends in the name of Jesus to learn even more about writing, speaking and the like.

So, that said… I ask for your prayers. Kelli and I are both on the Speakers Track, where we are to deliver a 3 minute and 5 minute message to a small group of our peers. We receive feedback/critique and do the same for the others in our group.

I’ve been praying about SheSpeaks for months– and wondered if God wanted me to get all motivated and stuff to write some blog posts ahead of time to prep for my absence on Thursday and Friday.

He said no. (GASP!) I know it sounds slightly ridiculous, but the last time I didn’t blog 5 days a week was… um… practically never. (I’ve missed 3 days in nearly my entire year-long career of blogging. I would say I need a hobby– but this IS my hobby.) So I am unplugging from the pressure of blogging for the rest of the week (two whole days– I know 🙂 ) and going to focus on the journey that God has laid before us.

Instead of freaking out about last minute details today (because I totally could– it’s in my nature), here are my current plans on this last day before SheSpeaks, given to me by God:

~Sleep until I wake up
~Trim/polish my nails

So as you can see, I have a full day ahead of me. (Wink!)

If you have a few spare moments over the next several days, please send prayers our direction– for God to move, for us to listen and to connect with the other sweet ladies in attendance.

Thanks so much for understanding my need to recharge and focus… I miss you already! Can’t wait to tell you all about this upon our return.

Hope you have a STELLAR rest of the week… In the meantime, be fully blessed!

With a heart of anticipation,

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Aftermath of our Path

It is Friday… It is Friday… It is Friday, Hey, Hey, Hey, HEY! <Feel free to sing this outloud to the same tune from Little Rascal Buckwheat’s rendition of “I got Two pickles.

It IS Friday and that can only mean one thing– It’s time for our weekly Friday Flash Mob, writing style.

Here’s the deal: Each Friday, I link up with The Gypsy Mama. She gives us a prompt. Then we write. Unscripted. Unedited. For five minutes flat.

Too easy right? Well then, let’s get to cracking.

Todays prompt: Path

Ready? GO!


The bags are packed. My water bottle is full. Pup is leashed up. It’s go time.

We are out to discover a new running path. We begin our walk/jog/hike in a beautiful spot. Trees surround us. Birds whistle cheerfully. The sun gently warms our neck. It’s gonna be a good day.

Off we go. This is awesome! Trotting along, I sing quietly to myself. I talk to the pup. Our new path curves a bit.

HOLY CANNOLI. That’s a big freaking hill. Um, that wasn’t in the plans.

Meh, it’s just one hill. We can do it. We trudge on. The sun is getting warmer. Beads of sweat form on my brow. My calves are screaming. We get to the top. And there in the distance, is another beast of a hill. Ugggg…

Walking on our chosen path isn’t always easy– both literally and figuratively. When Jesus called us to follow Him, He didn’t say it would be easy. But He said it would be worth it.

Our paths are going to be filled with hills, curves, broken areas, bridges that have gone out, detours, sweat and maybe even a snake or two.

But we must keep walking. One foot in front of the other, following after Christ. Because after all… Our path, no matter how hilly or sweaty or snake-infested, has a heavenly destination.

Tie on your tennis shoes, bring your water… Because the aftermath of our path is heavenly.


Know what I love more than  Friday flash mob writing? Your feedback. I would love to hear about the current path you are on… Are you facing a hill? What’s around your next bend? What keeps you motivated to press onward to reach that glorious path-walking aftermath? Please leave your comments below!

And now… I must get started on my path for today! Many blessings to you… and as always, if you have any prayer requests, leave a comment, send a message to 7 Days Time Facebook page or email me at sharita{dot}knobloch{at}gmail{dot}com.

Following After Christ,

“Now you’ve got my feet on the life path, all radiant from the shining of your face. Ever since you took my hand, I’m on the right way.” ~Psalm 16:11

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