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Finishing Strong

I personally believe that there is no other feeling in the world than accomplishing a huge goal and finishing strong.

Think about it…

When you cross the finish line of a race after weeks (or months!) of training… When you hit SUBMIT on that last paper for a really tough class… When you walk across the stage and receive that diploma that has been years in the making… When after 9 months, that little baby is finally laid in your arms for the first time…

Yep. There’s no other feeling in the world.

And interestingly enough, sometimes a strong finish is a beginning of a new season.

Which is exactly where we are today.

The Knobloch family (as in my Beloved, our baby girl Charis, our pup Justus and I) are preparing to celebrate a strong finish in what has been a very challenging (yet blessed!) season of our life.

The last 24 months have been very intense during our time as a drill sergeant “on the trail.” And now…we have just two (that’s right, count em, TWO!) days left!! THANK. YOU. JESUS.

My sweet husband has been in the army as an infantryman for going on 10 years… Which includes three deployments totaling about 45 months in an Iraqi desert. I asked him where our two-year stint of drill sergeant-ness fell on his scale of challenging seasons of the army. His response? This was by far the most difficult.

Not only were the hours crazy (typically working 12-24 hrs per day,  7 days per week for weeks on end) but we were also learning what it meant to be a family in the military who desired to treat Christ as our Commander-in-Chief.

Um yeah. It was not an easy task.

In addition to the crazy hours and tasks of the hubs being a drill sergeant and my call as a minister/blogger, we got pregnant, had a miscarriage, experienced some really sticky leadership situations, got pregnant again, and welcomed a baby into the world… among about 14 bajillion other intense life events.

Now, I’m not saying all these things to say “Oh look how big/bad/awesome/tough we are.” Because honestly, there were a few moments that I wanted to curl up in a closet and just pray for May 2013 to HURRY UP. It was freaking hard. Instead, I share these details with you because through all the frustration, tears, uncertainty… God was there.

God has been with us every step of the way. He has used these last two years to mold us, shape us, grow us in mighty and powerful ways. He has been preparing us for our next season of life, whatever that might look like.

Today, we rejoice in hope of finishing strong– and celebrate God’s faithfulness and goodness!!!

In what seasons of life do you feel closest to God? How do you feel when you finish strong? Are you preparing to “finish” a season of life? I would love to pray for you in that– just let me know by leaving a comment below, sending me a message on Facebook or an email via sharita {dot} knobloch{at}gmail{dot}com.

Also, we would like to say thank you to each of you that has encouraged us and prayed for us in this season. We are so grateful! As we countdown these last two days of this challenging season, our hearts are full of joy, relief, gratitude and anticipation of what this next season of ministry and army life (and family life!) will look like in our new army home in Fort Lewis, Washington.

So today, we praise God for helping us to finish strong– and that His love, presence and faithfulness is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate!

To the Glory of God Alone,

“For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time for my departure is near. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” ~2 Timothy 4:6-7 NIV

When the going gets tough... The tough get Jesus. (And perhaps create an elementary school-type paper countdown chain, complete with a Bible verse for each day left on the trail as a drill sergeant.)

When the going gets tough… The tough get Jesus. (And perhaps create an elementary school-type paper countdown chain, complete with a Bible verse for each day left on the trail as a drill sergeant.)

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A Patriotic Reveal

Today’s blog post is brought to you by little green army men, our pup Sweet Justus and a fun sense-of-humor-laden family project…

Praise Jesus!  I am so thankful that I can now share with all of you wonderful readers our “secret.” (I felt like I was leading a double life there for a little while.) It’s been a challenging first three months, especially learning how to be preggo plus pneumonia AND another nasty bug on top of it all (three rounds of antibiotics are now complete!)

We praise God for His faithfulness… When I told my friend Brandi a couple weeks ago about our Little Patriot, she used the phrase “bittersweet.” And that is a pretty good descriptor of the last 14 weeks or so– although, now that I think about it, it’s not been so much bitter, but perhaps “apprehensively-sweet.” We will never forget our sweet Baby Klove, but are very excited for this hopeful  journey into parenthood with Little Patriot.

In this tiny, new life, God has revealed His Love. His Hope. His Grace. His Faithfulness.

So, we rejoice. Won’t you join us?

Glory to God,

“This new life is starting right now, and is whetting our appetites for the glorious day when our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, appears.” ~Titus 2:12 (MSG) 

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Heavy Lifting

“Ready? Go!! Come on, lift with your legs, not with your back. A little to the left… Watch the corner… Your end needs to swing my way… WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!” 

Moving a couch is a lot of work. I personally have moved many times over the years and moving the couch is oftentimes one of the most logistically challenging parts of the experience. (It ranks right up with there with “Gee, I hope I packed those fragile dishes good enough.”)

Now before I continue, it’s important to understand that I am stubborn. (Like you didn’t already know that.) But yes, I am stubborn… So whenever it came to the point in the process of moving the couch, I always thought I was bigger, badder and stronger than I really was.

In fact, I once helped my dad move my big ol’ honking couch out of my apartment after of college graduation– and severely pulled a muscle in my back.

Not fun. But I digress.

The last time we moved our huge couch was from our apt in KS to our home in GA… It was so huge the movers couldn’t figure out how to get it out of the apartment door… So they lowered it down over the balcony. True story.

Sometimes our daily lives are like moving a couch: heavy, sweaty and exhausting. And, if you are anything like me, sometimes we think we need to do it ourselves (or with very minimal help.) God calls each of us to individual fulfill a variety of purposes in our lives.

But we aren’t called to do the heavy lifting alone. (Can I get an amen?!?!)

Think to yourself for a moment about the “heavy lifting” required in your life? Perhaps it is ministry, writing, parenthood, marriage, your career, you fill in the blank. It can get overwhelming and we simply can’t do it alone.

But we aren’t SUPPOSED to do it alone. (WHEW.)

This last weekend at SheSpeaks, I attended a breakout session by Micca Campbell entitled “Fear Not.” Her entire session was entertaining and moving… However, one illustration in her message really stood out and spoke to my heart. She recalled a time that she attended one of her first bigger speaking events. She was excited to address 400 women, but as she was waiting, the hostess and pastor’s wife began to tell her about a “big name” speaker that had been there the year before.

Micca said she was terrified to speak. She ran to her hotel room, sobbing. She dropped to her knees and started praying. “Lord… If you don’t show up tonight, I have nothing to give these women!” Then her voice got very quiet and tender (Fun Fact: They call that a “Holy Hush” in the Christian women’s speakers realm) and said that God answered her plea with words that she never forgot…

Micca: “Lord… If you don’t show up tonight, I have nothing to give these women!” 
God: “Well… DUH.” 

Isn’t that great?!?! WELL DUH!! If God doesn’t show up to help us with whatever we are trying to accomplish for Him each day, of course we have nothing to give.

Praise Jesus we don’t have to do the heavy lifting by ourselves.

When in your life have you thought you had to “do it yourself?” How did it turn out? When have you let God help and do His thing? What was the difference? Share your experience and join the conversation below.

Personally, I am beyond thankful and relieved that I DON’T have to do any of this by myself. If I did, I would end up with much more than pulled muscles and a sore back. But instead, God’s presence in my life gives me a strong heart to press forward knowing that HE is the one that is going to shine… He’s the one that will do our heavy lifting.

Lifting with a heart of a God, not my own strength,

“God’s strong name is our help, the same God who made heaven and earth.” ~Psalm 124:8

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Pumping Iron with Jesus

“Ninety-eight…ninety-nine… one-hundred!”

Oh hey. Didn’t see you there. Sorry, I was just working out… you know, pumping some iron, getting in shape. (Does that sound a little too much like Will Ferrell in Anchorman?) 

Obviously, I am not pumping iron… but instead am clicking keys. At a pretty rapid pace, I might add. But I didn’t get to this typing speed overnight.

I had to train. Practice. Become stronger in my skills.  Like my love of “training” to write/type, a lot of us desire to be stronger in various areas of our lives: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Physical is probably the most well-known category of “strength training.” It really is pumping iron, doing lunges (yuck), mountain climbers (double yuck) or burpees. (Just that word sounds painful. Triple yuck.)

You probably have a few areas of mental strength training you are working on as well. Perhaps it is better memory or learning a new skill (auctioneering anyone?) Or, if you are really mentally motivated– possibly learning a new language (might I recommend Mandarin Chinese? That will keep you busy for awhile.)

When it comes to emotional strength training– now that starts to get a little bit tricky. If you ask me, it kind of overlaps with spiritual strength training. See, here’s the kicker– we have to be spiritually strong before we can be legitimately emotionally strong. We can’t let our feelings guide our faith– it has got to be the other way around.

So how do we build our spiritual strength which in turn boosts our emotional strength? Easy. We willingly pump iron with Jesus. Now as much as I despise burpees and multiplication tables when it comes to physical and mental strength training respectively, I personally believe that spiritual strength training can be the most painful– but also the most rewarding.

God chooses our weight and our exercise in the form of trials and challenges on this Earth. Think back to the last big, heart-challenging (possibly even devastating) event in your life. You had a choice on how to deal with it. Did you allow God to build your spiritual strength in that process?

As much as I don’t wanna admit it, all of those really tough life events HAVE and continue to make me a stronger person. (Why are Mama’s always right?) We are able to deal with those seemingly HUGE, heavy weights God chooses for us… because He doesn’t let us carry that weight alone. And He isn’t just a spotter– He is RIGHT THERE with us, holding onto that ginormous spiritual burden as we hoist it up over our head.

The world says we can’t do it alone. Well, great news. We don’t have to. We are training with God. We are becoming God strong because with each challenging life experience, we can choose to pump iron with Jesus.

Getting Spiritually Buff one Trial at Time,

“I love you, God— you make me strong…” Psalm 18:1 (MSG) 

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A Flower in Your Hair

All right… Whoever thought up this concept of Daylight Savings time OBVIOUSLY did not work in ministry. Otherwise, they would have picked to either A) Not mess with the timing of our days or 2) Do the time change on a Friday night.

When you work on Sunday, Daylight Savings Time seems to be ANYTHING but a blessing.

But I’m not bitter. Seriously. It’s fine. Because I work for Jesus– the paycheck is better and the job is way more stable than anything the government can give me.

Now that I have THAT off my chest…

I’m tired. And yes, it is from that whacky time change, coupled with my preggo brain that seems to think sleeping at night is overrated. I didn’t sleep worth a poo on Saturday night (it was that level of “sleep” just above a doze ALL night… I could have jumped out of bed and written a blog post at any moment, and it would have actually made sense.) Definitely not rested.

So when my alarm went off at 6:30am on Sunday to get ready for my 10 hour day of Jesus work, I just laid in bed, staring at the ceiling… Angry. (Don’t you just LOVE those days?!?)

As I lay there, I began to think… And pray. My mind was drawn to Colossians 2:23-24… “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” I knew that if my tired body (and brain for that matter) were going to make it through the day, it was going to be a straight up act of God.

When I finally got the motivation to swing my feet to the floor, I was DETERMINED to work for God’s glory… even if it killed me. (Which at that point, I was convinced was a possibility.) I stumbled downstairs and had my quiet time with God.

As usual, God knew exactly what I needed… He spoke to me through Jesus Calling.

“When I gave you My Spirit, I empowered you to live beyond your natural ability and strength. That’s why it is so wrong to measure your energy level against the challenges ahead of you. The issue is not your strength, but Mine, which is limitless. By walking close to Me, you can accomplish My purposes in My strength.” (Jesus Calling, March 11)  

Um… Touché, God.

I was reassured that I didn’t have to walk through that day on my own physical or emotional strength. However, I am a firm believer in having a legitimate attitude and the concept of “Look good, feel good, do good.” And I needed on of those days for Jesus.

My outfit choice for the day was… bright. (Don’t worry, we are not getting into a fashion conversation– I am the last person you want to take advice on THAT topic from.) I had to teach part of a class later that night, so knew that make-up and clicky shoes were a requirement. (Confidence boost.) But I chose a BRIGHT (and when I say bright, I mean obnoxious) yellow dress to wear with black tights and black overshirt. Someone described me as “Their little bumblebee.” (Uhh, thank you?)

And the final touch for my Jesus strength? A fake yellow flower clippy in my hair.

I didn’t care what other people would say. God was with me. He was the one who was going to carry me through the day.  Some days you might need extra prayer… or extra sleep… or a little flower in your hair.

What do you do when you need a Jesus “pick-me-up?” I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment here or “Like” and comment on 7 Days Time Facebook Page. 

Oh, and if you are curious… Sunday rocked (especially with the Jesus motivated impromptu auctioneering demo I did during my class… but that’s another blog post.)


Rejoicing in the small things,


“That’s what I’m working so hard at day after day, year after year, doing my best with the energy God so generously gives me.” –Colossians 1:29 (MSG) 

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